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Growing up I suffered from dry patches all over my arms. I was 13 and I didn’t know what this was or its cause, but I do recall being so embarrassed that I’d often reach for long sleeves shirts all year round. As I got older my doctor discovered I was simply reacting [&hellip,] Read more…, Beauty and makeup blog.

Photo by Mabel Lee wasn’t your typical university undergrad. While she had a dream of someday becoming a lawyer, she also had a hobby of creating lashes during her own time and soon she’,d change the lash game as we now know it. Today, Lee is best known as the Founder and CEO of [&hellip,] Read more…,

Whether we like it or not, growing up is set to happen. I love setting goals for myself but I never imagined how hard it’,d be to set goals or let alone a bucket list of things I seriously want to accomplish within the next 8 years. Inspired by La Petite Noob, I’,ve put together [&hellip,] Read more…,

If I was stranded on an island and could only bring a few beauty products with me, bronzer and illuminator would be some of the few products! I love complexion. It’,s my favourite thing to do on my clients and it’,s become my mission to always achieve healthy looking skin for them. A few of [&hellip,] Read more…,

I really LOVE getting my hair done because first off, it’,s pampering and secondly I’,m obsessed with that fresh salon feel. Now, I’,m no A-List celebrity who can have someone like Jen Atkin at her door steps daily, so I’,ve had to quickly learn how to maintain the integrity and colour of my hair. Since [&hellip,] Read more…,

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One thing I enjoy about being a blogger is getting to experience new things beyond my makeup horizons. Thanks to team over at Cavalia, I recently attended the Odysseo show that took place in Mississauga, ON at the Hershey Centre. As a beauty junkie, the makeup related questions began to linger in my mind throughout the [&hellip,] Read more…,

For those of you who know me, I’,m a passionate beauty maven who lives and breaths to create. Nothing can stop me when I’,m inspired but more than a year ago, something did. I’,ve never been one to be suffer from mental illnesses but recently I hit a brick wall and for once in my [&hellip,] Read more…,

Nearly a year ago I transitioned my hair from brunette to lively sun kissed bronde. The transition between it all has been quite the process but I’,m so happy with how far it’,s come. I truly love going into my salon for their quality of service and mostly the people, so I wanted to share it [&hellip,] Read more…,

If you’,re following me on Instagram, you already KNOW I have a major obsession with home decor. My bedroom has been my decorative project for the past few months and it seems to be one that won’,t stop anytime soon. In order for me to bring my Pinterest visions to life, I’,ve relied heavily on [&hellip,] Read more…,

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Can you believe it? After the long, dark and dreaded cold winter days we’,ve finally entered spring! I may be a winter baby but it’,s not my favourite season. Now, I know I’,ve missed February’,s recap so I’,ll take it back by filling you in with my life since then. February February is often known as the [&hellip,] Read more…,

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