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IPA 99.9%

99.9% isopropyl alcohol also known as IPA. Used by make up artists with many SFX products and the activation of speciality palettes from Reels, Skin Illustrator, BluebirdFX & Stacolors, also... The makeup.

The Bette Set Bag

Double the size of our best selling set bag, "The Judy". Handmade in the UK using heavy duty materials. Fitted with 6 internal pockets and an external tissue pocket. Detachable...

Black Stipple Sponge

Can be used to create various different stipple effects. From broken thread veins to stubble. Can be reused after cleaning.

The Judy Set Bag

All of our bags are designed and handmade specially for us, right here in the UK. Great for easily accessing your brushes on set with a detachable and extendable strap. Flat...

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If you haven’t already seen the robotic beauty that Birmingham based collective, Father Phantom Studios debuted at IMATs London, where have you been?!

Made up of the super talented Ben and Laura, who specialise in creating SFX makeup and collectables from their studio, in the trendy Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham. We were lucky enough to be joined by them and Titanic FX to demo their newest creation. As we are always intrigued to find out more about design and the creation process behind the makeups, we dropped them a few questions. Read all about this stunning creation below!

As you probably know, the makeup application is only the final step in a very long process, from the design element, sculpting, moulding, prepaint, costume... etc. etc. It takes a long old time to create a character makeup. So we asked the overly talented Ruth Parry if she would be kind enough to tell us more about her Draenai Warrior.

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We have been lucky enough to have Ruth demo for us a few times now and she never fails to impress with her intricate looks and comprehensive preparation. Enjoy a behind the scenes peek into Ruth's makeup below!

And don't forget to follow Ruth and Amber (who created the INSANE costume) on Instagram to stay updated with all their latest projects. @Ruthparrymua @theforgottenimp

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