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Women today are busy –, from home and family responsibilities to careers and other commitments. So when an opportunity arrives to skip one or two daily make-up chores and look gorgeous in the process, we embrace it! Gorgeous makeup and beauty.

What are women talking about in Victoria? Long-lasting solutions like eyebrow microblading and permanent makeup.

A no-fuss, perfectly polished appearance.

Relatively new, microblading is a permanent makeup technique using a hand tool with an ultra-fine blade to deposit pigments into the skin. The result is natural-looking eyebrows, explains Zhila Aziladeh, owner of Victoria&rsquo,s Ecstatic Lash and Brows, specializing in a full range of lash, brow and permanent makeup services.

Ideal for those suffering from conditions such as alopecia, or who simply want to enhance the look of their brows, microblading uses natural looking, hair-like strokes in what is essentially a tattoo that will last up to two years.

Gorgeous makeup and beauty sunshine coast

And the result? No more fussing with pencils, brushes and fillers to create the perfect brow every morning.

&ldquo,I work in the beauty industry and need to look put together but as a busy parent found this difficult,&rdquo, notes Megan. &ldquo,Zhila is such a perfectionist, she has made me look fresh and beautiful without all the fuss.&rdquo,

Enjoying her permanent makeup –, eyebrows, eyeliner and lips –, Laura appreciates the Zhila&rsquo,s attention to client comfort and creating the perfect look. &ldquo,My morning routine is low-maintenance and I feel beautiful.&rdquo,

Looking for something a little dramatic? Consider an &ldquo,hombre&rdquo, brow.

Gorgeous makeup and beauty

In addition to microblading brows, look to permanent makeup for treatments like lash liner, applied to the lash line to create a bolder look to your lashes. With no struggling to get the &ldquo,right&rdquo, look, the technique lasts about three years –, and no more smudging! Pair with lash extensions for all-in-one, no fuss eyes. For client Marie, &ldquo,Zhila is a true artist. My eyeliner is natural and I get compliments on my eyes all the time now. Plus it&rsquo,s much easier to go makeup-free –, perfect for summer and swimming at the lake!&rdquo,

Considering microblading or permanent makeup? Treatments are tested and safe, but it&rsquo,s important to inquire about your technician&rsquo,s professional training and experience, notes Zhila, whose own extensive education took her to the UK to train with industry leaders. Today, Zhila also offers training sessions in a variety of disciplines, and is currently the only Everlasting Brows trainer in Canada.

Extending the care clients experience in her salon, Zhila also provides detailed after-care information, and checks in with them to answer any questions.

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