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Lily Collins is one of our ultimate beauty muses. She experiments with dramatic makeup, yet always looks sophisticated on the red carpet (plus she also takes an amazing makeup-free selfie ). So when the actress and author spoke to Lancôme to provide some insight into her daily makeup and skin care routines, as well as her attitude towards makeup since becoming an ambassador for the brand, we were paying close attention. Makeup beauty tips.

“Be open and free from shame. It’s so important to accept who we are, quirks included, and to live our lives without shame or regret. The sooner we do that, the sooner we can live life unfiltered and as honestly as possible.”

“Since becoming a Lancôme ambassadress, I have started playing with my makeup more. I have such a fun time switching up colours. Sometimes I wear less and when I want to make more of a statement, I dress up and take more risks. I definitely feel like what I choose to wear reflects my mood.”

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“I love a classic cat eye and a bold lip, usually a brown or red. I think it’s extremely sexy and playful. But I really love seeing what new looks makeup artists come up with. They always have such innovative ideas and I like to take risks and let them do their thing! I usually don’t even look in the mirror until they’re finished and I can see the entire look put together. ”

“ Living in LA I deal with direct sunshine a lot so it’s important for me to wear sunscreen everyday. There’s also a lot of pollution and my skin can dry out quickly so I also make sure to keep it extra hydrated.

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I drink plenty of water and exercise to give my skin a healthy g low. I also always make sure to clean my skin really well at night before going to bed and every morning to maintain the healthy integrity of my skin. Hydrating my skin with cream and eating well are also essential. ”

“ Although I love playing with my look on special occasions, I don’t tend to wear a full-face of makeup in my day-to-day life and prefer staying natural. I love Lancôme Blanc Expert Cushion’s super lightweight formula, because it blends into your skin in such a natural way, you feel like you're wearing no makeup at all."

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