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I’,m sure you’,ve seen this box all over social media but I wanted to share my opinion on the Fab Fit Fun Summer box. I have been getting a box for the last nine months and look forward to my box every season. There are so many subscription boxes out there but Fab Fit Fun is by far a favorite of mine. I love the fact that Fab Fit Fun delivers FULL sized products. I would much rather have a few full size products carefully selected and delivered every season than a bunch of tiny samples delivered monthly. Many of the items included in the subscription are actually worth more than you pay for your box. I was so excited when my summer box finally arrived and I want to share with you some of the products I received this season. Beauty style makeup.

My favorite item in my summer box is the Michael Stars Ruana. I just recently moved back to Marina Del Rey and spend most of my summer on the beach. This piece is perfect for the summer and can be styled so many ways. I will definitely be using this as a cover-up all summer long.

I also was really excited to find the cutest Bkr water bottle which just happened to be hot pink (LOVE!) I was in need of a new, chic water bottle. Its super durable, not too bulky and forces me to stay hydrated this summer.

The Avene Ultra-light Sunscreen is another favorite of mine. I wear sunscreen every day under my makeup and am super diligent about it when I am out in the sun all day. I love that this lotion is SPF 50 and lays nicely under makeup. The product doesn’,t look greasy yet is water resistant and perfect for the hot summers.

As many of you know, I live for delicate jewelry and the summer box has the cutest necklace by Kris Nations. The handcrafted bar necklace has an 18k gold overlay and each gemstone has its on meaning. My necklace featured moonstone which represents strength, inner peace and growth.

Boudoir beauty eye makeup kit

This box has a value of over $200 but retails for $49.99 AND if you are new subscriber you get $10 off your first box using the code ‘,SPARKLE10″,. Sign up before the summer box sells out!

As I’,ve mentioned in previous posts, I always alter my skincare/makeup when I travel to different places. Going from a very dry climate like Denver to the warm and humid beaches of Florida, I pack different skincare products than I use at home. When I attended Tortuga Music Festival in Fort Lauderdale this is what I packed. Click [&hellip,]

[Skin after two Laser Genesis treatments with Angel] Upon visiting Angel, one of the top aestheticians in Denver &, contributor on Denver’,s morning show, my skin was dry, dull, and felt lifeless. I just recently switched medication causing me to break out on my chin area. Between the small, lurking purple marks from past breakouts [&hellip,]

I wanted to let you guys in on my skincare routine for dry skin. I struggle with dull, dry skin here in Denver. My skin is naturally on the dryer side but here in Colorado it is seriously parched. Depending on where you live and what season of the year it is, our skin goes through [&hellip,]

Look beauty without makeup

Asking your closest friends to be part of your magical day can be a little overwhelming. With so many items to choose from, finding the right items and gifts can be quite the quest involving a lot of time and creativity. But don’t stress! I teamed up with my friend who happens to be an amazing [&hellip,]

The Holidays are my favorite time of year but I know too well how stressful it can be trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. I’,ve teamed up with my BFF Kelly Underhill (the queen of gift giving) to create the ultimate holiday gift guide. All of these items are [&hellip,]

Ever wonder how the Victorias Secret models get those killer, slim and toned bodies? I mean besides the fact that they have great genetics and are like 6 feet tall, they put in a ton of work and one work out they love is called Lagree Fitness Megaformer training. Mega former training is a full body workout [&hellip,]

Everyone is always asking me how I get my messy beach waves, so before I do a full video tutorial, I want to tell you about the tools and products I use. I curl my hair pretty much every day. Although I don’t wash it every day, my naturally curly, dry, processed hair still needs [&hellip,]

Huda beauty eye makeup remover

FINALLY my brow tutorial is here. I wanted to show you guys how I do my everyday brow but also how the pro’,s do it. I enlisted the help of my friend Suzie, founder of FLYBROW, to help me clean up my brows and achieve my everyday look. Find the exact products I used [&hellip,]

I wanted to share with you guys my favorite brow products. I truly cannot live without these. It’s probably not healthy relationship but we all have our shortcomings. Before I share a brow tutorial with you guys I wanted to give you time to pick up my favorite products. Anastasia Beverly Hills is the brow [&hellip,]

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