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Eyeshadow palettes are every beauty junkie’s weakness — whether she only has a curated few or has every Naked Palette in her stash. There’s a color story for every whim and fandom ( Burn Book Palette, anyone? ) and enough warm, orangey-brown palettes to last a lifetime. But with so many options, how does one choose just one? We know the struggle, so we’ve rounded up the best eyeshadow palettes money can buy. Makeup palettes.

Naked Basics is one of those palettes that belongs in every beauty junkie’s stash. This mostly matte palette (Blow, is a demi-matte) contains 12 neutral shades you can use on their own or with bold, shimmery shades. These shadows are pigmented and perfect for brushing up on your blending skills.

While we try to love our Naked Palettes equally, Naked 3 is the one we recommend time and time again. The rose-hued palette is one of the prettiest color stories we’ve seen to date, and it looks great on a wide range of skin tones. The palette is packed with 12 velvety shades ranging from Burnout, a pinky-peach satin to Darkside, a smoky black matte with just a hint red sparkle.

NYX Professional Makeup Warm Neutrals Palette

Nyc cosmetics canada

If you’re not quite ready to drop cash on a pricey palette, give the NYX Warm Neutrals Palette a try. It holds up against even the priciest palettes and is beloved by beauty gurus everywhere. Here’s why we’re obsessed: For less than $20, you get 16 pigmented shades designed to play well together.

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette

We’ve been Carli Bybel fans for a while now, so grabbing this palette was a no-brainer. What we didn’t expect, however, was how obsessed we would be with the endless eye looks we could create with it. All of the shades are buttery, pigmented, and blend like a dream. The palette also features 6 blinding highlight shades that will give you an otherworldly glow.

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This palette gives us space babe vibes, so naturally we’re obsessed. For starters, the formula is everything you could want in glittery shadow — pigmented and high shine. The all-shimmer palette features eight shades (four of which are new to the Moondust family) that are perfect for a night out but can also be used in an everyday look.

When Maybelline decided to team up with beauty guru MakeupShayla, it was more than just an influencer collab, it was a true reflection of both brands. What resulted was one of our favorite mini palettes in our beauty stash. It’s a true day to night palette and works particularly well for women of color.

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