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It’s officially wedding season! From bride to guest, we’ve got it covered here with our expert wedding makeup tips. Beauty makeup tips.

Whatever your role, we’ve got the lowdown on wedding makeup etiquette, 2013 style. Recommended make-up tips by Max Factor make-up artist, Caroline Barnes.

1. What makeup style is best?

Bride: Natural beauty is always the best bet. Think yourself, only better, starting with flawless skin - the most important element to any bridal make-up. Go for softly defined eyes that will set off your wedding dress and stand out in photos. Keep lips and cheeks neutral and glowy.

Bridesmaids: The cool thing bridesmaids are doing now is coordinating their make-up to the theme of the wedding – without going OTT. So, for example, go for coral pink lip and nails to match a pastel colour palette. And, as most bridesmaid dresses tend to be strapless, don’t forget to match the skin on your body to your face.’

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Mother of the bride: Rule number one is that you feel your best. So, go for a make-up that’s classic, and don’t forget waterproof mascara!

Guest: Think natural beauty. There’s nothing worse than looking over done in the daytime. Then, pack a punchier lipstick and liner in your bag so you can vamp things up for evening.

2. How can I ensure my bridal makeup stays put all day?

The key lies in application. So, use a primer underneath your foundation to make it last. Then, dust your t-zone with a loose translucent powder to give your foundation staying power. Finally, layer your blusher, applying a cream blusher first followed by subtle use of powder.

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3. What fragrance is appropriate?

Fresh &, floral always wins at weddings. Try a fresh and summery perfume that won’t over power the room or take away from the bride.

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