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The Parlor Beauty Squad was backstage at NYFW for the Fall/Winter 2016/2017 season creating makeup looks for the runway. Our makeup artists brought back tips, tricks, and upcoming trends to share with our followers! Beauty parlor eyes makeup.

This season, the look backstage was all about skin! The focus was on a bright, clean and fresh complexion. All models were prepped with Aveda skincare, because great makeup starts with a great canvas! After cleansing and moisturizing, our artists applied Inner Lights Concealer and Tinted Moisturizer in blends to create custom satin finishes.

PRO TIP: A little goes a long way! You don’,t need a lot of product to get great coverage! Apply skin makeup in light layers and build coverage from there. The makeup will stay on the skin longer and settle in more naturally, avoiding the “,cake-face”, look.

Runway looks this season varied from subtle pinks and browns to vivid and bold blues and violets. The key is working with your natural eye shape to add intensity that compliments your bone structure.

Mahrose beauty parlour eye makeup

PRO TIP: Apply deeper eye shades in the crease of your eye and lighter shades closer to the lash line. This creates a defined contour which can help open up and brighten your eyes.

“,Your lips, but better”, is a phrase you may have heard before. Pouts were soft and subdued, allowing fresh skin and eye color to take center stage. Go for shades that compliment your natural lip color. Here are some of our favorites!

PRO TIP: Apply neutral shades at the center of the lip, diffusing outward toward the edges. For a pop of shine and volume, apply a gloss to the center of your pout!

Rose beauty parlour eyes makeup

Product + Technique = Results!

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