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I’,m so excited to share the final step in my easy Makeup Capsule with y’,all! These are my favorite products that I go back to time and time again from all different price points, and I’,ll show you some of my quick and easy techniques from my beauty routine! All in all, it takes me about 10 minutes to do the entire thing, and really…,.that’,s about 8 minutes too long somedays! At least that’,s what Baby tells me. He he. Anyway, I hope this is useful to you, and let me know what you think below! Makeup beauty blog.

(*Not a sponsored post, FYI. Just affiliate links to what I use and love!)

Remember that amazing highlighting powder from the first step [HERE]? Well, now it’,s doing double duty by helping highlight the cupid’,s bow on the lips! I just use what’,s leftover on the small end of my double-ended brush and tap a bit onto the tip top of my upper lip. Helps grab the light and add fullness to those smackers!

2 –, Create shadow and fullness by lining lips…,my trick!

Makeup and beauty blog bb cream

So I believe I learned this trick on, one of my very favorite beauty blogs, and, when I do this trick, I get so many messages hint hint hinting about lip fillers…, To answer this personal FAQ, nope! No fillers…,just this little trick! (I was made fun of SO MUCH about my big ol’, lips while I was growing up and am still a little self-concious when wearing bright lipstick…,funny how things stick with us from childhood, huh? I do love these smackers now as an adult, though!)

I use CoverGirl Perfect Blend Eye Liner (I know…,) in the color Mink, because it’,s just the best color I’,ve used to create sort of a shadow effect in just the right places around the lips. I line juuuuuuust outside the lip line at the base of my bottom lip (only in the center-see above), and then I’,ll add just a bit on the sides of my upper lip. NOTE: go easy at first till you get the hang of this trick, otherwise you could end up with a lady-stache shadow!

Next, BLEND!! I use the other side of the pencil to blend blend blend that sucker in, creating just a hint of a shadow. This shadow is basically contouring your lips to make them appear fuller, and then, when you add your color, you’,ve finished the visual illusion by highlighting with gloss or color!

Indian makeup beauty blog fb

If you guys follow along over on Instagram, you’,ll know I’,m completely obsessed with the NYX Butter Glosses of all shades. My very favorite one that I also used here is Creme Brulee, but they are all creamy, pinky/peachy/neutral, and I heart them big. Anyway, I just fill my lips with this buttery gloss, and I’,m all done with the lip routine! This would work with any color or style of lip product, however. Give it a try!

There you have it! My super quick and easy makeup routine and beauty capsule! What do you guys think?! AND…,would you like me to do a video to go along with these posts? Considering an Instagram Live video that I could save and then add here…,let me know your thoughts on doing tutorial videos below, and come check out more of my beauty inspo over on Pinterest, too!


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