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The comedian known as “,Japan’,s Beyonce”, reveals embarrassing details we can all relate to in her debut video for Vogue. Makeup & beauty blog.

Naomi Watanabe is one of Japan’,s most popular female celebrities, first hitting the big-time back in 2008 when she burst onto TV screens with a series of energetic Beyoncé Knowles dance impersonations that led her to become known as “Japan’,s Beyoncé”.

Since then, the Japanese comedian has gone on to become a body-positive spokeswoman for plus-size women everywhere, playing gigs overseas, modelling for magazines and establishing her own plus-size label, PUNYUS . Now even fashion and lifestyle giant Vogue is sitting up and taking notice of the star, asking her to appear in one of their popular Vogue Beauty Series videos.

Unlike many of the famous faces who’,ve appeared in the Vogue video series, which includes celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham, Watanabe isn’,t afraid to poke fun at herself during the clip, applying makeup from less-than new containers and palettes, and pulling crazy faces in a down-to-earth makeup tutorial we can all relate to.

Take a look at the clip below.

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Watanabe’,s video is much more than just a “,Guide to Glitter Eyes and Bold Lips”,. In the clip, she shows us how she conceals the pimples around her chin…,

▼ And takes out several of her “,dirty”, makeup palettes for the world to see.

▼ She also comments on the amazing length of time that she’,s had her MAC blush for.

According to Watanabe, the American staff member from Vogue who was present during filming of the video couldn’,t understand any Japanese so she had no idea what was being said, but she was still laughing at Watanabe’,s jokes and gags despite the language barrier.

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▼ The comedian’,s fondness for pulling funny faces needs little translation.

After applying her makeup, Watanabe concludes the clip by pulling a few sexy poses, swinging her hair about and then shimmying out the door, off to make audiences laugh with her expressive facial expressions.

With her Vogue beauty video racking up close to a million views in just one week, it’,s clear that audiences around the world can’,t get enough of Japan’,s Beyoncé. Maybe there’,s a chance Hollywood will come calling next, hot on the heels of Watanabe’,s appearance in this spellbinding Ghostbusters promotional music video.

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