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I wear glasses almost all the time and by now I have mastered the art of looking graceful even with my glasses on. A few months backs whenever there was an office party or function I used to avoid wearing glasses as I did not want to look dumb. But nowadays there are so many options of the different type of glasses to pick from and geek look is so trendy. Here are the makeup tips for girls with glasses to make you look hot and sexy. Makeup and beauty tips.

Avoid putting too much makeup on your eyes: Most of us love smoky eyes look including me as it looks super-hot. But if you wear glasses going all black with smoky look will look unnatural like a mask. So I would suggest rather than going all black try colored smoky eyes look as it would look way much better behind the frames.

Go bold with your lips: Can’t do much on eyes but can flaunt bold and sexy look with bright and dark lipsticks. This is the plus point of wearing glasses that you can wear bold lipsticks like red, pink and still look sexy. I just love bold red lipstick from MAC Lipstick Satin.

Try bigger frames if you love eye makeup: Bigger frames are better suited if you want to flaunt your eye makeup. Go for a frame that looks good on your face and goes with your face cut. I am using thin plastic frame by MJ Boutique’,s and they are just perfect for spotting a chick look.

Gel Liner works best: I always use gel eyeliner as it goes really well with glasses. It makes your eyes look bigger and beautiful in glasses. Gel liners are very easy to apply and they stay long. The one I am using currently is Bobby Brown Long Wear Eyeliner, it is so awesome and the best part is it stays all day long.

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Colored frames are great for makeup: You cannot go wrong with colored frames as they look perfect with your makeup. Red frame with red lipstick a match made in heaven.

Concealer tips: If you are having dark circles wearing glasses make them pop up. To complete your look and to hide those dark circles use a good concealer, my favorite is MAC Studio Finish. Make sure to blend the concealer well using a beauty blender or a brush MAC Studio Finish. Make sure to blend the concealer well using a beauty blender or a brush.

A big no to the liquid foundation: I used to apply liquid foundation and it used to left patches all over my face. It is a big no for girls who wear glasses. Switch to a powdery foundation as they work great with glasses. Use a brush when applying powder foundation and apply it in a circular motion.

Your brows are the center of attraction: Don’t forget your brows, they might not be that much visible with some frames but with the right frame your eyebrows can make a great impact on your overall look. Always get your brows done well and in a shape. You can try brow powder or pencil also to make them look more attractive and thick. I would recommend Kelly Baker Brows Powder, it looks so sexy.

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Cat eye liner: Cat eye liner look just perfect with glasses on. It makes your eyes look bigger and attractive. It is the best choice for the girls who wear glasses.

Go crazy with your lashes: Who said you can’t have fun with your lashes while your glasses on? Go flirt with your lashes by curling them up using an eyelash curler. Make sure you use thick eyeliner if you are spotting thick frame and vice versa.

Now go out and flaunt your glasses with pride.

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