Gorgeous makeup and beauty sunshine coast. A Peek Inside Kris Carr’s Makeup Bag

I’m a big believer that beauty comes from the inside out. It’s part of who we are, how we care for ourselves, speak to ourselves and feed ourselves. Regardless of what the cosmetics companies promise, looking our best has more to do with consistent self-care and self-love vs quick fix potions. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun or that there aren’t products out there that can enhance what’s already radiant (yes, you are already exquisite, the gloss just amplifies your natural shine, darling!). Gorgeous makeup and beauty.

While I’m a more natural kinda gal, I know how glamorous I feel when I get my makeup done for a photo shoot or big event. I’ve found some gems along the way, and today, I want to open my makeup bag so you can see what I’m currently using when it’s time to glam.

Since I don’t wear makeup every day (or even every week!), I don’t mind spending a little extra on high-quality products that I simply love. What I put on my body is just as important as what I put in my body. This means that I try to use products I know aren’t harmful—to me or any other creature.

Each of the products below has been vetted for their safety, toxicity, and animal cruelty. I always rely on one of my favorite organizations, the Environmental Working Group (EWG)—a leader in up-to-the-minute research on toxins and chemicals present in our personal and home products. EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database allows you to search products to ensure their safety. I also love Leaping Bunny and the Think Dirty app as alternative resources to find the safest products.

And while I try to keep everything as high-quality and organic as possible, I’ll be honest—I’m still searching for healthy options to products I just can’t quite find an alternative for! So I’d love to hear your suggestions, tips, favorite brands, and go-to products below in the comments.

And now, without further ado, if you dig around in my makeup bag, here’s what you’ll find!


I’m pretty fussy about eyeshadow. Texture is super important. There’s nothing worse than chalky shizzle that gets caught in my wisdom cracks (shall we say). Beautycounter and RMS beauty are solid brands I can always trust. But I also am a big fan of Urban Decay…, a girl’s gotta shimmer from time to time.

Gorgeous makeup and beauty sunshine coast


Nothing perks up my peepers than a nice black liner. I usually prefer pencil because it’s easy to glide on and I don’t have to worry about getting a little too dark. So I’ve shared two options, and I’ve also included a gel (which is applied with a brush) for those with a steady pair of hands.

A little dab of this on my cheeks and I feel like I got smooched (or pinched slightly hard) by cherubs. You can even use it on your lips. What I love about this blush is you can’t really overdo it.


A little bit goes a long way—that’s my mantra when it comes to bronzer. You don’t want to look like a Florida orange. This powder is so light, it adds just the perfect hint of color to make ya look sun-kissed.


This is my go-to concealer. I probably use this product the most out of everything listed here. It’s made to enhance skin, not just cover it up—hence the clever name!


Both of these options are wonderful. Mascara can be tricky because I always want it to look natural (not clumpy).


Honestly, I’m not a big powder gal—until I tried this stuff. It’s super fine and I use it on its own or with foundation. And it’s available at Target!

Gorgeous makeup and beauty

Blotting Papers

While I don’t use blotting papers every day, I do use these all the time on shoots. Rather than slathering on more powder, just blot off the shine. There are many brands out there, here’s one I’ve used from time to time.

Primer and Foundations

I’m a big fan of both the Honest Beauty primer and foundation. I’ll put a little primer on first, then follow it up with the foundation. The two go hand-in-hand with each other. I thought I would never stray from this combo, until I came across the Gressa foundation. On a recent photo shoot, the makeup artist used it on me—and it was so light and fabulous! It’s formulated with rosehip seed oil and is all botanical too.

Brow Filler

I’m obsessed with brows. True story: Back in college my girl friends used to call me Tweezer Bitch. Apparently, I was pretty good at taming and framing eyebrows. So good that gals lined up for free appointments with me and my tweezers. Today I love a good brow filler because it is a wonderful face framer. And they also can help to keep brows in their place. A two-fer!

Lipstick / gloss

Throwing on a little color on my lips is one of my favorite beauty tricks. I love these products—some are more glossy and others are in lipstick form. Depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll switch up which one of these I use.


My wonderful friend Leanne (who is also a fancy makeup artist) makes these delicious perfumes. I keep this one in my makeup bag so I always can have a quick scent refresher. Using her knowledge of plant medicine and ancient traditions, these perfumes are crafted with rare and magical seeds, flowers, and roots that have been used for centuries because of their majestical healing power.

And as many of you know, I’m also a huge fan of Annmarie Gianni skin care. Well, she also has some lovely aromatherapy blends that you may want to check out. They’re natural, organic and oh so beautiful!

Gorgeous makeup and beauty

Your turn: What are your favorite beauty products? Let me know in the comments below—I’m looking to you to share your suggestions, as my beauty lineup is an ever-evolving work in progress!

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