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A world-renowned makeup artist has revealed her top beauty tips for this year Makeup beauty tips.

Attracta Courtney has founded her own Attracta Beauty Awards in the UK

She recommends the No Makeup Makeup Look and always wearing sunscreen

Published: 17:36 BST, 4 July 2017 | Updated: 17:46 BST, 4 July 2017

In her 20-year career, she's tended to the faces of stars including Pippa Middleton, Cara Delevingne, Heidi Klum and Jerry Hall.

Renowned makeup artist Attracta Courtney, from Kingston upon Thames, has so much experience under her belt that she has now founded her very own Attracta Beauty Awards, which are the only makeup beauty artist awards in the UK.

Having announced the winners of the 2017 awards at a prestigious awards ceremony at London's Lanesborough Hotel, Courtney has now revealed which 12 are her favourite - and divulged some top beauty tips.

Attracta, a leading industry expert, rigorously tests products on herself and then on location in studios and worldwide locations.

She claims to know which products really work to not only make us look better but feel better also.

Speaking about the brands that have won this year, and the new discoveries she has made, Attracta told Femail: 'I feel the "No Makeup Makeup look" is now more popular than ever as people want to reveal their natural healthy glow - wearing less foundation and covering only where it is needed.

'Zelens Youth Glow and Oxygenetix are two of my favourite ‘doctor’ brand foundations to use on set for that barely there 'natural makeup' look.'

The makeup artist recommends always wearing an SPF cream if you want to have 'beautiful, fresh, healthy skin' and says: 'My favourite new discovery is Dr Barbara Strum Sun Drops SPF 50 - the cream is super light, non-greasy and gives maximum protection and all you need are three little drops.'

Makeup tips beautiful eyes

Asked what is big for 2017, Attracta says: 'Elegant hues of burnished copper, warm golden metallics or gold leaf textures are huge this summer for eyes.

'The Rosie for Autograph cream eyeshadow pens are perfect to effortlessly apply these beautiful colours all over the eyelids for that smouldering relaxed festival vibe, or they can be just applied to the inner corner of the eye to add a magical golden sparkle.'

Her essential top tip when buying mascara is to test if the mascara wand is long and firm and the brush has lots of long bristles to capture all your lashes.

If you're seeking voluminous lashes then ensure you apply the darkest black and really nudge the wand into the lash roots to exaggerate the volume.

Speaking about this year’s awards, Attracta added: 'This year is even more special as it is the first time I have celebrated the Attracta Beauty Awards with an awards ceremony.

'To gather all these amazing people from the world of beauty in one place and recognise people and brands who are taking beauty to that next level is really humbling and what my awards are all about.'

Attracta's 12 'Hero Winner products

1. Best Cleanser - Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse

Attracta says of this 'This winner is a great example of a high street brand joining with a skincare expert, it’s the first time a product has come out focusing on the importance of double-cleansing your skin, which is key to ensuring you have got glowing and fresh skin so when you apply your night moisturiser, it is going on clean skin and doing the work it should.'

2. Best Day Moisturiser - bareMinerals Smart Combination Smoothing Lightweight Emulsion

Attracta said: 'Mineral skincare is brilliant for skin. This moisturiser glides on easily, effortlessly and leaves a beautiful glow on the face. It’s the perfect prep for make-up application which would suit most skin types and ages. In the age of the selfie, everyone loves to have this kind of glow. Particularly in this era of natural-looking 'no make-up make-up’.'

3. Best Facial Serum - Vanderohe

Beauty tips makeup and hair

'What really got me about this product is it’s a serum oil, but it goes onto the skin and absorbs immediately, it doesn’t leave the skin greasy. The creator of this brand worked in the city and left her job to travel the world, searching for the best youth-enhancing ingredients from their original sources and came up with this brilliant product which I love. You only need three drops, you can use it in the morning and the evening and it’s a wonderful healthy tonic to treat and prep your skin for moisturiser and make-up.'

4. Best Suncare Cream - Dr STURM

'I discovered this German doctor after working with a leading German supermodel on a Vogue shoot. I couldn’t stop complimenting her on her beautiful skin, and this was brand was her secret. I contacted Dr Barbara Sturm directly, we met in London and she introduced me to her skincare range which is now in Harrods. This product works wonders.'

5. Best Hand Cream - Gallinee

'From the moment I was sent a sample of this hand cream two years ago I have never failed to carry it with me. It’s a one-application wonder, which always goes missing from my make-up kit because the models love it. It’s an innovative skincare range with a complex of pre-biotics, probiotics and lactic acid. It works in harmony with the natural bacterial eco-system of skin, so it never loses its natural PH level.'

6. Best Vitality Supplement - Lumity

'I love the story of this brand, it was created by a Cambridge University graduate who now, in her early 40s, is devoted to creating the best health and beauty supplement available. This high quality nutrient supplements the body inside and out.'

7. Best NEW British Makeup brand - Rosie for Autograph

'Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s supermodel status shines through this brand. She exudes health and beauty in that very relaxed and wonderful non-made-up way which is very ‘English rose’. All of the products within this range really spoke to me because they are user friendly, but so professional they could have come straight from my own make-up cream eye shadow pencils are excellent and extremely effective.'

8. Best Powder Eyeshadow - DOLCE &, GABBANA The Eyeshadow Smooth Eye Colour Quad Femme Fatale 100

'The pigment delivery is exquisite.'

Eye makeup beauty tips

9. Best Blusher - Daniel Sandler

'The first liquid blusher which gives a unique freshness and believability to a natural flush blush on the skin.

10. Best Makeup Brushes - Tina Earnshaw

'I can’t stress how important great brushes are. Tina Earnshaw has travelled the globe as a make-up artist on major Hollywood movies and created her range to give the perfect application and blend.'

11. Best Concealer - XIP PEARL BREEZE Concealer

'This is a brand new British brand, it’s creamy and gives luminous coverage for any blemishes.'

12. Best Eyelash Extensions Expert - Moka &, Sarah

'When you are working with eyelashes you have to be so gentle, so they are not pulled out or traumatised. For the gentleness of touch, a bespoke service and thoughtfulness of application, you are in the best hands with Moka &, Sarah. Their professionalism and experience shines through.'

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