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Your matric dance might only be a one-night affair, but there are many beauty decisions that go into the evening. Makeup and beauty tips.

You’ve got to decide on the hairstyle, what makeup you’ll be wearing and the manicure that will decorate your nails.

Take a picture of the back of your dress to the hairdresser so that your stylist can help you decide what style would look best.

Try out a classic ballerina bun that will never go out of style.

Put in your bobby pins with the rough side down so they don’t slip out of your do.

Wear a button-up shirt to your hair appointment so that you don’t mess up your hairstyle when you go to change.

Turn to YouTube for easy hair tutorials you can do yourself. It’ll save you some money.

Use a flexible hairspray on your curls so they don’t look crunchy and dry.

Makeup tips beauty basics

Braid your hair with a braid paste or work in a light styling serum so that your braid stays put and is more flexible during the braiding process.

Take the hair accessory of your choice to the hairdresser so that your stylist can help place it. They’ll know where to put it and how to secure it so it doesn’t fall out during the night.

Apply lip liner to lessen the chance of your lipstick smearing onto your skin during the night. Further protect your lipstick by applying a primer or setting it with foundation before lining and filling in with pigment.

Pick red lipstick shades with blue undertones so your pearly whites pop in pictures.

Try a spray deodorant that applies dry and clear to avoid getting marks on your dress.

Keep a perfume roller ball in your clutch for a quick and discrete perfume touch-up during the night.

Quickly absorb oils on your face with easy-to-pack blotting pads.

Indian makeup and beauty tips

For a healthy glow before the big night, book yourself a spraytanning session or invest in a self-tanner. Exfoliate before applying self-tanner so your complexion doesn’t get streaky.

Get extra sleep, reduce stress, and make sure to practise exercise habits to reduce the redness in your face.

Match your nail colour to your lip colour for a not-so-obvious beauty look coordination.

Keep your makeup in place with a setting spray.

Go for liquid eyeliner as opposed to a pencil to lessen the chance of smudging.

Be wary how much shimmer and glitter you’re using in your look. Shimmer and glitter pick up light, especially in photos, causing the skin to look overly shiny.

Keep hand lotion nearby or in your handbag and practise regularly moisturising so that your hands are ready to show off that new manicure on the night.

Beauty tips eye makeup

Pick a gel manicure instead of a regular polish to ensure no chipping.

Don’t forget to use a base coat before using the colour you chose. This will give a pop to your colour and will help your polish last longer.

Stick to two layers of the nail lacquer colour you desire so your nails fully dry.

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