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Ivy Sims, is beautiful, talented make up artist from Los Angeles, CA. After meeting her through Twitter, I had to pick her brain regarding everything make up…,&, naturally, all of her beauty recs are on my “,to buy immediately”, list [ especially the Kabuki brush <,<, must.have.ASAP. ]. Makeup and beauty tips and tricks.

Unlike some make up artists, she gets that the fresh, less is more look is in &, the overly made up, thick globs of of shit on your face look, is out. I also love that she’,s a big promoter of taking good care of your skin! Anyway, Ivy’,s work is seriously flawless, just see for yourself:

I’,m such a girly girl! It started in junior high school with my make up/nail polish obsession. I would give my girlfriends manicures &, makeovers for dances, events, &, just for parent’,s friends began hiring me for make up for their events when I was in high school, but I never really thought it would be a career. I went to the Ohio State University to study art history but really in my free time, I was researching make up schools in Los Angeles..I left Ohio, attended the Studio Makeup Academy in Hollywood. Ever since then I’,ve been working on photo shoots, models, weddings, &, consultations!

“,If you look good you feel good!”, It’,s all about the confidence that make up can potentially give you. Using what you’,re comfortable with while enhancing your best features is the best tip ever.

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When there is no time to waste, one of my favorite tricks is to always apply the eye make up first. That way you can clean as you go.

Lose the carbs, fill up on protein &, veggies.

Since my schedule is so inconsistent, I hit the gym when I can. I’,ll also do yoga &,/or AB work from home.

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Since I’,m on the run all the time, with long hours on set I always carry my own snacks. Some include almonds, carrots, &, a piece of fruit. I’,m also super into juice bars- I’,m obsessed with orange/carrot/ginger juice.

I appreciate a delicious wine. If I’,m out on the town, a vodka soda with mint leaves + a lime wedge does the trick.

Skin care, skin care, skin care! A good moisturizer is everything, I love La Prairie Skin Caviar [ a splurge product ]. Find a moisturizer that works for you &, it will change your life.

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I’,ll be honest- I don’,t do a lot of natural remedies, LOL. There are so many amazing products! I have been experimenting with homemade face masks though…,I’,ll let you know how that turns out , ).

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