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Proper makeup is vital for women who participate in beauty pageants. (Image: girl makeup image by gajatz from ) Beauty makeup tips.

Beauty pageants are filled with glitz and glamour. There are pageants for all ages, from infant to elderly. And not just for girls--there are pageants for boys as well. One of the most important factors to pay attention to when competing in beauty pageants is hair and makeup. Your appearance is the first thing the judges will notice about you.

Hair is extremely important to the overall pageant look. Although short hair is OK, long hair is really more appropriate and desirable for a beauty pageant. If you are going to wear your hair straight, it's essential that it's not frizzy. Apply a leave-in conditioner while the hair is still damp, before any styling. To straighten the hair, use a round brush and a blow dryer first. Afterward, run a flat iron through the hair. A shine serum is a must.

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Concealer can create truly magical results. Even if you don't wear a lot of makeup, concealer will help cover any scars, blemishes or under-eye circles that you may have. It's important that any concealer you choose is within one or two shades of your skin tone. When in doubt, choose the lighter color. Getting professionally matched at a cosmetics counter is the best way to find the most suitable concealer.


Women who compete in beauty pageants wear foundation makeup. It tends to be heavy as stage makeup often is. The foundation controls oils and smooths and evens out skin tones. This is another product that can be difficult to match by yourself. If you choose the wrong color, it will look awful onstage. Visit a cosmetics counter to find the correct one. Use makeup sponges to dab it on your face and smooth all over.

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