Beauty makeup tips in hindi. Beauty Makeup Tips for Diwali 2015

Preparations apart, you cannot miss yourself this Diwali looking gorgeous and beautiful. Diwali is an ethnic festival and it’s explicable to get an ethnic getup with Diwali traditional dress and makeup. Diwali 2015 makeup should be a glorious and never-to-be-missed one. Beauty and makeup tips.

In this blog I have discussed Diwali 2015 beauty and makeup tips that will make you glow as bright as Diwali lights and diyas.

Diwali Eye Makeup:

I prefer smoky eyes with Indian ethnic wears on Diwali. Here are simple tips for smoky eyes.

Apply a moisturizer base on the eyes followed by a regular eye primer.

Keep the eyes closed till it gets dried.

Now, apply the dark shades thinner inside and thicker outside the upper eyelids and thicker on the outer corner and thinner towards the inner corner of the lower eyelids.

Intensify the eyelids with dark and then medium shades with upward strokes. The same can be done for lower eyelids as well.

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Brow line should be prominent. Apply the lighter shades and then blend it with the medium shades.

Now, apply an eye-liner (I usually prefer pencil or pen eyeliner – Maybelline Ink Pen Eyeliner- for perfect finishing). Else, you can also use gel eyeliner for long lasting and smudge-free effect.

Lastly, apply the mascara and let it dry without blinking the lashes.

Do not forget to curl the lashes. It reflects the most amazing appearance of eyes.

Wear gray or green contact lenses if you want to. I love Aishwarya’s eyes’ color and so, I always wear green lenses during festivals.

Diwali Face Makeup:

Very important and most reflecting part. Your face tells the entire story.

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Wear the makeup according to your personality and do not create fake “hot chic” persona by painting up your face.

Get your Diwali facials and cleans-ups done prior to 5 days.

Start the makeup with moisturizing the skin and applying makeup prime. Leave the face for 10 minutes after moisturizing.

Apply the foundation all over the face covering the neck. Do not apply white-toned foundation if you have a wheatish complexion. I generally prefer using Lakme as its friendly to my skin. You can use others best suitable to your skin-type.

Lighten the skin-tone by applying face powder with sponge. Face powder brush may not do well.

Use the brush to shade down the bulging area of face – generally the cheeks. Hide the extra bulging with the dark shades to be applied with either hands or brush. Draw a thin line in outward direction and then smudge it with brush with downward strokes.

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Apply the lipstick harmonizing the costume – Use lip-gloss if the shades are maroon or pink otherwise, matt lipsticks are trendy.

Do not forget to apply the shimmer all round the face and neck.

For Hands and Feet –

Get the manicure and pedicure done positively. It will remove the old unhealthy and filthy skin and bring up new glowing skin. Body polishing is a must-do chore if you are planning to wear cut-sleeves or short-sleeves dresses.

I hope Diwali 2015 will capture elegant photos with dazzling you and your family, friends. In case you need an advice on how to get dressed up for Diwali etc. please comment in the box or send us the email. Get more Diwali Beauty Tips for 2015 with us.

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