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Summer’s the best for all sorts of reasons. Eating your weight in barbeque food, letting it all hang out on the beach, burning your shoulders ’til they peel like a lizard - but one thing that summer’s not so great for is your makeup game. Beauty of makeup.

When the temperature rises your favourite products can let you down, and what starts out as a flawless face of makeup can look like a drippy, greasy mess by lunchtime.

Yep, that ol' Halloween looks suddenly becomes a lot more real.

But this summer you can stop worrying about your beauty routine and focus on getting that perfect Instagram photo on the inflatable flamingo instead.

We’ve got 13 verging-on-genius beauty hacks that you need to learn ASAP, to help you avoid the melty makeup looking and stay summer ready in the sunshine.

1. Protect Your Polish In The Fridge

Turqoise talons and neon nails are a summer essential, but don't make the mistake of leaving your favourite varnishes in the sun.

Nail polish left in the heat can form bubbles and even separate the coloured part from the nourishing oils, which will drive you crazy when you're aiming for a neat manicure.

To avoid your polishes turning thick and gloopy, store your faves in the fridge to make sure they stay smooth and don't separate into a gross looking mess.

2. Switch your winter staples to summer staples.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation, £5.70

You wouldn't step out in July wearing a duvet coat, fleecey undercrackers and a wooly hat, so it totally makes sense that you'd mix up your beauty wardrobe for summer too.

Shelve your full coverage foundation in favour of light weight versions, trade your matte lipstick for a sheer tint and swap your smokey eye for shimmery shades.

These will all still boost your babein' natural beauty, but are way more wearable and lighter for when the sun's out.

3. Keep an eye out for the key words.

Realised that you might need to invest in a couple of essential summer-ready bits and bobs? Make sure you raid the shelves for products that contain the right ingredients.

When on the hunt for products that won't slip off your face, opt for formulas that are oil-free and silicone-based. The silicone will act as a barrier between your skin and the humidity, so it won't just slide straight off your face.

Beauty makeup online

Avoid oil-based products, and keep an eye out for the all important, magical key words like 'sweatproof', 'waterproof', 'long-lasting' and 'fixing'.

4. Make your own refresher spray.

You've probably seen those 'water sprays' that loads of beauty brands flog these days, and we don't blame you if you give a giant eye roll in their direction. Surely we're all just being mugged off by pricey water in a spray can?

Potentially - but having a refresher spray on hot days is not only super cooling, but will also help to perk your makeup up and blend your products together more seamlessly.

Don't trust the ones in shops? Make your own bargain, high quality version by mixing green tea, rose water, aloe vera gel, distilled water, tea tree oil and lavender oil in a spray bottle. Et voila, fancy pants.

5. Don't skip on the primer.

Too Faced Hangover Primer, £27.00

It might seem like a faff - especially if you take a minimal approach to makeup application - but adding in one teeny tiny extra step and applying some primer before your base products is SO WORTH IT, we can't even put it into words.

Not only does it lay the foundations for a flawless finish with your foundation, but it'll make your makeup last a lot longer in the heat and keep everything in the right place.

As a bonus, this one from Too Faced is infused with hydrating coconut oil to give you a dewy fresh-faced look for lazy summer days.

6. Powder between your lipstick layers.

Hey, we know everyone says that summer's all about the au naturale vibes, but sometimes you just want to whack on a bright red, a bold pink or a vampy dark shade for a night out on hols.

The trick to stop it melting off your face? Two words - blot and powder. Apply a layer of your favourite lippie, blot your lips lightly with a tissue and apply a barely-there layer of translucent powder before going in for another layer.

Finish up by lining your lips on the outside with a small amount of concealer for neatness, and you're good to go.

7. Lip and cheek stains are your BFF.

Benefit Tints, £25.50 each

When the temperature is soaring, pesky powder products are the first thing on your face to disappear and can get cakey when layered up.

Allure best of beauty 2013 makeup

Rather than relying on your fave bronzers, blushers and lip products, try stain formulas instead.

They give a super cute natural finish to leave you beach ready, and their minimal effort, long-lasting, buildable style won't budge throughout the day.

8. Invest in a good setting spray.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, £23.50

If you're going to treat yourself to one shiny, brand new product for the summer months, make it a good setting spray because these bad boys will change your makeup game forever.

A lightweight spray like Urban Decay's cult fave will ensure that every single element of your beauty look stays put without melting, fading, sliding or settling into any fine lines.

They're also super handy to keep in your bag for a refresh when things get a liiiittle bit too sweaty.

9. Be clever with your SPF.

Yes, you need to be including SPF in your skincare and makeup routine - even if you're stuck in not-so-sunny Britain 'til September.

It doesn't have to be an annoying extra step though. Instead, get clever about things by opting for an SPF primer to fight anti aging while keeping your makeup on fleek.

There's loads of ways to make it work with your routine. Rocking a combination moisturiser/SPF cuts out any extra layers, use an oil-free SPF as a primer all by itself, or try a mineral powder formula SPF to finish off your look.

10. Blotting paper is an oily girl's BFF.

Mai Couture Blush Paper, £14.45

We all want the glowy look, but a sunny day can turn your perfected JLo vibes into a human disco ball which isn't quite as cute.

When you start to notice that your skin is turning into the world's most reflective surface, make sure that you've got a handy emergency supply of blotting papers in your bag to eliminate excess luminosity without disturbing your makeup.

As well as the standard transparent type, you can also now get 'paper makeup' - blotting papers which top up your foundation, bronzer, blush and highlight while you blot. GENIUS.

Beauty makeup essentials

11. Chuck a cooling stick in your bag.

Milk Makeup Cooling Water Stick, $24.00

When it comes to genius beauty inventions, it doesn't get much more Holy Grail level than the humble cooling stick, which can take your face from sweat central to totally chilled in a matter of seconds.

Milk Makeup are a fairly new brand but have already become a guru fave thanks to their awesome Cooling Water Stick, aka your new BFF for hot holidays.

The ultra-refreshing vegan formula is infused with rich marine minerals, soothing seawater and energizing caffeine to take down the temparature and leave you with hydrated, revitalized skin.

12. Do a Mary Berry and get your bake on.

Popularised by drag queens, baking your base makeup will vanish fine lines, texture and pores visible on your skin to give you a totally flawless finish.

But as well as that, it'll also ensure that your entire face DOES. NOT. BUDGE.

It's not exactly a lightweight, summer ready finish, but if you're serious about fighting the melting makeup curse, this is the technique to master.

13. Dunk your face.

You might have seen this Korean hack floating around the internet recently, but it basically involves applying your makeup and then dunking your entire face into cold water to 'seal' it.

Sounds kinda crazy, but it does actually work - even Bella Hadid apparently swears by it.

It'll leave you with a matte finish and is really quite a soggy start to the day but hey, if it's good enough for Bella then it's good enough for us.

Now that you're sorted for the summer, how about a catch up with Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen to talk all things Love Island?

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