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Do you love fashion, style, and beauty? If your hobbies include shopping for the latest style, trying out new makeup looks, and following beauty Youtubers and Instagram stars, why not join them by making a career move to cosmetology? Beauty and makeup love.

Cosmetology Career Options

Having a passion for beauty and style gives you a professional edge over others entering beauty school. When you are driven and curious about the things you love, you will naturally enjoy working in the field and keeping up to date with trends.

Cosmetology is a flexible career that allows you to work in the beauty and fashion industries and do what you love all day. Some of the career options you’,ll have after graduating from beauty school include manicurist, makeup artist, hairstylist, salon stylist, esthetician, beauty magazine writer, business consultant in the beauty industry, fashion stylist, stylist for film and television, salon owner, and so much more.

You can even parlay your beauty experience into a job working as a personal stylist for a celebrity, or other influential person. If the business side of things interests you, you can open a franchise or work in PR and marketing.

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Cosmetology Training

Skin, hair, makeup, and nail care are covered in a comprehensive cosmetology program. Even if you go in to beauty school knowing you want to open a nail salon, you’,ll spend time learning about these other subjects in a well-rounded education.

In classroom and practice seminars, you will learn how to clean, care for, and style hair. You’,ll also receive a chemistry education, since hair coloring products are all chemicals. Knowing the science behind the products will help you explain things to clients clearly. Similarly, with skin care, you’,ll explore different types of facials, and different ways to remove body hair, including the science behind things.

You will have plenty of time to practice hairstyles, hair cuts, and makeup looks, as part of your education.

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Before you can start work in the beauty field, you’,ll need to sit for the state boards to obtain your license. Once you have your license, you can start working. Many states’, licenses are transferrable, so you can take your career with you!

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