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Can you define your beauty style? Are you polished and professional? Fashion-forward? A bohemian at heart? A glamour queen? Beauty style makeup.

To help you even further, we show you how to match your beauty look to your wardrobe via our fav style mavens.

When asked, Elle Macpherson describes her style as ‘rock and roll meets boho chic’. The quintessential beach babe, Elle’s boho style perfectly complements her healthy outdoors lifestyle. Elle’s usual choice of accessories for day are multi strands of boho-inspired bracelets paired with a classic watch, and by night she dons statement earrings and cocktail rings. Her beauty reflects her emphasis on health and laid-back beauty via soft peachy-pink hues, shimmering lip gloss and sun-kissed bronzed highlights.

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It’s not surprising that entrepreneur, founder of consultancy of MM Luxe Consultancy Fashion and former President of retail giant Saks Fifth Avenue, Marigay McKee’s beauty look is polished and poised. With her signature honey locks, fabulous tanned legs and an enviable luxury wardrobe, McKee’s polished beauty matches her polished life and she balances soft pink cheeks and lips with a strong lined eye.

You would expect the Senior Vice President and Store Presentation Director at what is considered’s the world’s foremost luxury store, Bergdorf Goodman, to be daring and directional when it comes to fashion and beauty. Linda Fargo’s style is indeed daring and she cleverly weaves high-end directional pieces with statement-making accessories. Her daily beauty look is in perfect sync with her bold wardrobe – a sleek bob and bright red lipstick worn day and night.

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Regarded as a global style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker rarely puts a fashion foot wrong. Though SJP is creative and risk-taking with fashion, ever-present is her bohemian spirit. SJP rarely deviates from her beauty look of grey hues for eyes lined with black kohl-rimmed and pinky-nude lips and cheeks.

The ultimate glamazon, former supermodel Iman’s love of beauty resulted in her starting her own makeup line, Iman Cosmetics. Iman’s style is always glamourous as is her beauty look. Her flawless complexion is the perfect base for smoky eyes and shimmering café au lait lips.

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