Love makeup and beauty by louise. My Favorite Youtubers (Beauty and Makeup) and Why You Will Love Them Too!

My Favorite Youtubers (Beauty and Makeup) and Why You Will Love Them Too!

You know there is a whole lot of blame on Youtube in my life to get me to buy expensive makeup and not let me look like a homeless person. Okay! not blame but I always liked being low maintenance. All this information for fashion and beauty makes me want to get ready for like a “,red carpet”, event every time I go out. Not very convenient I must say. When my friends look at me now they can’t believe what they see…,. well in a good way! Beauty and makeup love.

After I got married and came to Dubai I realised there was more to life than just computers and freelancing. I was a hot mess! I didn’t know what to do with my hair actually I still don’t, my dressing was a bit presentable at this point since I knew just jeans and a t-shirt won’t do anymore. Makeup you ask?? HA HA HA.

This is when I s being confused about my whole existence and turned to watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. This was almost 6 and a half years ago. I used to pick out a dress that I want to wear at an event a week before and started looking for makeup tutorials that will go with that dress.I started watching Youtube videos, makeup tutorials, skincare regimen one after the other like an OCD person. I have watched multiple Youtubers and makeup gurus. Stuck to a few for years and left few because all they did was sponsored video. Currently I am obsessing over these Beauty Youtubers and I will tell you why!

Ingrid Nilsen

Published her first video in November 2009 she is one of the most famous and influential beauty gurus on Youtube. She started almost 7 years ago with beauty and makeup tutorials and still going strong. I like that she is very humble and have a good sense of humor since I always appreciate a little laugh here and there. You shouldn’,t feel like being in a class when learning how to do your makeup. Basically she keeps it real!✅ Check out her channel here.

Love and beauty makeup

Kathleen Lights

She published her first video on February 2013, so she is fairly new compared to the followers she has now. I completely and absolutely LOVE her. I’m obsessed with her videos to the extent that I like them before it even begins. She has a very unique style and feel to her. Again a very good sense of humour (clearly I like funny people) and knows what she is talking about. She have had multiple collaborations with ColourPop cosmetics. Recommended!✅ Check out her Youtube channel here.

Estée Lalonde

If you like a more calm and zen feel videos then Estée is your cup of tea. Her videos are very calming and soothing, her voice makes me want to meditate. She does mostly beauty videos with a few fashion and lifestyle advices…, it’,s like her channel is one good therapy. Her first video got published on April 2011 and since then she has come a long way. She also came up with a book “, Bloom ”, recently. Check out her Youtube channel here.

Teni Panosian

I’,ve been following Teni’,s channel for quite sometime and recently she has upped her game with video editing. Her video editing is like a Project Runway photoshoot. She started making Youtube videos from 2012 and is a former actress. Her makeup and outfits are always on point. Check out her channel here if you like sultry and dramatic makeup looks.

Love and beauty makeup sponge

Huda Beauty

Huda Kattan, I just love and adore. She is one of the biggest reasons I started blogging. She also started off as a full-time blogger years ago and after her career as a blogger took off she started making Youtube videos in around 2012. Huda Beauty, her brand has made a name in Sephora for being one of the best sellers for False Eye lashes, Liquid lipsticks and her recently launched HudaBeauty Rose Gold Palette. One of the reasons I follow her religiously is because she lives in Dubai so her beauty and makeup recommendations are something I can also purchase since many products are not easily available here in stores. Check out her Youtube channel here.

Let me know your favorite Youtubers in the comments below and why you like watching them? Have a blessed day! xoxo

Disclaimer: All of the pictures used of Youtubers belong to their rightful owners.

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