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OK. You know that thing where you’,re so close to something that it makes it hard to truly speak clearly about that happened on this episode. This one is about imaging (all of the pieces that make up an artist’,s public image, but it’,s also about image itself. We speak with a woman I love [&hellip,] Read more…, Beauty makeup tips.

Today, I’,m bringing you some red carpet inspo with the help of Tarryn Feldman: Nashville hair &, makeup artist, and founder of Nashville Glam. We decided to bring you two different red carpet looks, because I think there are two main ways to approach the red carpet from a style &, glam perspective: 1) Pretty! There are a lot of [&hellip,] Read more…,

Meet Terri Apanasewicz: Makeup artist, beauty whisperer, and frequent phycologist. Sometimes you think an interview is gonna go a certain way, and it just doesn’t. And that’s what I loved about this interview with Terri: a woman who has worked with some of the most famous faces in the world, and perhaps the most famous [&hellip,] Read more…,

Today I teamed up with the girl behind PrettyHairNashville, Emily Kempf–,who’,s also responsible for my own locks–,to demystify the “,3-in-1”, wand sets that are everywhere right now. Wands have been the go-to for simple curl styling for several years, but now it seems like everyone is coming out with these interchangeable sets (from T3 to Amika)–, and Paul [&hellip,] Read more…,

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Here’,s a secret most entertainers won’,t tell MAKEUP. It’,s a real thing y’,all. Below is a video tutorial where I will show you how to apply my favorite product for quick, polished STAGE LEGS. NO SQUATS REQUIRED!! Here are some ground rules that you must agree to before watching this video (b/c a) I don’t want [&hellip,] Read more…,

Hi LOVES! This is a look I do on stage a lot! It might seem intimidating, but with just a little bit of practice you can totally handle this modern winged liner look. It’,s great for a party or a date night, and like I said, I wear it on stage a lot because even though [&hellip,] Read more…,

Hey y’,all! I thought I’,d share my technique for an everyday loose curl…,which I wear almost every day. What I like about this style is that it looks pulled together, but it doesn’,t look like a “,style”, per se. I’,ve mentioned it before, but I hate a look that feels fussy or that makes me feel [&hellip,] Read more…,

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A dramatic lip look DOESN’,T have to be a huge hassle. In fact, I kind of love to see a really bold lip paired with a casual look. Of course a drop dead red lip is a classic match for a fierce night out, but in this video I’,m gonna pair it with a messy pony tail, minimal [&hellip,] Read more…,

As women, we’,re under a lot of scrutiny for our appearance.

In my career, I often feel like I’m under a microscope but I want to speak openly and honestly about it…, My goal in talking about beauty and sharing makeup tips and tricks is not to “,should”, anybody into feeling like they need to try them. It’,s mostly to demystify what often appears to be an unrealistic ideal of beauty, thinness, and marketability… Read more…,

Beauty tips celebrity makeup artists

Clockwise: Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick, Copper Mule Mugs, Indigo Lace Up Tunic, Joie Fringe Suede Booties, Christina Tosi’,s Milk Bar Life Cookbook. Read more…,

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