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Our esthiology class had the opportunity to learn about lash extensions up close and personal today. Erin, a VICI Beauty School grad, visited us and brought all of her amazing NovaLash supplies with her. Erin works as an esthetician at Stella’,s Salon and Spa and took the initiative to become NovaLash certified after beauty school. We learned about the tools needed, how application works, and more. Erin also shared lots of tips about succeeding in esthiology school and how to find a job after graduation. Beauty and makeup blog.

Thanks so much to Erin for teaching our future estheticians about lash extensions. We’,re sure some of our students will continue their education with this service after graduation. And thanks to Lauren for being her model!

We have a lot of amazing students at VICI Beauty School, but every now and then one comes along that really surprises us. Xander is one of the most positive people we know, and others have noticed too. People ask him all the time “,how do you stay to positive?”, We wanted to get to know him a little better and learn to secret to his positivity, so we sat down with Xander and talked about his time at VICI Beauty School!

VICI Beauty School: Why did you decide to go into the cosmetology field?

Xander: Because I had only office jobs for ten years before this. I did call center work and worked in accounting, and I was bored and hated it. It wasn’t a fit for my personality. I didn’t come here knowing it was going to be “it”, for me, but I took a chance to see where things would go.

VICI: Why did you decide on VICI Beauty School?

Xander: Friends and family had been telling me to try beauty school. When I was in high school, people I knew came here. This was the place I knew was good for beauty school. I came here and when I saw it, I was like “this is where I wanna be.”

VICI:Since starting in November, what have you come to like about beauty school?

Xander: I like that you get to meet new people all the time. I like that VICI has our backs and fills our chairs, so we can build a clientele and interact with people of different backgrounds. I always hear “I didn’t learn this in beauty school” but those people weren’t paying attention. VICI teaches us a lot! And I’,ve had a very clear picture painted for me here. I know I have to advertise myself and seek out new techniques. They set expectations, and I love realistic expectations.

VICI: Everyone knows you’,re a positive stylist and you manage to stay above any drama. How do you do that?

Xander: It’s a choice. We choose what affects us. At the end of the day, you need to choose your battles. A bad attitude could ruin today, or tomorrow, or your whole week. It’s about finding your priorities. This is where I want to be, and I know that, and I will put it before everything else. I travel on a bus an hour and a half to get here. I still show up in a good mood because this is where I want to be. You can choose to be above drama.

VICI: What would you like to do after you graduate?

Xander: I would like to find a footing in a salon, be behind the chair for five to ten years and from there, I’,m open to the possibility of working on a cruise ship. I was talking to a woman who went on a cruise and she said I would be perfect for that. I have the personality for it. I wouldn’t be opposed to coming back here and instructing either. This school has given me direction and embraced my personality and told me to be who I am. They allowed me to feel successful.

VICI: What advice would you give to a student just entering this program?

Xander: Know that you don’t know everything you think you know. Be smart about what you choose to allow to affect you because at the end of the day, you’,re the one you have to life with. Did you make good choices or bad choices? Those are the decisions you live with.

Just for fun, we asked Xander what animal he would be. “,A bird for its ability, but I relate closer to dogs.”, A happy disposition and positive outlook on life? We can see that!

We know Xander is going to succeed in this industry. His clients love him, our staff is proud of him, and he has the drive to succeed wherever life takes him. We’,re excited for his future!

Check out some of Xander’,s work!

Ready to start beauty school? Beauty school only lasts a year, so you’,ll want to make the most of your time. With drive and passion, you can succeed as a cosmetologist. Make sure you’,re putting in effort in order to get the most out of your education. Check out these five ways to succeed, and you’,re ready to begin your career in cosmetology!

1. You need the right materials.

You’ll need school supplies and books to succeed in beauty school just like at any college. At VICI Beauty School, we encourage our students to stock up on pens, pencils, binders, highlighters, notebooks, Duck Tape, index cards, sheet protectors and more. These items are in addition to your kit and will keep your organized. Organization is key for success. You’ll need more supplies than a flat iron and curling wand if you want to succeed in beauty school.

2. Study your beauty school text books.

You’ve got the material – now use it! This may seem obvious, but the best way to succeed in cosmetology school is to study the material your instructors give you. Your first months in school will be in a classroom. You’ll study anatomy, chemistry and more. If you don’t focus, you may fail Midterm, which means you can’t get onto the clinic floor, and your whole graduation schedule will be off. If there’s ever a topic you don’t understand, ask questions and get help from your teachers. That’,s what they are here for! No one is expecting students to get all of this cosmetology info right the first time. It can be a lot to take in, so listen, ask questions, take notes and read your books. That will put you on the track to success.

3. Use your time wisely.

One of the easiest ways to succeed in cosmetology school is by staying productive and using your time wisely. On the clinic floor, you’re responsible for your time, just like in a salon. You need to be self-motivated on the floor, just like at a real salon. There are a few ways to stay productive. Work on your guests’ hair, which is how most students prefer to stay busy. If your books aren’t filling up, start marketing yourself! Take advantage of the promotions going on at your school and let your friends and family know about sales. Advertise your skills on social media, pass out business cards to people you meet, and do amazing work – then you’ll stay busy through word of mouth. When you don’,t have clients, practice on your mannequin or talk about retail with guests in the lobby. You could also read about the latest hair styles or work in your textbooks.

4. Practice makes perfect.

As we just said, working on your mannequin heads is a great way to stay productive. Your mannequin is also a great way to practice styles you don’t normally get to try like pin-up updos, corn rows or vibrant colors. One day your mannequin can be a vintage starlet with victory rolls and the next she can be an avant-garde hair model. You might not be able to try these hair styles on real guests, but when you graduate from beauty school, you’ll want to have learned as many hair styles as possible.

5. Avoid the drama.

Working so close to other students means gossip and drama can spread quickly. However, that’,s not the way a professional conducts themselves. In a salon, you cannot get caught up in meaningless drama, so why would you in school? Drama can make your experience at any beauty school overwhelming and less enjoyable. Focus on you and your goals. If a problem arises, ask yourself if it’s worth fussing over. If it doesn’t affect your success and career, then whatever problem you run into isn’t really a problem. Keep the end game in mind and work hard towards graduating with the most knowledge possible.

We love seeing how students succeed in the beauty industry after graduating from VICI Beauty School. We recently caught up with Chelsea, who graduated in December of 2016. She now works at Legacy Salon and Day Spa in Hales Corners, and we are so inspired by her color work, we wanted to learn more about her career.

VICI Beauty School: How did VICI Beauty School prepare you for working in a salon?

Chelsea: They gave me the basic building blocks of all the skills I use on a daily basis- especially in a “trendy” salon setting where I do a lot of blonding, balayage and vivid colors. I’ve definitely expanded on the skills I used in school but it always goes back to those basic color placement designs or cutting/styling techniques.

VICI Beauty School: We love hearing that you’,ve expanded your skills! What else have you learned now that you’ve graduated?

Chelsea: I’ve learned more about promoting and marketing myself through social media- the more followers you have, the more clients you get! And about getting the clients I do get to keep coming back on a regular basis. My salon also gives us quite a bit of education- I’ve learned balayage techniques, blowouts, updos, you name it.

We’,re thrilled that Chelsea found a place to improve her techniques and business. She told us she enjoys working at Legacy because she can expand on her own creativity and she gets to work with clients to get results that they both love. We noticed that Chelsea creates a lot of beautiful vivid color and balayage looks, and we wanted to know why. “,Those services are limitless in terms of creativity. There’s no right or wrong way to do them. When I have a vivid or balayage client, I don’t feel like I’m working- it’s just straight-up fun.”,

VICI Beauty School: So how is working in a salon different than being in beauty school?

Chelsea: While you’re not completely on your own, you’re definitely much more independent- you get to come up with all your own color formulations and cutting decisions. You’re also in charge of keeping yourself busy with clients- especially where I work. There’s barely any walk-ins, so you must promote yourself!

We finished our interview with Chelsea by asking if she had any advice for students who are close to graduating. “,Do not be afraid to mess up! It’s just hair! It grows back/you can always color it again!”, Chelsea also mentioned that she went to beauty school on a complete whim, and it’,s the best decision she ever made. She trusted her gut, and now she has a creative career that she loves. We can’,t wait to see what beautiful colors and styles Chelsea comes up with next!

Do you have questions about makeup artistry? There’,s a lot to be said about the makeup industry, and while we can only touch on a few things right now, we want to answer 6 of our most asked questions! If you want to learn even more, come in for an esthetics program tour.

1. Do I need to go to school to be a makeup artist?

Every state has different laws about makeup artistry and whether or not you need a license. Whether your state requires one or not, we think you should go to school for makeup artistry. This is because beauty bloggers on Youtube, where most up and coming makeup artists go for education, are leaving out vital information. You need to learn about sanitation, business practices, insurance, and more to succeed. You need to practice on different face shapes, understand the science behind skin and apply makeup on different skin types. None of this happens when you watch tutorials online.

2. What jobs do makeup artists get?

Makeup artists work on set at photo shoots and movie productions. They help brides feel beautiful, they turn people into monsters for Halloween, and they work in spas and salons. Anything you see on TV or in magazines involved a makeup artist. Almost every wedding you’,ve gone to had a makeup artist. And almost every photography studio, whether they focus on senior pictures, family shoots, boudoir or fashion, has a preferred makeup artist.

3. Where should I live if I want to be a makeup artist?

Where you live depends on your goals as a makeup artist. If you want constant clientele year round, you should live near or in a large city. If you want to work with celebrities or on big fashion shoots, you should consider moving to New York, L.A. or even Chicago. Keep in mind that large cities have more competition, though. If you want to work with special effects makeup, enrolling in a special effects makeup school will put you in the right direction. Most are on the west coast. If you would rather work weddings or independent shoots and also spend time in a salon, your choices are endless. You could really work anywhere.

4. What products should I have in my makeup kit?

When someone gets their makeup done, they want a special, luxury service. No one has to get their makeup done, and they are trusting you to make them look as amazing as possible. The products in your makeup kit should be quality items. This doesn’,t mean every single item has to be from a prestige brand, but every product should work superbly. You’,ll need primers for various skin types, a variety of lipsticks, false lashes, applicators for hygiene, alcohol to clean brushes, and more. You’,ll also need foundations and concealers in a variety of shades. As a makeup artist, you should be able to cater to every skin tone.

5. How much do makeup artists earn?

This can vary a lot based on what you personally want to charge and how much you book. If you’,re a freelance makeup artist, how much you earn is solely dependent on you. According to Pay Scale, makeup artists average $17.25 per hour. Some makeup artists also sell cosmetics or work at beauty counters to supplement their income.

6. Do I need makeup artistry insurance?

If you’,re working independently, you should have insurance. Liability insurance will protect you should a client have an allergic reaction to your makeup, you damage something belonging to your client or you do anything that could end in a lawsuit. Liability insurance is around $100 a year. Also, if you’,re going the freelance route, we recommend you also become an LLC, which will keep your business funds separate from your personal funds, so should you get sued, only your business funds will be at risk. You’,ll learn even more about business practices when you start cosmetology school.

Ready to become a makeup artist? It all starts at beauty school! Schedule your tour at VICI Beauty School today and get the ball rolling.

Thinking about getting a career in the beauty industry? It’,s a growing field with lots of opportunities you can easily turn into a life long career, as long as you know how to get started. Here are some tips to help you get hired in the beauty industry.

Take Extra Classes in Beauty School

Everyone takes the same curriculum in beauty school, so you’,ll want to take classes and join extra curriculars that set you a part. You want to have as much experience possible when you interview at a salon or beauty store, and taking extra classes shows how important knowledge is to you. Almost every career in the beauty industry is going to expect you to continue learning, so showing that education is important to you will help you nab a great job.

Create a Great Resume

Before you get an interview, you’,ll need to impress managers and owners with a resume. Your resume should include all your related experience, any commendations you received, your grades and additional certifications. Not sure what yours should look like? Take a look at our resume sample.

Build Your Beauty Network

The best way to know when jobs become available is to have a big network of other professionals in the beauty industry. Attend career fairs when you’,re in cosmetology school and meet salon owners and managers. Get to know other stylists and makeup artists in the area. When you have a big network, you’,ll be the first to hear about amazing opportunities.

Ready to start a career you’,ll love? It all starts at beauty school! Schedule your tour at VICI Beauty School today and get the ball rolling.

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So you think you know everything there is about beauty school? We hope you’,ve been doing your research (or you’,ve checked out our other beauty blog posts ) but there’,s a chance you still believe one or two myths that are floating around. Let’,s nip those in the bud and bust some beauty school myths!

Myth 1: You Can’,t Get Financial Aid

You may think that financial aid is only available to students who attend four year universities, but that’,s not the case. Federal loans and grants are available to students who attend accredited beauty schools, and many organizations offer scholarships for trade and tech schools. VICI Beauty School even has a Financial Aid department to help beauty school students obtain financial aid.

Myth 2: Your Career Options are Limited

A career as a hair dresser isn’,t your only option after graduating beauty school. There are tons of career options in the beauty industry! You can work as a makeup artist, a special effects artist, a lash technician, an esthetician, a brow artist, a platform artist, a brand educator, a beauty blogger, and more. Some careers require addition certification or training, but it goes to show that there are way more options for beauty school grads beyond cutting hair.

Myth 3: You’,ll Never Make Enough Money as a Cosmetologist

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest 10 percent of cosmetologists earned more than $23.58 per hour. Cosmetologists earn income based on how hard they work. If you’,re marketing yourself, promoting your services, encouraging referrals and giving your clients amazing hair, you’,ll do great!

Myth 4: Beauty School is Super Easy

We’,ve heard that beauty school is for people who just want to slack off but still get a career. Trust us –, it’,s not. Students study anatomy, physiology chemistry and more. There’,s a lot of book work, homework, science and practice. We cannot stress that last part enough. There’,s a lot of practice! You don’,t get good at bridal updos or beautiful ombres overnight. It can get frustrating to do the same service over and over on a mannequin head, but it’,s the only way to get good. It’,s not easy, but it’,s worth it!

Myth 5: It’,s Too Hard to Go Back to School

Going back to school seems intimidating if you’,ve been out of school for a few years. It’,s not impossible, though, and beauty school is a great option for non-traditional students because it only takes a year. We have lots of students who decided to enroll in school years after their high school graduation. If you need help coming up with a schedule or you need advice, our Admissions department would be happy to chat.

Ready to start? Schedule your tour at VICI Beauty School today and get the ball rolling! Before you know it, you’,ll have a career you love!

Did you know every stylist has a tool kit? No, it’,s not filled with hammers and screwdrivers, but it is filled with everything a hair dresser needs to succeed. When you start beauty school, you’,ll receive a kit filled with all kinds of tools and products. These will help you journey through beauty school. Here are just a few of the beauty school tools you’,ll need.

1. Scissors and Shears

Scissors and shears are two of the most important items you’,ll have as a cosmetologist. You’,ll need them for almost every appointment you have. And these aren’,t the scissors you used in grade school to make art projects. You’,ll need to care for your scissors and shears, keeping the blades sharp and clean. The better kept your tools, the less damage they cause to hair. Blunt scissors can leave slightly jagged cuts whereas sharp hair shears create a clean cut.

2. Mannequin Heads

Another important beauty school tool is a mannequin head. Before you start working on actual guests, you’,ll need to practice on mannequin heads. And you’,ll practice a lot! This is your guinea pig for haircuts, coloring, perms and more.

3. Styling Combs

Your kit will contain several combs, which you’,ll use for parting and styling. Combs are vital and you’,ll be glad to have more than one. You’,ll use your combs for detangling, teasing, weaving, lifting, and of course, basic combing, and every type of comb performs different tasks. You need volume hair combs with double-tip ends to protect scalps and rat-tails with extra long pins for foil work and weaving. For guests with long locks, you could use a longer handled styling comb. Combs with wide teeth ease wet hair through the detangling process, without pressure. Finer teeth assist with precision work.

4. Water Bottles and Clips

Shears aren’,t the only tool you’,ll need for hair cutting. Water bottles and clips come in handy. Water makes it easy to cut and style hair and clips will keep sections of hair out of your way when working. Without these often overlooked tools, your work as a stylist will be a lot harder.

5. Aprons

You’,ll need to protect your clothing when you work as a hair stylist. Cosmetologists are always working with chemicals, hair color, water, bleach and more. You don’,t want any of that to end up on your clothes. Aprons keep hair and products off your clothes.

Ready to get your kit? Schedule your tour at VICI Beauty School today and get the ball rolling! Before you know it, you’,ll have all the tools you need to succeed in this industry!

Thinking about attending cosmetology school? There’,s a lot of amazing information available to help you decide on a school and career path, but all of that info at once might feel a little overwhelming. Here are 10 quick tips that you need to know when you start your research into cosmetology schools!

1. Cosmetology Careers are Growing

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “,Employment of barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists is projected to grow 10 percent from 2014 to 2024, faster than the average for all occupations. Most job openings will result from the need to replace workers who leave the occupation.”, This means there’,s lots of room at salons and spas for recent graduates!

2. Every State Has Different Licensing Requirements

Do you know which state you want to work in? Every state has different laws regarding licensing. In Wisconsin, cosmetology students need 1,550 training hours in order to take their state boards and become a licensed cosmetologist.

3. You Can Apply for Scholarships and Grants

If your beauty school is accredited, you can apply for federal funding, which helps lots of students pay for their education. There are also tons of scholarships available for cosmetology students, single moms, children of veterans, minorities and more.

4. A Cosmetologist is a People Person

When you’,re in beauty school, you’,re always talking to someone new. Once you’,re on the clinic floor, you’,re constantly around clients and that continues into your career. Cosmetology school students have to be outgoing and love people.

5. Cosmetology is Always Changing

The trends are always changing, which means guest speakers are always teaching new topics, curriculum changes and the things that clients want are always new. If you want to be in a fast-paced, ever evolving industry, this is it.

6. Cosmetology School Only Takes a Year to Complete

If your attendance is good, you’,ll get your diploma in a year. You can have a career you love and are passionate about in far less time than attending a four-year university.

7. Your Mannequin Head Will be your BFF

You don’,t start working on actual clients until months into cosmetology school. Before that, you practice A LOT on mannequin heads –, everything from coloring and perming to braiding and updos. You’,ll become best friends with your mannequin.

8. You Need to Study Your Textbooks

You might be surprised to see how much time you’,re going to spend in a textbook. There’,s a lot of tests and coursework you need to complete before working with actual products. It may not seem as much fun as the hands-on activities, but it’,s all necessary and really important.

9. Make Friends with Other Students

Students who make friends in class always have a partner to practice on, a study buddy and a sounding wall to bounce ideas off of. Your overall performance can actually improve by making friends during cosmetology school. Plus, many students stay life-long friends, even after graduation.

10. You’,re in a Fun Industry, so Have Fun in School

Cosmetology is fun! This is an exciting and amazing industry, so don’,t forget to have fun when you’,re in school! Participate in dress up days, try a new hair color, and enter contests. You should take your education seriously, but you can have fun too!

Ready to start your journey in cosmetology school? Schedule your tour at VICI Beauty School today and get the ball rolling! Before you know it, your passion will be your career!

Sometimes we make choices we aren’,t totally sure of, and other times, we just know. If you’,re destined to be a cosmetologist, there are probably signs pointing loudly and clearly to this career path. Think cosmetology and you are a perfect match? Let’,s find out!

1. The only channels you watch on Youtube are hair and makeup related.

If you’,ve ever tried just watching one tutorial before bed and ended up down a rabbit hole of cut creases and french braids at 2am, cosmetology is for you.

2. You can’,t leave the house if your hair or makeup isn’,t done (even if it’,s just to the grocery store).

We get it. You love hair and makeup, and you see every chance to leave the house as an opportunity to show off your skills. And if your plans get cancelled, you’,re still going out. You can’,t waste a good hair day!

3. You do everyone’,s hair for prom, dates or just because.

When your friends need to look their best, who do they come to? You, of course!

4. You’,ve colored your hair just about every shade possible.

Blue, green, purple, brunette, blonde –, been there, done that. Become a legit cosmetologist and you can learn how to color hair in a healthy and safe way! Leave the bathroom color jobs in the past.

5. You’,ve trimmed your bangs more than once –, sometimes successful, sometimes not.

The temptation for DIY bangs is tempting. If you’,ve tried it, then you’,re just like us.

6. You get really excited when a new hair or makeup product is about to drop.

You mark the release dates of new products on your calendar, and you’,re first in line when the store opens. We feel you.

7. You’,re artistic and creative.

Put those creative juices to use! Lots of cosmetologists are artists who use hair or makeup as their medium.

8. All your clothes are black.

You already have the wardrobe of a stylist. Why not make that your career?

9. Your bathroom has more hair and makeup products in it than it can handle.

If opening your bathroom cabinet results in a tsunami of hair sprays, leave-in conditioners and eye shadow palettes, you might want to consider a career in cosmetology. Or a closet organizer.

10. You love helping other people feel good.

At the end of the day, cosmetologists want their clients to feel happy and confident. If you love helping others feel good, then you’,re meant to be a cosmetologist!

Think you’,ve got what it takes? Schedule your tour at VICI Beauty School today and get the ball rolling! Before you know it, your passion will be your career!

Do you ever wonder what VICI Beauty School alumni are up to? The Alumni Spotlight is your chance to find out! Every month we feature a student who is working in the beauty industry and becoming the amazing stylist we know they can be. This month, we’,re shining our spotlight on Karaline, who is a hair stylist at VICI Capilli Salon in Brookfield, WI.

Karaline started her education at VICI Beauty School, and when she thinks about her schooling, her thoughts go to her professors. “,Starting in classroom, Pedro, Amber, Mrs. Valentine and Jamal laid down the foundations of who I am as a stylist. During my first few days at VICI, I quickly understood what the expectations were regarding attendance, time management, techniques and –, most of all –, state boards. I am so thankful that VICI instructs their students the same way proctors exam individuals during state board testing. Every student that I have known has passed state licensing requirements with flying colors. I am grateful for VICI and the people that have helped me establish the passion and drive I have for this wonderful industry.”,

Although her education started with us, she continues to learn at her new salon home. VICI Capilli has provided Karaline with extensive education since her graduation. She’,s taken a boot camp class with Derrick Zeno, color theory with Goldwell’,s educators and more. “,VICI Capilli has given me mentors that have expanded my cutting horizons through hands-on experience. Every month I am able to enhance my knowledge and skills with the guidance of top artists in our industry.”,

Karaline had the right idea when she was looking for a job. She wasn’,t going to settle for just anything. She wanted the potential to advance. Knowing she has a path for advancement encourages her. She wants to continuously strive to be a better stylist in order to serve her clients better. She loves all services, but she’,s especially fond of updos. Her love for styling started before beauty school when she was in college. She would help her friends get ready for a date, class or anytime really! She loves giving people a confidence boost and complement who they are as an individual.

Her big advice for students? Don’,t settle! “,Graduating is an exciting time, but yet frightening all at the same time. Don’t settle for anything less then what you know you are worth. I took a nail technician position because I didn’t feel qualified to apply at the salons I dreamed of working at. Through advice from my instructors and peers I decided to resign in order to pursue my passion for hair. DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT!”,

Karaline graduated just over a year ago, and she’,s already learned and done so much. We can’,t wait to see how much farther she goes. She was an amazing student at VICI Beauty School, and she’,s kept the positivity, passion and dedication that we admired when she was attending our beauty school.

We appreciate Karaline taking the time to talk to us. If you want to keep up to date with her work, you can follow her Instagram HERE.

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Check out some of her work below:

When VICI Beauty School is trying to decide which student should be featured on our blog, we talk to our staff for ideas. Jen, the head of Admissions, knew exactly who deserved a little time in the limelight this month. She told us about Sarah, who thoughtfully gets candy for her children clients, volunteers to help others when she has downtime, and manages to be an extremely successful student and mother at the same time. Sarah is one of our busiest students. Thankfully, she squeezed us into her busy schedule, so we could learn about what makes her such an amazing student.

VICI Beauty School: Why did you decide to go into the cosmetology field?

Sarah: It was something I always wanted to do and for the last few years I was the bread winner in my family, so I wasn’t able to go to school. But now I had the opportunity to and I took it.

VICI: Why did you decide on VICI Beauty School, an Aveda Institute?

Sarah: A few of my girlfriends went here, and it seemed like a good fit for me. I toured with Jen and she sold me on it.

VICI: You’,ve been attending VICI Beauty School for almost a year. What do you like about VICI now that you’ve been here for a while?

Sarah: I like the atmosphere. Everyone is nice and has very outgoing personalities. All the instructors are very helpful.

VICI: How do you successfully manage family life and school life?

Sarah: So I have a two year old girl and I’,m a single mother. I just try to find balance. I try to dedicate an hour of the day to myself. I always remember that my daughter is my goal and providing for her is my main goal.

VICI: What would you like to do after you graduate?

Sarah: I’,ve actually already got a job set up at Raw Salon &, Spa in Burlington, WI. I’,ve been shadowing since January. You have to put yourself out there to salons and make it known that you’re a student and you want to work.

VICI: What advice would you give to a student just entering this program?

Sarah: Stay focused. Make sure that you stay on the right path. Don’t let simple distractions deter you. Its hard to be here every day and not get paid, especially if you ere used to working full time, so you gotta stay focused and keep your eyes on the horizon.

When Sarah isn’,t at VICI, she’,s spending time with her friends and family, just trying to relax. Her drive and dedication to this craft is going to take her far. We are so excited to see where life takes her!

There are so many amazing hair stylists who inspire us. It’,s hard to choose just a few, but several make us want to become the best stylists possible. From color and marketing to innovation and influence, each of these amazing hair stylists has done something to break the mold. We hope our students can be as successful as these five hair dressers one day.

Guy Tang

When it comes to color, we admire the work of Guy Tang so much. His color designs are magical and always impressive. He’,s also an educator, always teaching stylists about his formulas and how to create stunning finishes either on stage or through social media. And he’,s amazing on social media, inspiring us to market ourselves the way Guy Tang markets himself. What he’,s doing is working –, he’,s so busy he can’,t take any new clients. He’,s even started his own color line. We hope to be as busy as Guy one day!

Stephanie Brinkerhoff

You’,ve probably seen Stephanie’,s work somewhere on the web and may not have even realized it. Stephanie’,s bridal hair styles cover Instagram and Pinterest and inspire hair stylists everywhere to give brides gorgeous updos, us included. She began her career as a bridal hair specialist in 2007, shortly before graduating cosmetology school. She now travels world-wide for destination weddings and to teach bridal hair workshops. She is the resident bridal expert for, and her hairstyles are internationally recognized, both in the bridal industry and the hair styling industry.

Antoinette Beenders

Antoinette oversees the Global Artistic Team at Aveda and is responsible for Aveda’,s global image. She is a world-renowned, award-winning hair stylist. Like many of our students, Antoinette was hooked on hair styling from a young age. When she was 12, she was struck by Bo Derek’,s cornrows, which she immediately tried on her father’,s photography assistant. She said her father even photographed it, which became Antoinette’,s first shoot. She’,s been hooked ever since. Now she’,s responsible for all of the looks and photos that Aveda creates. Her work is seen across every Aveda salon, the website, and –, really –, the world. She inspires us to dream big.

Vidal Sassoon

While we admire a lot of present day hair stylists, we also appreciate the work that came before our time. Hair styling has a long and amazing history. Where would we be without stylists who reinvented the industry? Vidal Sassoon was a British and American hairstylist, businessman, and philanthropist. Close-cut, geometric styles became all the rage in the 60s because of this man. Bob cuts weren’,t popular until Sassoon brought them to the forefront of fashion. The bobs and pixie cuts you see today often hearken back to Vidal Sassoon’,s work. He came from extreme poverty, so much so that at age 11, his single mother decided to place her children in an orphanage. Despite all the hardships he endured, Vidal Sassoon became the most famous hairstylist of all time, some argue. We hope to have as much influence as this amazing stylist one day.

Irvine Rusk

Powerful and edgy cuts became popular because of Irvine Rusk. He created texture in hair that no one had seen before. He designed the very first texturizing shears based on his drawing in the 1970s. The alpha and beta blades are still used today when stylists want to create intense texture. In addition to the shears, he invented and created a line of products in different categories to help clients obtain the look at home. We can’,t just credit Irvine, though. His wife, Louise, played a large role in the success of the Rusk business. In 2011, the pair was still coming out with new products. To be as innovative as Irvine Rusk is definitely a career goal.

We talk a lot about financial aid resources because we know how important they are! Financial aid makes beauty school attainable for many of our students. Between FAFSA, grants, loans and scholarships, there are lots of ways to finance your journey through cosmetology school. Here are 5 financial aid resources you probably didn’,t even know existed that can help you pay for beauty school.

1. Professional Beauty Association and Minerva Scholarship

The Professional Beauty Association is a huge organization that offer resources, advocacy, competitions and education to members of the cosmetology industry. They also offer scholarships for students preparing to enter the field. Together with Minerva, a leading manufacturer and distributor of salon equipment, they offer 10 $1,000 scholarships to students all across the country. In addition to this scholarship, they offer several others, too!

2. Scholarships for Non Traditional Students

If you’,re returning to college years after high school, there are scholarships out there for you. Many organizations want to help adults return to school to better their career opportunities. Adult Students in Scholastic Transition offers scholarships to adults facing economic, social, or physical challenges, who are looking to improve their situation through educational opportunities. 13 scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $10,000 are granted every year. This organization accepts applications in the winter.

3. Financial Aid Resources for Moms

Going back to school as a mom is hard enough. Many organizations don’,t want mothers to also be burdened with school debt, which is why there are lots of scholarships available for moms. For example, the Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation offers 5 scholarships to mothers over the age of 17 who are in a low-income family and want to pursue a vocational or occupational goal. Awards can be up to $5,000. Other scholarships for mothers can be found here. Working Mother also put together a list of resources for working moms who want to go back to school.

4. Scholarships for Veterans and Their Children

If you are a veteran or you’,re the child of someone who served, you have a lot of scholarships available. The Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation offers scholarships to children of Marine Corps vets or active duty servicemen. Scholarships can be up to $10,000. There are scholarships for wives, for veterans in specific states, for vets who served in Iraq and more. No matter your situation, there’,s likely a scholarship for it. You can find a large list of military scholarships here.

5. Scholarships for Different Races and Ethnicity

Many charities and organizations provide scholarships to help students of color and immigrants attend college. There are awards for African-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and more. An influx of financial aid opportunities and scholarships for minorities is giving individuals of all ethnicities an equal opportunity to higher education. There are too many to list here, but if you’,re interested in finding scholarships based on your race, you can visit Student Scholarship Search here.

Hopefully you found a few resources to help you pay for beauty school. If you’,re ready to talk to our Financial Aid department, book a tour at VICI Beauty School.

Skincare, waxing and makeup are all big parts of esthiology. To become an esthetician, though, you’,ll need more than just a set of skills. Estheticians need a certain personality and presence, in addition to skills, to succeed in the beauty industry.

You’,ll Need a Calming Presence

Typically, estheticians work in spas where the environment is calm and soothing. Candles glow, soothing music plays over the speakers and calming aromas fill the air. It makes sense that your presence during a guest’,s appointment should mirror the environment. If you’,re naturally a bubbly, loud person, that’,s great! You might be able to find a high energy spa that will let you be super energetic. Typically, though, a calming voice and soothing personality will be what you need to succeed in aesthetics. If you don’,t think you can tone down your personality, you might fit in better on a bustling salon floor as a hair stylist.

The Human Body Shouldn’,t Embarrass You

As an esthetician, you’,re going to be up close and personal with your clients. Very personal, at times. The human figure shouldn’,t scare you or embarrass you because you could be rubbing or waxing just about anywhere on it. In esthtiology, the human body is celebrated! On the outside, skin is beautified and on the inside, chakras and the human spirit are cared for. Estheticians pamper all of it.

You’,ll Work A Lot with Your Hands while Standing

You may not realize this, but esthiology is a pretty physical job. You spend most of your day on your feet and working with your hands. It’,s physically demanding. You’,ll need to take care of your joints and muscles if you want to be an esthetician for a long time. If you struggle with nerve diseases or arthritis, this could be a difficult career for you.

It takes the right kind of person to be an esthetician. It’,s not an easy career, but it’,s so worth it when you get to help someone feel beautiful inside and out. As an esthetician, you offer pampering and “,me time”, to clients who need it the most. If you’,re ready to start your aesthetics journey, book a tour at VICI Beauty School!

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs out there. It’,s 24/7, but that doesn’,t mean you don’,t have time to pursue your dreams or goals. You can be a mom and go to beauty school with the right planning and support set up around you. We met with staff and students here at VICI Beauty School to get the best advice and see how they do it.

“,Everyone has to come together and support the student for a year.”,

“,The biggest thing is that they (students who are moms) have to find the right time to start. Everyone has to come together and support the student for a year. This is a full-time job. Other people (our clients) have made appointments to be here. The biggest thing is getting everyone on board to support (the student) and find the right time to start. Like when the kids are going back to school so you only have to think about one summer where they are home and you’,re in school. Coordinate with your family and stay organized.”, –, Elizabeth, our campus administrator.

Find balance, especially if you work.

“,Have everything set up first –, plan A, B, and C. You need a support system. Find balance, especially if you work. Have your budget laid out for the next year. This is full-time and you don’,t want to worry about bills. Have your plan in order. Single moms struggle with guilt. They don’,t put themselves first. But they need time for themselves. Take a day or a night for ‘,me time.'”, –, Jen, Admissions.

Without drive, you won’,t make it.

Kaltrine, a cosmetology student and a mom to an adorable two-year-old, told us, “,It was hard to leave my kid like it is for any mom. What made it easy, though, was that I love this profession. You need drive and passion for this. Without drive, you won’,t make it. I don’,t even think of this as a hard decision anymore. I wonder why I didn’,t make it sooner.”,

Being a mom and going to beauty school is totally possible if you have the passion for it and the drive. Stay focused and come prepared. In just one year, you’,ll have a career you love that can help support your family. If you’,re thinking about starting your journey in beauty, come in for a tour.

Our students are amazing, which is why every month we feature one who is going above and beyond at VICI Beauty School. Cap, a cosmetology student at our Milwaukee campus, originally was set on esthiology, but after talking with our administration team, decided to try cosmetology. Now she’,s succeeding at both hair and skincare! She’,s working hard in an industry she never thought she’,d be a part of –, before VICI, Cap was going to school for Baking and Pastry Arts. To learn more about her journey at VICI Beauty School, we invited Cap to sit down and chat with us.

VICI Beauty School: You originally expressed interest in esthiology? Why did you decide to go into the cosmetology field?

Cap: I visited VICI Beauty School two years ago and I did two tours, both for the esti program. At the time, I was going to microdermabrasion appointments (my esthetician had graduated from VICI), and she convinced me to get a free mini facial. She said it was amazing and I had to try it. I had never had a facial before, and it stuck in my mind. I could see myself doing that. Then, during my recent tour, administration put in the back of my mind that I could do both skincare and hair and be covered for everything in cosmetology. I never did anything with my hair or makeup. Now I know more about hair in general, and I know more about my own hair.

VICI: Why did you decide on VICI Beauty School, an Aveda Institute?

Cap: I knew a couple of people who had gone here. It was convenient and close to home. I came in for my tours and it felt so warm and comfortable. I liked that it was small, too – the classroom sizes are really nice.

VICI: How does esthiology and cosmetology work together for you?

Cap: I can see myself doing a little bit of both. It’s never an awful thing to have a big skill set. I want to learn more hair cutting techniques. When I came here, I didn’t know anything. I was a little behind everyone else. I didn’t watch YouTube videos or anything about hair. But now, I would love to combine both skincare and hair into my career.

Beauty makeup hair blog

VICI: You mentioned that you felt like you were behind everyone else? How did you overcome that challenge?

Cap: When I started, it was so stressful. I felt like I had to work 10 times harder than anyone else. I had to read my books ahead of time. I would go home and take home all my stuff with me and practice wrapping perms and roller sets. I would quiz myself. I felt funny because I didn’t see anyone else having my struggles. But I just kept challenging myself. Everyone was on one page and I was on another. I’ve worked up to where I am. I didn’t think I would survive this long. I didn’t think I would make it. I didn’t even tell my family because I didn’t think I would finish. But now I can do some colors and cuts in two hours. It’,s amazing! It’,s been quite the journey. This takes a lot of practice and understanding that everyone learns at a different pace.

VICI: We are so happy to see you succeeding now! What would you like to do after you graduate?

Cap: I would love to learn more about hair cutting and visit a few shops to see if they’ll take me under their wing. I also want to learn more about skincare. That’,s where I’,m more of a natural. I want to learn more about waxing and sugaring, as well chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

VICI: What advice would you give to a student just entering this program?

Cap: Be patient. Be polite. Be prepared and continue to be productive. Work really hard and don’t get too comfortable and too cocky. Every time you think you’,re having a bad day, remember that if you’,re coming to school, you’,re learning something new. I just learned three new braids! And it’,s never too late to learn.

We thought it would be fun to learn a little more about Cap. We asked her some “just for fun” questions:

Cap: I love turquoise. I could never choose between green and blue!

Cap: Kangaroo. I love kangaroos. It’s the only animal that can carry everything with them.

Cap: I went to Milwaukee High School of the Arts almost ten years ago.

We asked Cap if she had any final words she wanted to add. She said, “,The Administration is awesome and the skincare instructor is amazing. The instructors seem like they push a little too hard but it’s actually for your benefit. It’s so you can make your own decisions without them. Everyone wants you to do well. You have to be positive and understanding and open to the idea of change.”, Wise words from Cap!

Check out some of Cap’,s work below!

Beauty school is your opportunity to use your creativity in an amazing career. During beauty school, students learn the basics on hair cutting, coloring and styling, as well as skincare, business techniques and marketing –, and this is just within a single program.

It can be a bit overwhelming when you start, though. To get a feel for what the process looks like, and important things to consider about your new career path, check out these four tips before starting beauty school:

You Have Tons of Career Options

Before you start beauty school, take time to learn about all the beauty career possibilities available to you after graduation. Take the cosmetology program, for example, where you can pursue careers ranging from hair stylist to platform artist to salon owner, and everything in between ( you can read all about your beauty career options here ).

If the amount of exciting career choices seems like too much to choose from before you’ve even attended a class, don’t worry –, most beauty schools offer career services to their students and even help place them in a job upon completion of the program. Plus, you can always ask your instructors for more information on different career options.

Understand Your Financial Aid Options

Some beauty schools can take financial aid just like a four-year university, which is really beneficial for cosmetology students. All students applying for federal financial aid are required to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This financial aid is provided by Federal Student Aid under the Department of Education. This provide grants, loans, and work-study funds to students attending college or career school. The FAFSA is extremely important, so make sure you fill it out. Without it, you won’t qualify for any financial aid. If you want financial aid, you need to complete and return all necessary paperwork in timely manner. If you have already filed out a FAFSA for the current year, great! You don’t need to submit a duplicate application.

You can also apply for scholarships to help with your cosmetology education. Contact your high school’s guidance counselor or your beauty school for information about what’s available. At VICI, some past awards have come from the ACE Grant, OPI &, AACS ACE Scholarship program, Sports Clips &, American Crew ACE Scholarship Program, The Alice Madden Barton Scholarship Program, Beauty Schools Directory $2,500 Cosmetology Scholarship, and The Joe Francis Hair care Scholarship Foundation. We’re also a qualifying school for Beauty Changes Lives scholarships!

Many businesses, religious, and civic organizations provide scholarships and grants for post-secondary educational pursuits. This is an area which is often overlooked. You should speak to people like your high school guidance counselor, your pastor or your volunteer leader to obtain more information. Also check out local hair salons. You might be able to convince a salon owner to provide you with a scholarship if you agree to work for the salon after you finished your education.

Learn About the Beauty School Enrollment Process

After looking into the types of beauty careers you can have and learning more about paying for beauty school, you should take a look at the beauty schools in your area and what their enrollment process looks like. In many cases, this includes submitting an application and touring the campus.

Here at VICI, we have our future students meet with our advisers to go over their background and goals, as well as discuss what the programs are like. We take this time to really get to know future students, and we encourage students to come with any questions they have about the school itself, careers in beauty, or general advice about working in cosmetology.

Sometimes, enrolling in a program can feel intimidating. By looking this process ahead of time, you’ll understand what you should be preparing for, and starting your education in the beauty industry suddenly won’t seem so daunting.

Prepare Yourself for Hands On Learning

And finally, one of the most important things (if not the most important) to understand before starting cosmetology school: expect hands-on learning. If you are coming out of high school or have taken some college courses, expect cosmetology classes to be different. While there are times when you’ll be in a classroom setting taking notes (it is really important to understand the fundamentals before you start working with people), a good portion of your education is hands-on. You’,ll cut real hair, apply makeup to real people, and be in a real salon environment.

This direct experience is valuable for many reasons, as it allows you to learn by doing. It also helps you decide which career path is best for you. Maybe you entered beauty school planning on being a professional makeup artist, but after seeing how much you enjoyed working with hair, your goals changed – and that’s great!

At the end of the day, going to beauty school is about pursuing a career that allows you to be creative and work in a field that you are truly passionate about. To learn more about how you can launch an exciting career in cosmetology, just click here to download our free guide!

Our students are amazing, and they don’,t stop being amazing after graduation. Every month, we catch up with one of our alumni to see what they are up to. We’re so excited to show you how our graduates are succeeding in the beauty industry.

Jennifer Volkert graduated from VICI Beauty School’,s cosmetology program, and now she’,s a busy stylist at Pink Lemonade Salon &, Spa in Menomonee Falls. Jennifer is passionate about her work as a stylist and she’,s always promoting herself and her salon, which is why we wanted to talk with her!

Before she could start her career as a hair dresser, Jennifer needed the training that VICI offered. She noted that VICI prepared her for a salon job in a few ways. For one, it gave her the hair cutting, coloring and styling skills she needed. She also explained that because VICI organizes their clinical (on floor training) to be comparable to a day at a salon –, from scheduling, to timing, and even duties at the end of the day –, she was prepared to experience life in an actual salon. VICI Beauty School also gave her the opportunity to shadow a few salons, which helped her decide what she did and didn’,t and what she wanted to look for after graduation.

Her education didn’,t stop at VICI, though. There’,s always more to learn. “,I can’,t even believe how much more I’,ve learned even after graduation. I’,ve learned different cutting and coloring techniques, discovering different hairdressing tools and how I can advance a haircut with them, different ways to blow dry hair, and even having a little more faith in myself when it comes to formulating color. You learn more and more everyday you are a cosmetologist. The learning never stops,”, said Jennifer.

It sounds like Pink Lemonade is treating our graduate really well, and we couldn’,t be more happy. Jennifer loves it there. She told us, “,Pink Lemonade is my second salon job, and I absolutely love it. Our team is more like a family here, always looking out for each other. My employers are very inspiring and understanding women, and they are fantastic influences. The salon is unique and cute, and our clients have a ton of fantastic things to say about us. I love the salon hours, having weekends off, and I also love Aveda!”,

Now that she’,s spent a year in the working world, Jennifer noted that being in a salon is different than being in a school. Jennifer found that she’,s more responsible for her clients, from consultation to end result. “,After your salon’,s training program, it is up to you to help achieve your client’,s desires or help them with their needs. You’,re also more responsible for marketing yourself. Between Facebook, Instagram or whatever it may be, you want to get your books filled. So, advertising has become a big part of my job.”, She markets herself really well on social media, which is something every student should aspire to do.

Jennifer graduated in January of 2016, and since then she’,s becoming a stronger, smarter stylist. We asked if she had any advice to future cosmetologists. She said, “,If I could give any advice to students who are nearing graduation, a few would be to shadow as many salons as possible to make sure you find what fits for you. I know many of my classmates felt discouraged over their career just because they jumped into a salon that wasn’,t the right fit for them. Also, choose a salon that has continuing education. The industry is always growing and expanding, and trends are changing. And finally, have fun. This is a really fun career. Don’,t let the small stuff get to you, whether it’,s a coworker with a bad attitude or a client who is unreasonable. This career choice is about you and your passion. Keep it that way.”,

We appreciate Jennifer taking the time to talk with us. Her passion for this industry and her personal marketing is paying off, and we’re sure she’s going to continue to succeed in the beauty industry.

If you want to stay up to date on Jennifer, you can find her on Instagram: hashtagjenhair

Check out some of Jennifer’,s work!

Estheticians focus on skincare, waxing, facials and makeup. You might think the only way to earn a living as an esthetician is by working in a spa, but actually the career possibilities far exceed that. Esthiology can take you far in your professional life in more ways than one.

1. You Can Work for Yourself

Many estheticians go into business for themselves. They are their own boss and they succeed based on their work ethic. It’,s not an easy path, but it’,s extremely rewarding and has the potential to be whatever you make it. Some estheticians offer on-site services like makeup applications. There will always be brides, so on-site makeup will always be in style. You’,ll also find estheticians at runway shows and at photo shoots. When you work for yourself, you can choose which clients and gigs you want.

2. You Can Start Your Own Skincare Line

If you’,re passionate about skincare (and you should be if you’,re an esthetician) you could start your own product line. Many cosmetic and skincare lines got their start by someone who loves the beauty industry. If you start you own line, you have to understand that you’,ll need to do it for more reasons than “,I want to help people feel good in their skin.”, Your product line is a business, and you’,ll need to prepare for that. You’,ll work a ton, test your products, build a marketing plan and more. Seeing your business grow from an idea to reality will be one of the most rewarding career choices you make. Eventually you could see your products on the shelves in salons or retail stores.

3. You’,ll Have the Opportunity to Work at High End Spas

If you know you want to work in a spa, you can still go far in your career. Salons and spas ARE NOT dead ends. Luxury spas are stunning places to work, and their services match the luxury experience. In turn, their prices also have a luxury feel. Clients may spend $300, $400 or more just for one service. The path to working in a luxury spa is a long one. You need amazing customer service and phenomenal esthetician skills. This may not be the career you get straight out of school, but it’,s what you can work towards.

4. You Can Spend Decades Perfecting Your Esthetics Career

Esthiology is the perfect career for people who know they want to help others feel beautiful. They know this is what their life needs and they want to do it for decades. Successful estheticians build a loyal client base, and this takes time. While some clients may come and go, for the most part, the beauty industry really doesn’,t deal with significant dips in the market. People will always need their skin cared for. This doesn’,t mean you can set up shop and just expect clients to come, but if you market yourself and build your base, you’,re set. The better you become with your services and with your guests, the more clients you’,ll have. You can be successful for years and constantly work to perfect your craft.

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