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Who would you love to give a makeover to? Makeup and beauty tips.

What are your tips for adding structure and definition?

Adding definition with contour along the temples and cheekbones can make a big difference, but it’,s important to remember that less is more. You still want to see the face, and not the makeup! Highlighters can make features stand out and make the skin look extra radiant. You can also add subtle dimension and warmth with a bit of bronzer.

There are a number of ways to make small eyes look a bit bigger. One of my favorite techniques is to extend eyeshadow outward from the corner of the eye, blending it well. Doing this can really make eyes look bigger than they really are!

What about faking fuller lips?

For lips, it’,s even easier. Simply overdraw the natural lip with your lip liner – doing this just slightly makes a big difference!

What’s your favorite beauty trend at the moment?

I see lots of people starting to experiment with more color, which is great. Colorful liners like the Marc Jacobs Beauty ‘Highliner Gel Eye Crayon’ are definitely starting to have a moment.

What’s the biggest makeup mistake you see women make?

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I see women wearing too much foundation, all the time. It’,s best to use only a little, and then use more coverage only in the areas you need it. The skin should look like skin!

I think beauty will steer away from the heavy look that’,s been so popular in the last few years. We’,ll see more skin for sure.

What’s one makeup trend you wish would be banished from the beauty world?

Heavily stenciled brows and over-the-top contour!

For people with problem skin and pimples, acne, or scarring, what’s the best way to cover up blemishes without caking on the makeup?

Just because you have problem skin doesn’,t necessarily mean you need full coverage all over your face. You can use a little foundation and then go back and conceal problem areas after, making sure to blend into the surrounding skin for a seamless finish. This way you’,re getting the same effect, but with less product.

I love a tonal look. Doing eyes and lips in the same color family is such a simple way to achieve a striking makeup.

Right now, bright colors on the eyes is the big thing, but it can be quite overwhelming to know which shades to go for. What’s your advice for going bright?

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For someone who might be intimidated by color, they can still experiment by choosing shades that are a bit lighter. Trying a shimmery orange, like the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner in ‘,Orange Crush’,, will be less dramatic than a deep teal. Ease into it if you’,re not used to wearing color.

Are there any color rules when it comes to complementing your hair or eye color?

You can almost always use your own coloring to determine what colors might look best on you. For example, someone with red hair can easily wear orange, rusty, or warm-brown tones. If you think about eye color, a safe way to pick colors is to choose something in the same family as your eye color. Or, you can really make them stand out by choosing something complementary, like purple if you have green eyes. As far as colors someone shouldn’,t wear, I really think it comes down to personal taste.

The cat-eye flick is still the bane of many women’s lives. What’s a simple way to get a flawless flick every time?

Follow the angle of your natural eye shape when you draw the flick out, and don’,t make it too long. Remember, you can always correct it with a Q-tip!

Big brows are clearly here to stay. What are your top tips and product picks for getting beautiful, bold brows?

Try not to tweeze so much, and let them grow to start. Then you can cheat by filling them in with short, hair-like strokes using an eyebrow pencil. Brushing them up with brow gel can also make a dramatic difference, making them look fuller and polished.

Gorgeous, glowing skin is still so in. What are your top tips for getting a flawless face?

Top 10 beauty and makeup tips

As I said before, skincare makes the biggest difference. If you consistently take care of your skin, it will look right every time.

What’s your top tip for women in the Middle East who have to deal with heat and humidity?

Make sure you are choosing long-wearing formulas, like the Marc Jacobs ‘,Re(Marc)able Foundation’,. It’,s made for that sort of environment. The ‘,Highliner Gel Crayons’, are also amazing – they’,re practically bulletproof once they set.

Finding the right foundation is a daunting task. What’s your advice for finding the right formula and shade?

Pick a few shades, and test them in a few areas on your face, like the forehead, cheek, and even the side of your neck. It’,s such a simple step, but I think people forget to do it. Also remember that your color might change with the seasons.

It’,s not so much a trick as it is a technique, and it’s something I think everyone can do – and that’s to add just a little at a time. If you keep the layers very light and sheer, the effect always comes out soft and diffused, which is always flattering.

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