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Recently I had the opportunity to partner with Clinique and have a full skincare and makeup consult at one of the local DFW Clinique counters at Macy’,s. The experience was truly amazing. I have been a lover of Clinique beauty products since high school. One of my favorite high school memories is my mom taking me to the mall and letting me have my makeup done at Clinique then letting me buy all the products as a birthday gift. I remember that time with her, talking about makeup and skincare so fondly. Something we still do often. So when I got that chance again, I jumped at it! Beauty makeup blog.

I visited the Clinique counter at Macy’,s, Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, TX. Jasmyne, my makeup artist was such a fun and kind woman. We chatted the entire time about makeup, blogging, and how much we both love Mexican food. Meanwhile she had me fill out a form about my skin and we identified that I have Skin Type 1, meaning dry to very dry skin. This was not a shock to me. She then went through a skincare routine according to my skin type with me and cleaned my skin with Cliniques Sonic System. This is a product I actually have owned for a couple of years and I absolutely love. I use it to take my makeup off and as someone with sensitive skin I can tell you it’,s absolutely amazing. What I did NOT know was that recently Clinique introduced a new extra gentle cleansing brush. Holy perfection Batman! It feels so great on my skin. Life changing!

After we went through a skincare regimen we moved on to makeup. We started with the CC Cream. It is amazing. What I love about it is that it gives you the perfect amount of coverage and that you can build it up as you need. Then we tried some concealer, powder, blush, and highlight before moving on to eyes. I am in love with the way she did my eyes. The combination of eye shadows gave this perfect day to night look. The All About Shadow combo she used were in Daybreak and Sunset Glow. The liquid liner which is some of the best I have ever used and the Lash Power Mascara are now on daily rotation in my life. Then she finished with the softest most moisturizing lip gloss.

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Not only did I love the look she went for, which was day to night subtle but I loved my time at the counter with her. She really educated me on what good choices for my skin were and why certain mascaras are better for this situation vs another.

So now back at home not having someone tend to my daily makeup needs I am loving the products, which I am using most of on a daily basis.

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