Make up indonesia. Top 23 Cheap Makeup Wholesalers to Buy High-end Brands in UK,Europe

Girls are craving anything more than beauty forever and it cause huge demand to makeup in the United Kingdom as well. Cheap makeup websites uk.

But cosmetics is unlike clothes, it’s vital to choose right beauty wholesalers in UK and Europe so that only you can please return consumers.

Therefore, I will list the best cheap makeup suppliers in UK and Europe, and high-end makeup brand name to help you make a wise choice. Besides, cosmetics startups suggestions will be given also.

Wholesale from Trendy High-end Brands in UK and Europe

Before we go further to the part of collections of makeup wholesale suppliers from UK, go through trendy and hot brands first. By know brands in Europe, we can expect what our target audience need and favorite. Here I will name 8 of them to make analysis.

Charlotte Tilbury is one of the popular branded makeup wholesaler in UK, established in 2013 in London by a British Vague with her name.

They aim to offer luxury and anti-age beauty products with coverage of makeups for face, cheek, eyes and lips,as well as skin care at 30 dollars to hundreds. Special among other cosmetic distributors in UK, they also provide gifts niche with gorgeous packages at high price for those people who need to send presents for lovers.

They have online beauty websites where you can buy best Charlotte Tilbury products, and products deliver to 67 countries. There are 3 kinds of shipping options, ground shipping for free, fast shipping for 15 to 250 dollars.

Benefit Cosmetics is a beauty products manufacturer and retail boutique found in America, whose history can be track back to 1976 when they only produce and sell lip tint and makeup tool brush. Until 1997, they sold in London and became one of makeup wholesale suppliers in UK. And now they have full product lines cover makeup kits and skincare, but still they have focus. However, it seems that their online shopping is not good enough and offline boutique is encouraged.

MAC Cosmetics is found by Canadian makeup artists in 1984 and originally focus on professional color cosmetics for artist. And now, they become a professional makeup leader and expand their business to 120 countries globally. MAC cosmetics wholesale business in UK is increasing in demand as their cheap price.

They now have wide products range of makeup for lips, eyes, face, but are weak in skincare. Their powder foundation and lash mascara are the most popular MAC makeup wholesale products now.

Urban Decay, subsidiary of L'Oréal, is a brand who lead makeup revolution wholesale in UK, as they break through the beauty industry palette occupied by pink, red, and beige styles. Urban Decay makeup is famous for their unique colour with metallic and their Naked Collection comes at the top of priority. Urban Decay sells makeup and makeup prep for all age of women, especially those younger women.

Clarins is a French brand established in 1954 that originally sell skincare products and now extend their products line to cosmetics and perfume. Skincare products are dominated by the brand and they manufacture and sell skincare for men, pregnant women, children as well.

Bobbi Brown is also a cosmetics brand found by a professional artist with her name from USA. Different from MAC, Bobbi Brown makeup is a cheap cosmetics for moderate and natural makeup tones. In addition, they launched skincare products that aim to help people with dry and oily skin. Meanwhile, Bobbi Brown also has fragrance by the name of Bobbi, Beach, Bath ect.

Clinique is the first beauty brand found in 1968 by a dermatologist in New York, America, featured by helpful and wide range of skincare products. 3-step is one of their famous skincare collection, besides, they also have fragrance and beauty products for men. And now they have remarkable performance in cosmetics too.

Elemis is an British emerging beauty brand and they manufacture and wholesale natural cosmetics in UK. All of their products made from nature and are moderate to skins. Taking advantage of trend of pursuing nature and non-mineral makeup products, Elemis grows fast.

There are moisturisers, eye care, facial ois, night creams, sun care, ect for purpose of anti-ageing, blemishes, sensitive and dry oily skin. Men and women can find suitable products here. Their beauty products can be use to face and body with the functions of detox, muscle ease, de-stress, firming and so on.

The makeup store cosmetics

What is the Hot-sale Products in UK for Makeup Wholesale?

There is an intense war between mineral and natural cosmetics, but it’s trendy of natural costmetics that will overwhelm wholesale mineral makeup in UK. However, as mineral makeups are much more cheaper and occupy beauty industry for a long time, the demand of wholesale mineral cosmetics in UK is still huge.

When talk about wholesale beauty products in UK, I took a research and find out several product niche that retailers might be interested.

Makeup Brushes: Retailers are not the same as luxury boutiques who have much more money for store decorate, expensive products procure, so there are more businessmen who are will to wholesale makeup brushes in UK. If you are choose out of hundreds, we can arrive at suppliers for cheap cosmetics from UK which I will list below.

Cosmetic Bags: Each girl need makeup bags to collect cosmetics in order, especially during travel. Cosmetic bags are in large demand but with lower requirement of technique. So it’s not difficult to wholesale cosmetic bags in UK.

Lipsticks: According to survey, lips is one of the most sexy part and shows how well being people are. There’s a word said you can convince a girl to give up shopping, but you can’t let her meet her boyfriend without wearing lipsticks. Some girls even have hundreds of lipsticks at hand. So why don’t you wholesale lipsticks in UK?

Nail Polish: Hands come second over face, as to women. Having soft and clean hands is not enough. They want their hands are beautiful and show a great sense of fashion. Besides, Nail beauty and nail salons spring up over recent years. Don’t fall behind with nail polish wholesale in UK today.

Perfume: Almost each girl got at least one bottle of perfume and perfume, somehow shows a taste. And it’s popular as a gift. Floris, Penhaligon’ are well-know in United States. Every year about Christmas, perfume rise in demand largely. And on daily sale, perfume wholesale in UK is also one of the best business worthy to do.

1. Offline department stores

London is a paradise of shopping in UK. There are several historic and reputable department stores. The places might not be the best way to find a supplier, but you will know the beauty trends early.

Selfridges is one of the most famous and crowded department stores, found by an American in 1909. It is characterized by window display and in-store art fashion exhibition, suitable for purchasing street fashion and high-tech products. And Selfridges also has a lot branded cosmetics to wholesale in UK.

Liberty is established in 1875 and appealing with historical decorate, where people can buy the best products from the world.

Fortnum & Mason is found in 1707, and it has a long history with the British loyal family. So it’s the high-end department store where the cosmetics are expensive but trendy.

Harrods is build for exclusive luxury products since 1834. it’s the largest department store in UK and you can find many international branded makeup.

House of Fraser is close connect with China. It was found in 1849 and provides daily supplies that most people can afford. So if you aim to find economic cheap wholesale makeup in Uk, House of Fraser is worthy to go.

2. Online wholesale cosmetics UK suppliers

Low cost means high profits. All businessmen want to find cheap cosmetics in great quality. If you procure makeup offline, try to negotiate with suppliers to win best offer. Expect for makeup manufacturers, pay attention to discount makeup in UK. The department stores often launch promotion campaign, sometimes you can wholesale clearance cosmetics in UK.

However, we are bound to operation with our store and will miss discount or clearance for offline makeup wholesale. So, online makeup wholesale suppliers come into our sight.

Make beauty cosmetics

1) Chinabrands

Chinabrands is an international wholesale and dropship website with complete product lines for resellers and end consumers to choose from. Among them, makeup wholesale is one of their strength. There are tens of thousands of cosmetics, including makeup brush sets, lipsticks, lip gloss, palette, nail polish, makeup organisers and bags, makeup removers, makeup tool kits and so on. I snapshot some of them as below.

The cosmetics they provide are in great quality but supper low cost, less than 1 dollar but bring one brush set home. If you are a wholesaler who need to buy bulk, they are always in stock. However, you are no need to stock because they provide dropshipping service in which way no MOQ is demanded.

Also, Unlike Alibaba is just a third-party platform for hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers, that may have poor quality problems. Chinabrands has well-trained Quality Check teams ensure the quality of every single product manufactured by major brand suppliers.

If you are a retailer who sell makeup offline in local, Chinabrands can help you with high turnover but low shipping cost. For if you buy from overseas makeup manufacturers, you might have to wait several month and face risk of loss when your products on the ship. Buy from Chinabrands, you can take advantage of their dropshipping service and several large warehouses in UK who will let you get cheap cosmetics in 48 hours.

Now many people sell online, and if you are one of them, you are lucky to have Chinabrands. Because they have an edge on automated dropshipping system. Login Chinabrands and you can import any products data you want to sell into your online store by one click with API.

Besides, every purchase in the site, you receiver CB points as rewords, and you can use as cash next buy. If you register as a member ( click here to join free ), you can get much more discounts as well as get more CB points. Extremely low price and CB rewords points can maximize cut you cost and make exciting more profits.

3) Fizzy Peach

Fizzy Peach is a wholesale cosmetics UK based suppliers in the niche of wholesale branded cosmetics like L'oreal, Maybelline, NYX, Rimmel and other niche brands. Cheap cosmetics makeup in UK use for face, lips and eyes are available in this site. They have over 2500 sq feet warehouse and order before 2 pm on workdays can be shipped for the same day, those of which are over 250 pounds in UK or 500 pounds in Europe ship for free.

However, most of their makeups are in quantity of tens or twenties. So if you want to buy in bulk, it’s the perfect online supplier for big business. Besides, shopping experience is not good, for you will discover products list on the website scattered or disorganized.

6) Wholesale Deals

Wholesale Deals was established since 2004. They dropship and wholesale general products like fashin clothing, computers, consumer electronics, including cheap makeups. Now, they have 491 cosmetics, 181 skincare products and 359 perfumes available on site.

It’s considerate to make compare with Walmart, eBay and Amazon of price for each product listing and looks very attractive with several times of markup. However, each order should be no less than 3 deals, and each deal with demanding quantities ie MOQ and can’t be apt based on your need and the low price based on fixed quantities too.

10) Cosmetics Fairy

Cosmetics Fairy is an emerging suppliers of wholesale cosmetics in UK five years ago. They provide cosmetics at low prices on brands like L’ Oreal, Revlon, Essie, Maybelline and Bourjois. The most specialty of Cosmetics Fairy is that we can find rare discontinued makeups.

However, they are limited in stock and can’t afford for bulk purchase, They will not ship orders on weekends or holiday and delivery usually takes 3-5 working days. All orders over 15 pounds are shipped for free.

Chinabrands: the final solution to wholesale cosmetics

Above, I list 10 best cosmetics wholesalers in UK according to my use experience and carefully research, happen to find most of them have some merit but with drawbacks, and some of weakness may cause our loss. There are no 100% perfect suppliers but the best. But if you don’t want to pay cost with money, then Chinabrands is recommended.

Chinabrands is much more professional and huge in dropshipping and wholesale business. They are suitable for all kinds of trade customers, no matter you are retailers for shops, nail and beauty salons, or e-tailers in the internet for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify and others, or wholesalers and distributors for import, export or retail, or you just a market trader, a nail technician or a beauty therapist. Chinabrands is free and worthy to try.

Room for Profit: Should I Sell Makeup Online or Offline?

With the develop of E-commerce, rapidly increasing population have change their decision-making in shopping greatly. According to Nextopia, over 60% of people incline to shop online now. But it doesn’t mean you should give up to sell makeup in brick-and-mortar stores, since the online sales is still a small piece to offline retail sales, as revealed by eMarketer. Especially somehow beauty products are custom for different persons, and girls are likely to have a trial before they make determination.

Buy makeup online uk

However, to sell in multi-channels with combination of online shopping and offline store is a trend and make much more room for profits. There are certain merit to sell makeup online.

Running an online store can save abundant operation cost. Different from a physical store, it’s much more managebale for a retailer to get started online. Vendors are no need to raise money for finding a brick-and-mortar location, store decoration, sales staff and any other operation fee. All the money you save can be returned as profits. If you sell online, you just rent for a host and download a template, or joint selling platforms such as Amazon and eBay. And it will be much easier by using dropshipping service provided by suppliers like

To sell online, you won’t get hands-tied to local customers because of geographical limitations and any online shoppers can be your potential customers. People who live in long distance and faraway, or hate to hang out are able to reach your store and bring you profits. You can sell makeup and beauty products across the town, the city or even abroad.

Physical stores are limited in capacity of products and if you want to enrich the brands and types for beauty products, you have to enlarge your store or rent somewhere else. You will need to pay more rents and work hard to do marketing jobs. However, selling online is different. Upon you get your store traffic and rank good place, it up grows day by day. When you want to expand business and enrich product lines, only one thing you should do is just upload listings into website. Professional cosmetics wholesale dropshippers such as Chinabrands who will get your back with one stop drop shipping service and let you import pictures and descriptions of products by one click.

Then, you may ask, I’m a vendor who wholesale cosmetics in UK but want to sell online, which platform is suit for me? Let’s take a look of mainstream shopping platforms at first.

Amazon is the largest and the most popular platform in UK and Europe and now many distributors wholesale cosmetics in UK sell on and Categories cover luxury beauty, sun care & tanning, skin care, make-up, nail and hair care, makeup tools with over 60 thousand of products on Amazon UK and about 50 thousand on Amazon DE. A survey revealed that Amazon took the largest part of pie of online sales and shoppers have faith in Amazon. So join Amazon isn’t a bad idea.

eBay has longer history than Amazon and established since 1995 as an online auction & shopping website. It has about 15 million of register users and a great deal of sellers from about 30 countries. There are about 1.6 million of beauty products are selling on eBay UK and 12 thousand on eBay DE. Even though it has been in decline stage, eBay is still a big buying and selling platform as the second most visited e-commerce website. A good fortune for vendors.

If you think it’s a burden to sell on Amazon and eBay for intensive competition and want an emerging and up growing platform as alternative, try Cdiscount. It’s shopping website from France and now on the way to expand worldwide. It’s easy to get start and set up a store. Chinabrands is well complement to Cdiscount. To wholesale cosmetics from Chinabrands, you will have an edge over other vendors in the race of ecommerce business., found in 2000, was once a French company until it was acquired by Rakuten, a Japanese retail empire, and now it’s named as As the fifth popular ecommerce platform in France, PriceMinister is introduced by more consumers, where they also can find Charlotte Tilbury Products, Urban Decay Makeup and Bobbi Brow Makeup. However, compared with e-commerce giants like Amazon, it has much fewer product listings and sellers. From other version, PriceMinister is interpreted as another shot for newbie sellers.

If you wholesale cosmetics in UK, you don’t have find makeup wholesale suppliers from UK only. Being mind-opened, take a look at beauty wholesalers outside of UK, and you will have more but better choices. Chinabrands is the one. They got all beauty products you want and guarantee prompt shipment, 98% of parcel delivered to customers’ doorstep with 2 days.

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