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For a long time I kept thinking to write such an article, but I knew that I needed a lot of time time for that…, I knew I what I knew, since I was working on this article for 6 hours: details, web pages for the exact names of the products and so on. While I was editing the images I was thinking about a quote: Cheap makeup and beauty products.

I found the quote on the internet long time ago and I consider it to be very true: girls wear makeup to make other girls jealous, not to impress men. That’,s the point.

As for me, I am conservative. I’,m every seller’,s dream client. I do not buy a single product, but about 3-5 to be sure that I have “,supplies”,. If I find a product that I like from all points of view, I’,ll buy a few pieces more and I’,ll add them to the “,reserve”,. “,The Reserve”, does not end, but is always completed my basic products. Stricto-sensu, as law students say, the “,backup”, currently contains 2 Rimmel London Scandaleyes mascaras, 5 no-name EyeLiners and 3 Sephona Color Lip Last no.04. These 3 products are everything I need regardless of situation, and I am faithful to them for 4 years, 4 years and 2 years respectively. Since I decided to be conservative in terms of cosmetics?? That’,s since I knew myself, because ever since deciding that I did not makeup at all. I was very young when I heard on TV a woman being asked “,What makeup item would you take with you on an island if you could take only one?”, She didn’,t knew what to answer. Nor did I.. not because I couldn’,t decide, but because I did not wear makeup until the 9th grade. My colleagues from the general school were wearing makeup and their skin was not quite perfect. But mine was and I say this with pride. It is an important aspect because, like all the girls, I also had (until 6th grade) my problems and my complexes. I was complexed because of my height, because I was the shortest from my friends, of my hair, because it was curly and it wasn’,t shiny and of skin, because it was dark. Until one day, when I simply opened my eyes and saw really short women and realized that if they are beautiful, I am beautiful too and there is nothing actually wrong with my height, My aunt told me that curly hair should not meet the comb everyday and should not be cought in a tail, but washed and combed while still in shower…, and my skin was also nice because I realized I was tanning instantly while other girls were struggling for weeks and I also didn’,t had spots. I realized that I was beautiful in my way and since that moment I said every day that I am the most beautiful woman in the world, I motivated myself daily and I decided to keep what I had. That’,s the thought of an old lady, right? The biggest influence was my mother. My mother, who at 40 years old of that time, was praised by everyone for her young image. The secret? She used cosmetics rarely. All these together helped me to be wise. If all 12 yo girls were wearing maekup I was not. At school I was not wearing makeup, thinking that I would do in in college. Easy to say? It was as simple to put this in practice and I am proud of my decision I took 10 years ago and tell these words from my mind to any beautiful girl who might fall into temptation of excesses.

That was also the time I found the answer to the question from the TV: mascara. Wherever I am, whenever I am, I choose one cosmetic product: mascara. It is sufficient to me and it emphasizes my forte-point, my eyes and adds contrast in the right place.

My collection of cosmetics is not large, but is sufficient. I use only one type of mascara, one type of eyeliner, one soap, one foundation for important days or for the bad ones…, and a lot of lipsticks and nailpolishes. Why? For several reasons related to the simplicity and pride, including the fact that I do not like people to be rich unless they deserve it. So I buy the same products over and over.

Lato-sensu, today I present you the most important and less important beauty products I like, all being cost-effective. I got my whims, that’,s right, but it is not their place in this article.

Farmasi Happy Face Powder. It covers the skin perfectly and it is a super “,drug”, also! I say this because when a bad day appears the powder re-makes the skin beautiful in 24 hours. And you know what?? It costs just 2 euros.

Yves Rocher foundation Zero Default. My only foundation. It also covers the skin very well. I didn’,t tried other foundations and I don’,t want to.

e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Cream. Applied under the foundation it adds “,that something”, to any night makeup.

Cleaning gels from Skinology and Yves Rocher. The first was a gift and do not know where to buy more! True, I’,ve used it only 5 times in the last year, but is a perfect refreshing gel, having a cooling effect. The Yves one is only a backup.

Annnd…,.. DOVE! It is the only permanent cosmetic product that touches my face and my body. I don’,t use cleansers, instead I wash my face with DOVE twice each evening. The DOVE Solid Soap is for me a soap, a cleanser, a cream and a perfume.

I. Face –, Care &, Makeup

Farmasi Happy Face Pudra Powder

Farmasi Happy Face Powder Pudra

Yves Rocher Foundation Zero Defaults / Fond de ten Zero Defecte

e.l.f. ELF Shimmering Facial Whip / Crema Iluminatoare –, Golden Peach

Skinology Tea Tree Face Scrub –, Gel exfoliant pentru curatarea fetei

Yves Rocher Pure Calmille gommage douceur –, Gel Gomaj cu extract de musetel si bambus

Makeup and beauty products reviews

My body cream is also DOVE. Dove is everything!

L’,Oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Night Elixir for my frizzy and dry curly hair. I got it as a gift and it is very good, although is leaves a quite greasy sensation I could say. I apply it only on the ends or the entire hair 2-3 times a year, when I straight it.

Cien shampoo. Yes, that shampoo which costs about 1,5 euros and you’,ll find it in any Lidl store. I originally bought it just because I ran out of shampoo and it smell good but today I can’,t break up with i. I use it for two years already. It cleans absolutely perfect and it’,s very fresh. It replaced my whole range of shampoos from Pantene to Yves Rocher.

Nina Ricci perfume Le Tentation de Nina. I received this as a gift from Stephen. The fragrance brings out my childish side, which is very, very deeply buried inside myself. So that completes any outfit.

DOVE Purely Pampering Body Cream

LOREAL ELVIVE Re-Nutrition –, Night Elixir Leave-In

Lidl Cien Everyday Shampoo / Sampon zilnic

Nina Ricci Le Tentation de Nina perfume

OPI Shine for me and Romantically Involved. I wanted to have fake nails like all the girls had. With tips and the whole arsenal. And I had. AT 13 YEARS OLD! What a mistake! When the gel was gone, my nails were like thiny foils. That was the moment when I realized that my nails were always incredibly thick, but I did not know how to appreciate that fact. Starting from then I took great care of my 1mm thick nails*proudly saying this*. Why I say it again proudly? Because I worked for this! I was and I am drinking 1-2 glasses of milk a day and thanks to this habit, my nails are scratching walls and I’,m not kidding and my nose is intact and miraculously survived a frontal impact with a pumpkin. Oh Daiana! So yes! As the nail polishes and the lipsticks do not endanger my health and my beauty, at least the’,re not that harmful, they are my go-go in the colorful world of cosmetics.

Lip balm from Herbosophy and Yves Rocher. Both have the same price: 2 euros, although the Herbosophy maintains itself better in heat.

elf. eyeshadow primer. I do not know if this is the best, but I use it sometimes and the fact is that I wasn’,t disappointed…,

Gold powder eyeshadow from Yves Rocher. For me his is like a strong pigment. This hue completes my Naked 3 Palette.

Nameless eyeliner. It costs 1.5 euro. 1.5! I buy it from a store around the corner as they say. It is a chinese thing but I swear it is better than ANY eyeliner on the market!

Mascara Rimmel London Scandaleyes Classic

ADA pencil. I do not know if we talk about the eye or lip pencils…, I have all the colors of this pencil and it costs between 0.20 euros to 0.5 per piece and I use them as eyeshadow or as a lip pencil etc.

Urban Decay Naked 3 eyeshadow palette. We turned 1 year together and I can say it is a was very possessive kit! Since I have it only the air goes under the plastic covers of the other eye makeup palettes. It has the most beautiful rose-nude shades and it matches any type of makeup. So since last year this was my only eyeshadow palette.

Cheap makeup and beauty products online

III. Makeup &, Nails

OPI Romantically Involved RED Fifty Shades of Grey Collection

OPI Shine for Me –, Fifty Shades of Grey Collection

Lip Balm (Balsam de buze –, Strugurel) HERBOSOPHY &, Yves Rocher Karite

e.l.f. Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer Sheer / Primer pentru fardul de ochi

Yves Rocher Couleurs Nature eyeshadow GOLD

Rimmel London Mascara Scandaleyes Original

ADA eye crayon –, creion de ochi

ADA Eye-Crayon / Creion de Ochi

Urban Decay Naked 3 Rose Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked 3 Rose Eyeshadow Palette

I love lipsticks and lip products! When I use them I feel like I’,m painting. I know I don’,t put my beauty in danger so I use them whenever I leave the house…, and yet, when I get home, the first thing I do is to erase my lipstick from the lips with a napkin. I don’,t even take off my shoes, until I don’,t erase my lipstick. On the other hand, I am very aware of brands. A very small percentage of all lipsticks from the market is truly represented by the quality ones…,

The Pale, Nudes, Pinks and Reds Hues: MAC Cherry Blossom, MAC Creme Cup, Sephora no.04 Brown is Back, Sephora no.06 Blooming Rose, elf EX-tra Michael, Sephora no.22 Burgundy Spirit, MAC Fresh Moroccan, Sephora no.19 Pure Red, Sephora no.12 Royal Raspberry,

The Colorful Hues: MAC Heroine,

The Dark Hues: Sephora Bewitch me, MAC Cyber.

a). Nudes, Pinks and Reds

MAC Lipglass Cherry Blossom –, Enchanted Eve Collection

E.L.F. elf EX-tra Gloss Michael swatch

Cheap makeup and beauty products

MAC Enchanted Eve Creme Cup Sephora Color Lip Last no.04 Brown is back!

Sephora Color Lip last no.04, no.06, no.12, no.19, no.22

Focus on: Sephora Colo Lip Last no.12 Royal Raspberry semi-matte

MAC Lipstick Fresh Moroccan

Focus on: Sephora Colo Lip Last no.19 Pure Red matte

Focus on: Sephora Colo Lip Last no.22 Burgundy Spirit

Focus on: Sephora Colo Lip Last no.06 Blooming Rose

b). Colorful

MAC Heroine Violet matte

c). Darks

Sephora Bewitch me no. 24 &, MAC Listick Cyber

Sephora Bewitch me no. 24 &, MAC Listick Cyber


Left to Right SWATCHES: MAC Cherry Blossom, MAC Creme Cup, Sephora no.04 Brown is Back, Sephora no.06 Blooming Rose, elf EX-tra Michael, Sephora no.22 Burgundy Spirit, MAC Fresh Moroccan, Sephora no.19 Pure Red, Sephora no.12 Royal Raspberry, MAC Heroine, Sephora Bewitch me, MAC Cyber. Swatches

Hope you liked this…, complex personal-beauty post,

With Love,

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