Beauty tips of eye makeup. Does Eye Makeup Cause Vision Problems? Important Eye Care Tips, Uptown Eyes

We all know to wear protective eyewear whenever we’re outdoors since a great pair of sunglasses can go a long way to protecting our valuable vision. But did you know, NOT wearing a pair of decent shades outside has been linked to a number of different eye issues and conditions, such as cataracts or the early development of AMD (age-related macular degeneration), usually associated with much older folks. Along with sunglasses, you need to make sure your cosmetic practices are in check with maintaining your healthy eye care. Beauty tips for eye makeup.

The Big Three Eye care and Makeup Tips

When applying makeup, there are some minimal risks involved that could lead to major problems when it comes to our eyesight. Here are three things to keep in mind when applying these cosmetic products:

Injury: There’s always a small risk of scratching the cornea when applying mascara or eyeliner. There could be times when small particles from eye makeup can come into contact with the eyeball and continue to scratch the surface of the cornea when blinking.

Beauty tips for eye makeup

Illness: Bacteria can build up on eye makeup, especially in the dark recesses of a mascara tube or products left open on a bathroom counter. It’s recommended that makeup products be replaced every three months if they haven’t been used completely to reduce these types of occurrences.

Allergies: People are often susceptible from allergies with certain types of cosmetics whose ingredients can be sensitive to some people, rather than others. If you have a reaction to a product, replace it immediately and compare ingredients when shopping.

Beauty tips for applying eye makeup

When it comes to allergies and illnesses, sometimes people who wear contacts are at a higher risk since the lenses can trap bacteria or irritants against the eye itself. Be sure to thoroughly clean your contacts before applying makeup and try your best to avoid any particles of makeup that could come into contact with your lenses. And don’t sleep in your contact lenses. Your eyes need a break overnight and sleeping in your contact lenses increases your risk for eye infections.

For more information about your valuable vision, check out this infographic, “Eye Of The Beholder: Eye Care, Cosmetics and Beauty Tips.” There’s no reason you can’t look your best and protect your eyesight at the same time.

Beauty tips of eye makeup

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