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Korea… the land of exquisitely-packaged cosmetics and skincare products. For any makeup enthusiast, going to Korea is likened to embarking on a pilgrimage to a sacred beauty heaven. After all, while we love our Laneige BB Cushions and Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum - both of which are available in Singapore - there is nothing quite like browsing the busy streets of Myeongdong for yourself. Makeup and beauty products.

If you are new to K-Beauty, fret not - we have done the legwork for you.

Get ready to be dazzled by the brands that have yet to make their way to our little island!

New to the premium Korean beauty brand's lineup of products is the Black Cushion. According to Jason Lee, Hera's Chief Makeup Artist, Korean ladies now prefer a semi-matte complexion, as opposed to the popular dewy look they have been sporting in recent years. The Black Cushion, a makeup cushion foundation, will help achieve that easily. Lightweight in texture, the finish is natural with a medium coverage.

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Tip: After you are done with your skincare routine, apply a thin layer of Hera's Magic Starter (a lightweight primer) before patting on the Black Cushion in circular motions on your face. This will help your makeup stay fresh and flawless all day long.

The 3CE lipstick range offers a wide variety of eye-popping colours that particularly complement Asian skin tones (Stylenanda is an Asian brand after all). It’s wildly popular amongst bloggers and makeup enthusiasts, who have praised the lipsticks for their long-lasting quality. I especially love its pink shades, which are subtle enough for daily wear. The 3CE lipsticks are available in Singapore, but they’re significantly cheaper in Korea and you will be able to purchase limited edition versions that are not available elsewhere. Few stores in Singapore carry these lipsticks, and the popular colours are often sold out, so grab them while you are in Korea!

Aritaum is a multi-label retailer all over Korea carrying brands like IOPE and Laneige, but it also offers its own in-house range of products. Its Mono Eyes eyeshadow pots are an absolute steal because they cost about $5 to $6, and the stores sometimes even offer a 1-for-1 discount for eyeshadows! There are so many pretty colours to choose from that you’ll be simply spoilt for a choice and I’m quite sure you will spend at least 10 minutes choosing your colours. I would recommend Grace Boom (#117), an orange-pink blend for a vibrant, day-time look and Red Flame (#43), a glittery purple shade that is great for a girls’ night out in town.

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The Cheek-Chok blusher range comes in multiple shades, so you can definitely choose one that matches your skin tone. I especially love the shade CR02 (pictured above) because it is close to nude and makes my blush look au-naturel. It even has added moisturising properties for your skin! Those who are used to their blushers in powder form might find this a little hard to get used to, but it’s totally worth it. Its creamy texture makes applying it really easy, and even easier than a powder blush.

#6 Too Cool For School’s Oil Control Primer

I have really oily skin, so it is important to use a primer before applying foundation or makeup or else my face will look super greasy. But it is so difficult to find a primer does the job well without breaking the bank. Enter the oil primer for Too Cool For School. It is relatively affordable and super effective. My skin looked clean and oil-free immediately after applying the primer! It has a fluid, smooth texture so it doesn’t feel like your skin is being clogged up. A great buy to help keep the grease at bay.

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This is the Korean brand’s ultimate bestseller, and plenty of tourists flock to their stores just to purchase this product. Well, it is not hard to see why. The egg mousse pack is actually a 5-minute mask that you apply on your face after you’ve washed it with a cleanser. It’s deeply moisturising and enhances your complexion to make it more radiant – all in just 5 minutes. Not everyone has the time to sit down in a corner with a face mask for half an hour, but that doesn’t mean they should have to make do with a poor complexion!

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