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Kate, 35, has changed her beauty look since her 35th birthday in January Beauty makeup looks.

Swapped dark circles around her eyes for a subtle flick of liner above lashes

Has embraced dewy foundation and cream blusher instead of powder

Duchess has also toned down her brows for a softer look

Published: 08:01 BST, 10 February 2017 | Updated: 18:37 BST, 11 February 2017

She turned 35 on the 9th of January, an age when other women might be thinking of treatments and interventions to start holding back the years.

But the Duchess of Cambridge has found a way to look younger without resorting to the Botox needle, simply by toning down her make-up.

Since the beginning of 2017, around the time she entered her mid 30s, Kate has ditched the rings of black liner around her eyes in favour of a simple flick on the top lift, embraced dewy make-up and stepped away from the blusher brush.

And beauty experts say that Kate's more natural look has taken years off her face.

Copy Kate in a collared blouse by Gerard Darel

The Duchess of Cambridge does like to keep us on our toes here at Fashion Finder HQ.

The emerald suit she wore on an engagement in Norfolk last month is from her favourite high street store, Hobbs, and when styled with black court heels, it',s classic Kate. But we couldn',t help noticing the pretty collar underneath her signature bouncy blow dry!

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Beauty makeup looks


Gerard Darel ',Dream', blouse at John Lewis (now reduced to £72.50)

French Connection tie neck shirt

Glamorous Petite Victoriana blouse at Topshop

R édition tie neck blouse at La Redoute (now reduced to £12)

Samantha Mercer, who runs make-up and hair company The Dollz, told FEMAIL that Kate has definitely embraced a 'softer and fresher look'.

'By changing a few things in her makeup routine she's managed to transform herself,' she said.

'Kate's now a mother-of-two two now and I don't expect she has much time to get ready everyday.

'When she's not being pampered by a make-up artist she needs something quick and easy to do herself and with her perfect skin she really doesn't need to be adding much coverage, just highlighting in the right places and a touch of pink blush.

'I'm sure everyone will agree that she looks fantastic and her new look is much more suited to her.'

Kate has always been known for her love of eyeliner, much to the chagrin of beauty editors who did not approve of her attachment to her Lancôme Artliner pen.

Even designer Vivienne Westwood criticised the Duchess, saying: 'The sharp line around her eyes make her look hard. Either she should be smudgy or wear none.

It seems that she's recently taken notice as she's stopped drawing heavy circles around her eyes, in favour of a subtle line above the upper lashes with an on trend flick.

Beautiful makeup looks

TV make-up and beauty presenter Niki McEwan told Femail: 'You can see her eye makeup has changed quite dramatically.

'As your skin matures you want your under eye area to look as clean, bright and fresh as possible. The more light you can allow under your eye the more refreshed, refined and youthful your under-eye area will look.

'Any dark eye makeup can translate to a heaviness around the eyes, give a look of dark circles and also at times accentuate signs of ageing. Eyeliner in particular can add years onto a perhaps youthful eye.

'It makes the eye look smaller and darker and of course this is what we want to avoid as we mature. This is where good correctors, concealers and highlighters can work wonders to brighten your under eye area.'

Kate caused a stir when she attended the 75th Anniversary of the Air Cadets in February last year sporting what was likened to a 'Scouse Brow' at the time.

Rachael Hall from Eyebrow Envy said: 'I think that while her brows look a shade lighter, it's the actual tone of them that makes the biggest difference.

'They've been warmed up and are much richer in colour and warmth. This gives an overall glow to her face, highlighting her beautiful eye colour and ties in perfectly with her warmer hair tone.

'Plus, they have been softened in shape which gives a much more natural and youthful appearance.


Make-up can be a saviour to so many of us but that doesn't mean it's a case of the more the merrier. Quite the opposite.

Top tips for a more youthful looking makeup look are to switch to a dewy foundation, perhaps even a tinted moisturiser.

Stay away from heavy, matte foundations as they tend to sit in any lines or wrinkles you may have.

Invest in a good highlighter, use this where the sun would naturally hit your face. The forehead, the centre of your nose, under your eyes, Cupid's bow and chin.

Move away from any heavy eye makeup under the eye, mascara on those bottom lashes is more than enough.

Beautiful makeup looks for brunettes

Lastly with your cheeks and lips don't go too heavy. Your cheeks should resemble a natural flush of the skin so a subtle pink is perfect.

Similarly with the lips, a lipstick and a gloss is more youthful than perhaps a dark, heavy matte colour.

'After studying the earlier pictures compared to more recent ones, her choice of foundation appears to have changed to a more dewy finish as opposed to a matte one,' says Niki.

'Immediately with this look you get a more youthful, fresh look to the skin.

'Any foundation with light reflecting particles can bring the illusion of luminosity to skin, whether it's there on your skin or not. '

In addition to being less heavy handed with her favourite pink hue, Kate appears to have swapped her powder blush for cream.

'Cream blush leaves a gorgeous dewy sheen on the skin to finish off the look,' Sam said.

'Kate is looking the best she's looked. We think she's maybe taken quite a few tips from her makeup artist.'

'Leaving skin looking radiant and moisturised is the key to creating younger looking skin. She is lucky to have a clear complexion so doesn't need to try too hard.

'We all know using too much powder can enhance any ageing areas so we would always only use powder where excess oil may come through.'

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