Pop flower shop beauty makeup set 39 pc. Kim Kardashian Makeup Line: Contour Kit Price Launch Date, Glamour UK

When Kim Kardashian-West announced she would be launching her own beauty brand - we immediately knew we'd want to buy everything. First though... the Crème Contour and Highlight Kit. Beauty makeup set.

It looks sexy AF, doesn't it?

The Contour and Highlight Kit comes in four shades and is priced at $48. These will be released on Wednesday so mark your diaries.

Someone with the skills of Carol Vorderman has figured out that when all 300,000 kits retailing for $48 are gone, Kim will have made $14.4 million within a matter of minutes.

Wow. We've still got another week and a half until payday, can you lend us a fiver please Kim?

If you follow Kim on Snapchat she revealed she's worked "really hard" on her debut makeup line and has admitted to getting a lot of advice from her 19-year-old half-sister Kylie Jenner.

Urban beauty makeup set

And now Kim's getting us very excited about her concealer launch: "When we get to my concealers, I'll have anti-aging formulas...I've always had dark undereye circles from being [half] Armenian. These are the things I feel like I've really perfected."

So what else are we predicting from Kim 's beauty empire? Let's face it, her makeup always looks picture perfect - largely thanks to a glam squad consisting of Mario Dedivanovic (aka Makeup By Mario), Joyce Bonelli, and Rob Scheppy.

These are our predictions:


Kim's foundation is incredible. She once told Into The Gloss: "I love Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and Joe Blasco Ultrabase Foundation — it’s a really old school, heavy foundation. My dad got me makeup classes for Christmas when I was like 14 at some Joe Blasco makeup school, and I’ve worn that foundation ever since."

Kim's a fan of Anastasia's Brow Wiz, but will we see an eyebrow product in her new line?

Beauty Blenders

Will they be adorned with Kim's faces, in a similar fashion to Kimojis? Kim loves a beauty blender and these would be super cost effective to sell.

4pc pro beauty blender makeup sponge set

Eyeshadow Palette

Kim's shadow palette of choice is "Golden Goddess" by makeup artist/BFF Charlotte Tilbury. Will their friendship be rocked when Kim launches one of her own?

A killer eyeliner

Those feline eyes aren't going to line themselves.

False lashes

We can so imagine a set of fluttery Kim lashes in uber cool packaging.

Buffer brushes

No dressing table will be complete without these.

A lip kit?

Avid fans of Kim will know that isn't the first time she's tried to crack the beauty industry, she has her perfume, the Khroma Beauty line she launched with Khloe and Kourtney, and the Kardashian Beauty hair collection. Earlier this year she collaborated with Kylie Jenner on four shades of nude liquid lipstick which sold out in minutes.

Ulta beauty makeup set

Scroll down to see more of Kim's beauty journey...

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