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Post Title: How to find the perfect red lipstick The beauty and makeup blog.

This makeup blog that caught my eye because the design of this blog looks very simple, but it provides different information about beauty, and each page expresses systematically. This blogger want to talk about the complex notion of beauty so women can have communication through this blog. This blog suggests various subjects which are related to beauty.

Post Title: Instant nose job! Nose contouring tutorial

I like this blog because the makeup artist ‘,Nikkie’, is the already famous person in the YouTube channel. Her makeup skill is very unusual, so I try to make up her way. She also shows various information about beauty and the design of this blog is systematically made well. This blog has no information on the make-up, you can get information about the makeup via her YouTube. I recommend to you that if you are interested in makeup or if you think that the makeup skills shortages, visit this blog and learn composition skill through makeup tutorials.

The beauty and makeup blog facebook

Post Title: Warm eye shadow: A how-to guide for the color shy

Michelle Phan is a well-known person in the cosmetic field. Also, curious thing about this blog is her blog is somewhat invisible felt a bit simpler than the other blogs. Because too many banner ads. But many have shared her beauty tips By YouTube, and we can also appreciate her makeup tutorial. Furthermore, You can purchase a variety of beauty products.

Post Title: Bright eyed makeup tutorial

The beauty and makeup blog

I like this blog because it is the most caught my attention. I felt fun and the title of the blog ‘,Mascara’, is most blog gives information to women who are interested in make-up, showing the way. Provide a picture of before and afters and makeup were able to know in greater detail how the make-up by presenting the video.

Post Title: 7 Must- have masks

This blog suggests shows Information that bring presenting information of various beauty magazines. We can see the trend by showing the make-up look of the information and the latest celebrity trends. The design of this blog is very simple, and the blogger share her SNS so we can see the diversity information.

Www.the beauty and makeup blog

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