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For those who are passionate about beauty, we know you’re taking full advantage of the online world and social media. You’re always on the hunt for the hottest new beauty blogger, the next gorgeous beauty Instagram account or the up and coming YouTube makeup channels. One minute it’s 7pm and you’re just doing a quick Google search for a DIY face mask recipe, the next minute it it’s 10pm (how did that happen?) and you’re in a deep beauty spiral –, you’ve followed 30 new beauty and fashion Instagram accounts, you’ve read Chloe Morello’s blog back to front and you actually forgot what you were initially searching for – DIY makeup remover or DIY face mask recipes? Who can remember when you started Googling 3 hours ago?! Makeup and beauty blogs.

Sound like you? We’ve all been there. I’ve been there. And you know what? I want to know it all. I want to know all the tips and tricks. I want to see all the stunning beauty Instagram accounts (I love a good flat-lay) and I could watch makeup tutorials for hours because applying makeup is art. So to feed your obsession, check out our top 5 Australian beauty bloggers and bookmark them right now!

One of the most successful beauty bloggers right now is Chloe Morello. She made her break on YouTube as a Vlogger where she shares her tips, hauls and general happenings of her life. Now she’s got a cool 70+ million channel views with over 1 million subscribers. Her popularity has skyrocketed and so has her public profile. She now travels the world and has partnered with a range of big brands Veet, Cotton On Body, Colgate, SmashBox Cosmetics, Sephora and more. Check out her channel here.

Image: Instagram, @chloemorello

The Oz Beauty Expert describes herself as a regular consumer and true beauty and health addict. She has worked as a hair and make-up artist in the Fashion and Film industry for over 10 years, and has presented make-up and hair advice on stage at London Fashion week, worked for prestigious fashion houses, various TV shows both in Australia and in the UK and on some amazing feature films including The Da Vinci Code. She was also appointed the personal beauty advisor to the Queen’s lady in waiting at Buckingham Palace…that’s ROYALTY people!

Best makeup beauty blogs

Image: Instagram, @ozbeautyblogger

Gritty Pretty is the brainchild of Australian multi-award winning beauty editor and style influencer, Eleanor Pendleton. Eleanor has held previous Beauty Editor positions at magazines including InStyle and FAMOUS. She also has written for the likes of Harper’s BAZAAR Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, body+soul and more! Gritty Pretty is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about beauty trends, techniques, products and innovations.

Image: Instagram, @gritty_pretty

Beauty from a man’,s perspective. Simon is the editor of The Skincare Obsessive and he’s busy creating beauty content for the beauty obsessed. Hailing from Melbourne, The Skincare Obsessive is all about, well… skincare! Top tips, tricks, product reviews, and more. Go on, get reading beauties!

Makeup beauty blog singapore

Image: Instagram, @theskincareobssesive

The Plastic Diaries run by respected Australian blogger Kimberly Nissen. Kimberly’s blog is no ordinary beauty blog. If you are looking for informative, trustworthy, detailed information and opinions …, you are in the right place. Going beyond your everyday beauty needs, Kimmy delves into social issues, reviews, how-tos and so much more.

Nicole Schaerer is Ivy College’s vibrant Social Media and Content Executive. A young gun with a curious mind, she has over 4 years’ experience in Marketing. Holding a degree in Social Science and a Diploma of Marketing, she is always looking to learn something new. Nicole has a passion for writing and producing great content while also obsessing over TV shows, celebrities and really cute photos of puppies on Instagram.

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