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Whether you wear neutral makeup every day or are a bit more daring, the tools that you use to apply your makeup can be just as important as any artist’s tools are to how it turns out. However, on a college budget it can seem ridiculous to go to high end makeup stores like MAC, Inglot or Sephora and spend upwards of $30 for just one brush. Yet, at the same time, there is the fear that the cheaper brushes will have horrible quality and still not be worth the money spent. There are, however, some brushes out there that are just as high quality as some of the top name brands that won’t drain your wallet dry. Beauty tips makeup.

Don’t be afraid to buy your makeup brushes from the drug store. There a couple of very brands that are both affordable and good quality. Eco tools is a particularly good brand that can be found in most Walgreens and Walmart stores and similar brands can be found at CVS (actual eco tools brand brushes can be found at Brushes from this brand can be bought individually and in small sets. They are not only affordable, with the most expensive of the sets being just about $15, but they are environmentally friendly as well.

If you’re more of an online shopper you may want to look at coastal and for your makeup brushes. Coastal scents brushes can be bought in sets of various sizes that can cost anything from $10 to $40 or individually with brushes costing as low as $2 or $3. If the price is still a little high, this website frequently has great sales in which the discount prices of many of the more expensive brushes are made even more affordable. If you sign up for an account on the website the company will send out email notifications of when these sales are going on. E.L.F (eyes lips and face) cosmetics is a mostly online company that is known for its low prices. The brushes found on their website ( range from five dollars to thirty dollars for sets and individual brushes sell for between one to eight dollars. Some of the brushes they sell are even vegan friendly. You can also find E.L.F brushes (and other products) at most Target stores. If you search elf cosmetics at it will show you what is available in stores and what is out of stock.

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Another inexpensive alternative to spending money on high end makeup brushes is to make a trip to your local craft store and pick up some artist’s/ painter’s brushes. Many paint brushes are really exactly the same as any of the most high end cosmetic brushes and serve the same purpose but without the hefty price tag. On there are lots of videos that compare craft store brushes to cosmetic brushes from companies like M.A.C. A particularly helpful video can be found on the EnKoreMakeup channel which shows craft store lookalikes for every M.A.C brush and compares the prices.

Once you’ve got your quality, affordable brushes, you do still have to take a little care of them in order for them to have a long life and maintain their quality. The best way to do this is by cleaning them regularly. This not only gets rid of germs and old makeup that can clog your pores but can also revitalize the bristles of your brushes and keep them soft. However, just like the brushes themselves the products used to clean them can be a pain in your pocketbook. Some more affordable brush cleaners are the Studio Daily Brush cleaner and Brush Shampoo from E.L.F that sells for 3 dollars a bottle (both can be found online and sometimes in stores), Brush Purifier from Coastal Scents that sells for just under five dollars, and Essence of Beauty Brush Cleaner that can be found at most CVS stores (and at for about five dollars as well. However, there is an even simpler and more affordable brush cleaner is probably sitting in your bathroom right now. The shampoo that you use to keep your hair squeaky clean can also do the same for your makeup brushes. Just a little drop can clean even the biggest powder brush. You can also use liquid hand soaps, like Dial. These get the same effects as products made specifically for cleaning cosmetic brushes but you don’t have to go out and buy anything new!

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Another tip to keep in mind when shopping for makeup brushes, especially if you’re concerned about having enough space to store them, is to look into buying travel size brushes. The advantages to doing this are that these are usually cheaper than full size brushes and often come in sets. They don’t take up nearly as much room in your makeup bag and are easier to care for and maintain than full size brushes because of their small size.

Overall the main thing to keep in mind for the budget friendly beauty lover when it comes to makeup brushes is that functionality should be the main concern when shopping for them. If a paint brush from the craft store can do the same job and just as well as a $30 brush from a high end makeup seller then there is no need to spend that extra money.

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