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Shall we talk about science? No? ok then lol, but we shall talk about salon science Beauty makeup blog.

I few months back I decided to join up for the Latest In Beauty box, a monthly box where you get to choose your own products. While prowling the products I came across salon science a spray for scalp relief. I had a read a decided to give it ago.

Hydrasoothe cooling spray.

:soothes and calms a distressed scalp

:Ultra-hydrating for instant moisture

:Protects against environmental stress.

I tend to use jojoba or moringa oil on my scalp as it really cleans the scalp of day to day oil, hairspray ect. But I don’,t always have the time, so I thought this may be a handy thing to try. 1st the smell, it is not a strong smell but I swear it is baby powder, it is so subtle and makes me feel like I have just thrown talc in my hair.

Like everything I try, I wanted to make sure my scalp was ready for it, so I didn’,t do my oil that week &, to be honest for a while I have had this awful itchy patch on my head, that no matter what I couldn’,t get rid of, so now was the perfect time.

I separated my hair so I could see my scalp and gave it a spray, it does slightly wet your hair, so after trying it a couple of times I found if you spray in sections and then use your 2 fingers and in circle movements give a little massage it tends to soak it up quicker.

It leaves a nice subtle smell to the roots but does take that horrible itchy feeling away, after about 3 days of a spray the patch has gone and 4 weeks later hasn’,t returned.

I use this maybe a couple of times a week, when I feel my scalp getting irritated &, within minutes it feels great again.

There is one down side to this spray and that is the next day my roots do look a bit greasy, but if I don’,t have time to wash my hair nothing a good cotton pad wipe on the roots to clean away the oil helps.

A great formula that gives almost instant relief. Ideally I need a travel size one so if I am out and about I can just grab spray rub &, go.

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So as you know from time to time I get to review products for free &, in return I give an honest and fair review. So today’,s blog is all about GOPO Joint Health.

I found this to be an interesting one because as I am getting older I have started to get a few different pains that have nothing to do with the likes of arthritis. The doctors always say just take pain killers to help you through it. No thank you doctor I don’,t want to rely on pain killers daily.

A few weeks ago these supplements arrived and I got to work, taking notes daily to see if there was any changes and if so how long and if they help.

So let me tell you a bit about them 1st.

:Vitamin C. (sodium ascorbate)

3g rose hip powder with 524pg of GOPO (glycoside of mono &, diglycerol)

Also provides 40mg vitamin c.

3-5 weeks 3 capsules twice daily.

Maintenance dosage. 2 capsules twice daily.

Taken with water or split capsule and add to food.

Now if your like many of us that don’,t want to understand the jargon that comes with all these different products on the market and just want to see if our money is going pay for something to work then read on. Because I could sit here and right about all the in’,s and out’,s but that’,s not what most people want to read.

I got to work straight away, I took the capsules out and popped them in my pill container so I didn’,t forget to take them each day. They are rather large which was a little scary lol.

I didn’,t notice any thing at all for the first 8 days, but on the 9th day (remember I wrote daily notes) I felt just a slight less pain in my hip. Getting on/off a high stepped bus for a little person like me hurts especially when what I call a flare up of pain in my hip happens. When it does flare I tend to have to walk around for a while just to almost loosen it and then I walk with a slight limp for a while till it eases.

By day 11 I then noticed even less pain in my hip which really felt good, it didn’,t feel as tight and I didn’,t need to walk around for as long, I also noticed my wrist not clicking as much, yes I click lol because I spent many ours with my blogging at the computer I started to notice my wrist getting stiff and then clicking, after day 11 it really had change the feel of the wrist and my fingers too, its hard to explain but I just didn’,t feel as stiff which in return was less clicking.

After 2 weeks of taking these capsules daily I noticed a big change in how I was feeling when I woke up, I ache I struggle coming down the stairs, I normally take one step at a time, but I have no need to now. I am no longer feel stiff, no I am not pain free every day but I can honestly say the pain is now just a slight dull feel that doesn’,t need pain killers. I don’,t limp with pain it is just again a dull pain that I do actually forget it is there.

Now 2 weeks ago I stopped taking them as I was going through a family crisis and everything went to pots. after a week of things starting to settle I noticed my hip starting to hurt more again and the limp omg the limp wouldn’,t go away. I got straight back on these capsules and I am just starting to feel the ease again.

I have had a side affect to these capsules and that is my toilet run lol. I have IBS and normally anything new in my system causes me agony but actually this has had the opposite affect, it actually has helped me to go easy (yes we are talking about the toilet)

It seems to have helped with ease of going and on a daily bases. I don’,t get the painful stomach aches that are a sign that I will be going to the toilet. At 1st I did worry about this because I thought maybe my IBS will start to cause me more problems but after a few days it just became routine and now I can say yes it is definitely a side affect but a good one for me.

Has this made a difference to my life YES 100%, it has worked far better than some of the brand supplements I have tried over the years. I can honestly say that the rose-hip powder combined with vitamin C is a must for any body but even more so for us with a few years added to us.

I will be keeping up with these capsules &, will update if there is any more changes.

Link to the website for more information:

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Today I want to talk about another skin care range Aldi has brought out.

There are 4 products in the range.

Intensive Serum 30ml £6.99

I am a big fan already of Lacura skin care, because not only is it so affordable and a wide range of products to choose from but it actually is great stuff, so when they brought the Icellage range out I jumped at the chance of buying.

Day Cream. For all skin types.

Ensures deep moisturisation to reduce wrinkles. Provides a silky-feeling, youthful, smooth and radiant complexion.


Contains PhytoCellTec nunatak, based on the stem cells of an alpine flower that survived the last ice age

Penetrates deeper skin layers to ensure dermal cell vitality

Indian makeup beauty and blog

Skin looks younger, radiant and smoother

Provides a silky-feeling

Dermatologically tested

I can honestly say I love this face cream, it is so light weight and melts on touch, making it even easier to for your skin to soak it and get to work. I have to be honest I haven’,t noticed a great change in my lines or blemishes but I have notice my skin feeling soft &, plump again.

It has a subtle fragrance to it &, the scent to me is soap, which I don’,t actually use on my face, but it is fresh and clean scent which does give you that almost perked up feeling.

I can’,t get enough of the cold feeling from the cream, it feels like you have left it over night in the fridge &, really does give you that refreshing clean feeling. That is a big love of mine

£6.99 is a bargain &, so affordable for what you are getting.

Intensive hydration improves the suppleness of your skin, minimises wrinkles and provides a cooling effect. The result –, a youthful, radiant, smoother complexion. Suitable for all skin types.

Contains PhytoCellTec nunatak, based on the stem cells of an alpine flower that survived the last ice age

Penetrates deeper skin layers to ensure dermal cell vitality

Skin looks younger, radiant and smoother

Minimises wrinkles and provides a cooling effect

Dermatologically tested

My Thought

I have just started noticing a difference in my eye area. It has lightened my dark circles. I could spend hours going in circles with this gel because it is so soothing and cold and really wakes my eyes up. My lines are not as crepe paper looking and I think that’,s because my under eyes don’,t look as dry with this gel, but definitely lightened my dark circles. So pleased with this gel. Has no scent at all to it.

The 3rd product I bought was the serum.

This Lacura Icellage Intensive Serum has been carefully formulated to deeply moisturize and smooth skin, while minimizing wrinkles. The result –, a youthful, radiant, smoother complexion.

Contains PhytoCellTec nunatak, based on the stem cells of an alpine flower that survived the last ice age

Penetrates deeper skin layers to ensure dermal cell vitality

Skin looks younger, radiant and smoother

Dermatologically tested

This is a great serum, really soaks into the skin and gives your skin like a flat balance, as if it is filling in all the pores and uneven skin. It doesn’,t leave that horrible film feeling like some serums do and with this and the moisturizer combined it has helped plump my skin leaving it fresh looking and healthy again.

All in all these products are another 10/10 from Aldi. Cooling, refreshing and hydrating, with light weight face cream with spf20, you cannot go wrong for the spring and summer months.

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Last week I post this picture of the new Argon Oil Range from Aldi.

I have been trying them out to see what I think and feel about the products and are they really going to work for the cheaper prices Aldi charges.

So today is on my opinion o the body oil.

I bought this for £2,99 and as you may know I do like a good skin oil. I had heard so much about argon oil /Moroccan oil for the hair, but not as much for the skin.

Is it really going to have enough Argon oil to help quench the thirst of dry skin.

So let’,s start with the smell. it has a very subtle almond smell that just reminds me of holiday smells. The color is an orange color and consistency is a little runny.

I sampled this on my video and the 1st thing I noticed that it wasn’,t like an oil at all, it doesn’,t have that film that a lot of oils leave behind, it isn’,t greasy, so it’,s an easy use and go product.

This can be used both on dry skin or damp skin, I like both, when getting out the shower I rub it all over and can get dressed right away as it really does disappear into the skin quickly. leaving no trace behind.

I have been using this every morning and night on my elbows too, which I do suffer with hard skin there and if I don’,t oil regularly they can become sore. As I haven’,t been keeping up with my skin care I also haven’,t been oiling ether, so this was perfect to try out on hard skin elbows.

After about the 3 day I noticed they had calmed in color, as they are normally quite a dark tone and the softness was starting to come through. On the 4th day I noticed I had a couple of spots which I thought here we go I am not going to be able to carry on using it, but this only lasted the day and was ready for more oil.

Now I use this all over my body when having a bath or shower but unfortunately I can’,t use it on the top of my chest. I am very sensitive there and get quite spotty too, this does irritate there. But works fine everywhere else, even after shaving.

For me this is definitely worth the £2,99 and I am actually on my second bottle due to everyone else pinching it.

If you have an Aldi sort near you, why not nip in and give this product a try.

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I am a little annoyed with myself because I took photos with the makeup on for this blog and I only went and deleted the whole SD card

I have took some photos of the products and can still tell you my thoughts.

I heard Aldi was doing makeup a little while back, but couldn’,t get hold of it, that’,s the only thing that annoys me about Aldi, they bring some great items out never to be seen again ot they don’,t get them out on the shelves in all stores.

Now I am a big fan of the Lacura Caviar skin range, so when I heard about the makeup I really wanted to get my hands on it. Finally after going for a long journey I found a store that had them. ( Would you believe 2 days later they had them in my local store).

So I got straight to work on trying these products out, so I could let you guys know my thoughts.

Ok to I must let you know first that the store only had the shade Amber (300) which I thought maybe a bit too dark, but as I do, I buy it anyway and workout what I need later to make it work for me lol.

Beautiful makeup search beauty blog

Up first Illusion Touch 2 in 1. |Makeup &, Concealer.

This threw me because it is rather a big lid for a foundation. Then I remembered someone sending me a photo about the concealer in the lid DUH!!!

So as I thought Amber is a tad too dark for me, but that doesn’,t change how it goes on ect.

Foundation is in a glass bottle with a pump, yes no messing about. It comes out a bit thick which had me worried but it goes on pretty nice, it spreads easy, mid to full coverage and almost covered my pores, I say almost as I could still see them but not as much as without. It covered my blemishes but I will add I would have felt better if I was putting color corrector on 1st, but if you don’,t have many blemishes or redness you will do well with this. I wasn’,t going to use anything that wasn’,t Aldi so I could give it a fair go. Now I was at 1st going to use a drugstore primer but decided against it so possibly with primer my pores would have been invisible. I was pleasantly surprised that there is no orange tone ether. This foundation lasted around 4 hours before I needed to blot it. Again no setting spray or powder. By the 7th hour I checked and I did look a bit too shiny and a little cakey where the foundation was started to clog on my face. But again if I used setting products I think this would be a definite winner for cheap affordable foundation.

Concealer is wet consistency which I find good for people with fine lines. It is not full coverage and did sink into my lines. I definitely need to use color corrector before hand. I am not going to jump about with the concealer as the foundation is great concealer stayed on ok but by 7th hour looked like I had nothing left.

Again only shade on offer was Amber (300)

Yes too dark for me but I still tried this.

It is a pen shape with a brush on one end and clicker on the other. Click the end to get the concealer out. This is a little thick for my under eyes but full coverage. It sunk into my lines before I could get my blender to get working. For younger people this would be great. I used it to cover my blemishes as this time I was wearing a foundation that was my shade. It covers spots and blemishes great and stayed in place all day.

Need more shades so people can buy to wear.

Highlighting Trio 01 Rosy glow.

At 1st swatch I thought opps this is going to be very powdery but it may look it but its not, Its smooth and feels almost like silk. I has tiny shimmering glitter, not over shimmering just enough. I didn’,t want to contour/bronze with a shimmer so used the blush and highlight. A nice subtle pink that just gave me a subtle glow didn’,t look like I had blush on, the highlighter again is subtle just enough to say oooo nice. These are med pigments and perfect for building up or just for a nice natural looking glow.

They didn’,t last all 7 hours but that I feel had a lot to do with the foundation moving down my face lol.

This got me because I thought is this going to be like those awful (mentioning no names)

mascaras that are suppose to give you lashes so long that you can’,t wear your glasses. Well the answer is NO it’,s not like them.

It is just an ordinary mascara that coats the lashes. The brush is a little big which is hard when you have deep set eyes, Fiber and fully round. It is a wet consistency and as quickly as you put it on the top lashes it runs to the lower lashes lol. By the end of the day I had little crumb like bits of mascara on my under eyes. It is ok but there is no wow factor, it doesn’,t do anything other than coat, it doesn’,t lift the lashes or lengthen its just there.

After trying the 3d lashes I didn’,t hold up much hope on this mascara and the last product I bought. The wand is fiber, slight curve and medium size. The consistency is a lot better than the 1st and not wet at all. This went on my lashes easy and didn’,t touch my lower lashes. It did give some length to my lashes and gave a nice curl so you don’,t need a lash curler with this one. It lasted all day, no heavy feeling or lash droop and was easy to take off with water and cloth. No bits of crumbs from this one which is good. This is by far my favorite of them all.

All in all not bad products for the price. I would definitely buy the foundation, concealer pen and curl lash again if they have my shades in store.

Affordable and wearable for all ages especially on a budget. I think Aldi have pulled it out the bag again.

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Just a quick update and what’,s to come on my next few blogs.

Looking forward to trying, testing and reviewing these.

FOCALLURE Metallic Liquid Lipsticks.

GOPO Joint Health Capsules.

Aldi Lacura Argon Oil skin care range

These are just a few I have blogs coming up on quite a few Makeup Revolution Makeup items too.

I have been trying out quite a few new products this year and now can’,t wait to tell you all about them.

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I wanted to talk about this product I got from my last Latest In Beauty Box.

I have heard about Moroccan oil but never got round to trying it, I have used cheaper versions of Argan oil and some are ok but others really don’,t work.

So when I noticed this I remembered a hair dresser once saying for it to be Moroccan oil it had to contain at least 70% of the oil. So this seemed perfect.

The 1st thing is the smell, it has to me a smell of holidays, hot sunny places on the beach, it really is inviting.

These oils claim to help protect against daily pollution damage and stress that can really make the hair damaged and dull. Help reduce frizz and soften dry hair and protect from split ends. Helps prevent hair loss.

I love the feel of this oil on my hair, I use a few drops on my fingers and run it threw my hair. When leaving it to air dry I notice my curls really bounce but using the hair drier my hair is just the same, yes it has tamed a bit of frizz but being a frizz head anyway not much can help it stay smooth all day.

The best thing about this oil is the smell, it smells so good and even after a nights sleep it has that smell. This I think is great if you don’,t have time to wash that day.

Now my hair is starting to feel fuller and I am hoping that this protects the loss I am having on my forehead line, because it seems to be reducing quite quickly, but only time will tell on this. I enjoy the fact that I still get the same just washed, bounce, fuller feel even after a couple of days, it really has took a lot of stress out of washing my hair often.

It also hasn’,t stripped my hair color but has enhanced the grey ( really it’,s silver) it has almost turned white lol, but it looks nice through the curls of brown and shine.

Hair really feels healthy.

This product is used through out salons and many stylists to the stars add this to their clients routine.

So as you can imagine it is expensive. For 125mls I found the cheapest for £28.00/

They offer a few different products in this collection, from repair shampoo and conditioners to shine sprays. Once I can afford to spend on a but of hair luxury you know where I will be buying mine from.

Irish makeup beauty blog

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I was asked by Wikaniko if I would like to try Moringa Oil nearly 3 weeks ago, I should mention I am not being paid for this review and everything I write is my 100% honest opinion.

So as you know I absolutely love skincare and even more oils, so when I was asked I jumped at the chance to try something new. I quickly visited their here to read up on what I was about to receive.

The 1st thing that jumped out at me was anti-aging, well our eyes do light up at these words don’,t they Wikaniko’,s Moringa oil is extracted from fresh harvest of seeds to retain quality, potency and let’,s to put this too the test.

I tend to use oils for a couple of months and then leave my skin bare for a while to eel the benefits of natural oils, so this came at the right time as I had finished my last bottle 6 weeks before.

The 1st thing I noticed was it.s color and texture, it comes in a thick plastic pump bottle and is almost a brown color and the texture is not like most oils I have used, it is thick with a slight out door fresh smell. I began by putting this on my hands, I always do hands as this is the quickest place to wash it off if it is going to irate. It disappeared without a trace on my skin, my skin just soaked it up and that was it, no oil dripping or oily hands, it didn’,t irate or leave a burning feeling so I began using this on my hands day &, night for a few days,I then added this to my elbows because this winter I have took a bashing on my skin I found after a few days use that the cracked elbows are back to my nice soft table leaners again My hands are nice and subtle but then came the negative, this is lovely but it does make my cuticles look dirty, which really annoys me because I don’,t want to wash my hands while the oil is getting to work.

Ok so now it was time to test out what I had been reading about how it can help itchy skin or eczema because of the anti bacterial and inflammatory properties.

When I shave no mater how I do this. what tool I use or creams ect I will still itch. Also at my monthly cycle my skin feels so itchy it is almost burning, my daughter has underlined eczema and suffers badly. 1st her hands within a week went from being old ladies hands to dryish with no cracks, after nearly 2 weeks her hands have softened up and now just little red arms and legs took one week to clear up and now just little patches pop up here and there so she grabs the bottle and rubs it in again.

Since I have been using this I have had no major itchy fest, I still itch but noting like it was which is great. just a slight itch and its all over.

I also tried this on a bad patch on scalp ( I had already got a product ready for this) which nothing was even coming close to helping this sore itchy patch so adding this to my clean wet hair at the roots worked almost is less sore and doesn’,t itch, I just need to use it more.

Now I need to add I have used other oils that work just the same but the lasting effects of this oil is good, it is strange that this doesn’,t feel like oil on the skin, it feels like a thick cream was used so I don’,t have to worry about it getting on my face has been under stress lately and using my skincare just wasn’,t enough, so I used this as a cleanser and over night oil and it has helped my breakout of muppet size spots came down and be less red.

Over all this is a great product to have in your skincare collection and even if you don’,t use it every day just after a bath/shower your skin will defiantly benefit from this oil.

If you didn’,t click the link before then here it is again

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Today I bring you a bit of shine

Makeup Revolution Strobe Highlighters.

3 in the collection and each cost £3,00.

Now I am no makeup artist and when names like strobing comes out it frightens me lol.

They keep bring new names out in the beauty world and to be honest now I have realized that strobe, highlighting, contour and bronzing well they are all pretty much the same things, one new name for one old way.

So at 1st when these started doing the rounds | was like ermmm no thanks still trying to get to grips with my way of doing makeup, but again it soon fell in that it was just a name and I can use it how I want

1. VIVID baked highlighter. Ever glow lights.

A white highlighter with a touch of sparkle. I wondered if this would be too much on me but its quite subtle. Yes you can use it as a white with not too much blending but for me I blend blend blend and it leaves my upper cheek bones blinging

A little powdery but so soft like creamy.


This is my favorite of the 3. This is a beautiful color and really enhances my upper cheek bones. I love to use this on my upper lip and cupids bow too as it is such a different color o shimmer I feel it really enhances where I put it.

Again a little powder fall out but so soft and feels creamy.


This is the one that really scared me lol well because I am so pale I thought this could end up making me look dirty. I used it when I was bronzing and with a bit more blend on top of my blend blend blend it actually turned out to be so nice.

This is going to be perfect for the summer tans.

A bit of bronzer then a beautiful shimmer on top just adds glamour to a days look.

Yep little fall out but like the others soft and creamy feel.

I think these are such a bargain at £3.00 each that you can’,t go wrong buying them. a color for all looks, Lasts all day and even on a night out I come home and I am still shimmering.

I also think the swirl mountain bumps look of the product is attractive too, it really makes this seem like and expensive product.

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Remember always do what makes you happy

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