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Jodi Anasta is known for her flawless hair and makeup looks — no red carpet appearance goes by without her eye makeup on point, her hair coifed to perfection and her brows on fleek. It's no surprise that her makeup right-hand-man Max May is often close by — he's the regular go-to for Aussie celebs like Lara Worthington, Jessica Gomes and Jesinta Campbell. Beauty and makeup tips.

But not just used to the professional touch, Jodi has some sage beauty advice of her own. The former model- and actress-turned-entrepreneur (have you seen her ridiculously cute range for Mon Purse?) is a beauty guru in her own right. We got an exclusive chat with Jodi before she appears on Architects of Beauty 's Behind the Blush panel for Highpoint.

Read on for her ultimate beauty tips and tricks, then watch the exclusive video as Jodi talks us through how she likes to wear colour.

POPSUGAR Australia: We all know great makeup starts with a good canvass and you have such amazing skin. What does your routine look like?

PS: What's the best beauty tip you’ve learnt from your go-to makeup artist?

JA: Taking the best care of your face! Having the right skincare routine and having regular treatments to continually improve the condition of your skin.

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PS: What's the best tip you’ve learnt from your hairstylist?

JA: That purple conditioner is my best friend and when in doubt apply a little bit of dry shampoo!

PS: With such a busy social schedule, how long does it usually take for you to get ready for an event?

JA: Anywhere from 10 minutes to two hours, I seem to always take as long as I have!

PS: What's your favourite part of the makeup process?

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JA: Lashes, lashes, lashes! I love lashes for an instant lift.

PS: Being one yourself, what's your top beauty tip for busy mums?

JA: Taking care of your skin makes getting ready so much quicker. Also if in doubt (or tired!), a brightly coloured lip always helps!

PS: How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

JA: Having a gorgeous brekky with my friends and Aleeia [her daughter], then lunch and the aquarium with my family. It will be a full, but wonderful day with all my loved ones.

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PS: You've already had a big year, but what’s next for you?

JA: Neighbours, Myer, Mon Purse... and my secret project I'm working away on! I'd also love to squeeze in a little holiday with Aleeia. There's lots to keep me busy!

WATCH: Jodi talk through her top tips for wearing colour.

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