Beauty tips for applying eye makeup. Katie Holmes Makeup And Beauty Tips: Get Her Luminous Skin, Sparkly Eye Makeup And Top Knot, Sarah What

Let’,s be honest, Katie Holmes went through a beauty and fashion rough patch after her very public divorce from Tom Cruise. Beauty tips for eye makeup.

Having lost her confidence and ‘,funk’,, she resorted to wearing frumpy clothes that hid her feminine curves and opted for safe makeup that made her look older beyond her years.

It’,s so nice to see that she has now decided to try some fun, young and fresh beauty looks.

Her red carpet fashion game has improved, too.

I have a sneaking suspicious that she either has a new man in her life that has put some sexy pep in her step, or perhaps she just fired her old stylist and makeup artist for some younger girls who are a little more style savvy.

If you’,re in a hair and makeup rut, I’,ve opened up Katie 2.0’,s makeup bag for a look that will have you glowing just as beautifully.

Beauty tips of eye makeup

What I love most about this luminous skin, grey sparkly eyeshadow and top knot combination is that it can be worn to pretty much any event or occasion.

Katie Holmes Skin

Katie once had tired, dull and blemished skin (Sorry gal, it’,s true!), but that’,s what men can do to you. Looking much happier and with a luminous sun-kissed complexion, Suri’,s mum definitely looks much younger.

She must have switched a heavier cakey-foundation for a light-weight liquid coverage. To get her skin, I suggest buffing in L’,oreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation, $24.95. It has a seamless finish leaving your skin looking natural and healthy.

To add some light reflecting particles and a healthy rouge to the cheeks without looking like you’,ve just rubbed on a handful of raspberries, I’,m loving Bobbi Brown’,s Bronze Shimmer Brick. Simply swipe a small amount of this powder around your hairline and cheeks for a radiant finish, $72.

Katie Holmes Sparkly Grey Eyeshadow

Making Katie Holmes green eyes pop, the actress has started wearing a shimmery grey eyeshadow that’,s both sophisticated and youthful. To get the look I suggest buying a multi-purpose palette like Maybelline’,s Eye Studio Hyper Diamonds in Hyper Charcoal, $18.95. Swipe the light grey shadow around the circumference of your eye socket (both upper and lower eyelashes). With a smaller brush, take some of the darker grey glittery shadow (on the left hand side of the palette) and concentrate it on the outer lash line to create gorgeous almond eyes.

Beauty tips eye makeup

Katie’,s almost smudged-out look is created by lining both her tightline and waterline with a dark glittery eyeliner. I love Stila’,s Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Amethyst, $26. It has a gorgeous sparkle and because of its waxy consistency, it applies really easily without tugging at your delicate skin.

Katie Holmes Thick Eyelashes

When I took a closer look at Katie Holme’,s eyelashes above, I had to question whether they were naturally thick or if they were assisted with some falsies. Upon proper inspection I realised that her MUA had applied false eyelash accents –, fakies which sit on the outer edges of your eyelashes to make your real lashes look longer and thicker. I use Ardell’,s Fashion Lashes Accents, $9.99, all the time and love them.

Katie Holmes Natural Lips

Skipping the bold lip, Katie has opted for natural lips with a shiny gloss added to make her lips look larger. I suggest using Transformulas Lip Plumper, $38.99, as the clear gloss. It will allow your natural lip hue to remain the same while the active ingredients plump your smoochers up.

Katie Holmes Shiny Top Knot

Scraping her hair into a relaxed twirled top knot has given Katie a young but chic look. I suggest spritzing your hair all over with Fudge’,s Head Shine, $19.95. This spray contains UV protection to shield your strands from the sun while light-reflecting pigments and silicone give a glossy finish to the hair.

Simply brush your hair into a high ponytail on the top of your crown and tie with an elastic that matches your hair colour. Then, with the length of your ponytail, keep twisting until it buckles and starts to form a twirled donut shape like Katie’,s. Secure with another elastic and bobby pins if need be. Allow for ‘,baby hair’, around your hairline to frame your face naturally.

Beauty tips of eye makeup

What do you think of Katie’,s new and improved look? Will you be recreating this chic makeup and hair combo?

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