Sarah c makeup and beauty. Victoria Beckham does her own makeup, 9Style

The latest video sees Mrs Beckham clad in a white monogrammed robe lying in bed with a silver foil face mask which Beckham assures us is her "starting point ". Makeup & beauty.

The mother-of-four then proceeds to make up her face using an array of her own luxurious products. VB uses a moisturising primer, skin perfecting cream and bronzer to show off her Kardashian-worthy contouring skills as she brushes the products on to her complexion.

Victoria Beckham shows off her DIY beauty skills in new tutorial. Image: ,Instagram/@victoriabeckham

"I’,m contouring down from the top to the bottom part of the cheekbone," Beckham says in the video.

To finish the look VB uses a shiny lip gloss to create her signature pout. ,

Element 2 beauty makeup

Beckham first showed her DIY beauty skills in a smoky eye shadow tutorial which she debuted over the weekend. ,

"Let me show you how to get red carpet ready eyes…, view the first of my Beauty Video Series through the link in my bio and shop the look! x VB #VBxEsteeLauder," posted Beckham.

VB took her signature smokey eye to the next level in her first beauty tutorial. Image: Instagram/@victoriabeckham

The designer creates a perfect dark smokey eye, a look that has become something of a red-carpet staple for Beckham, using an “,eyelash extension friendly mascara”,, eye shadow palette and eye ink.

Makeup beauty gifts

"The London eye is my go-to look”,, said Beckham.

Beckham turned her manicured hands to beauty last year with the launch of Victoria Beckham X Esté,e Lauder. The collection was first seen at her S/S &apos,17 show at New York Fashion Week in September last year, where she used her own beauty products to create polished and glowing beauty looks on the show&apos,s models.  ,

For her second beauty act, Mrs Beckham brought back 10 of her favourite products from the original line, such as cream and powder highlighters and smokey eye shadows, along with 18 new products, including a dewy-finish crè,me blush and a matte-nude lipstick called &apos,Victoria&apos,. ,

Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder second collection is now available. Image: Courtesy of Estee Lauder

D'va beauty makeup brushes

The Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder is available online and at David Jones.

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