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With a never-ending selection of dewy, illuminating, matte, glowy, full coverage, light coverage, powder, liquid and cream and lord knows WHAT else to choose from when you head to the makeup store, deciding on a new foundation means serious commitment. Makeup beauty blog.

Acing your base can get pretty pricey if you end up making bad decisions, so it&rsquo,s lucky that the world of beauty blogging is on hand to do the hard work for us all, trying and testing everything on the shelves so you don&rsquo,t have to.

Looking for some inspo for your next purchase? Here&rsquo,s 12 holy grail foundations that famous beauty bloggers swear by, to make sure that your makeup bag doesn&rsquo,t let you down.

1. Zoella - Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

Well obviously, if you&rsquo,re gonna hit the high street for a makeup bag update, the first girl to take some advice from is queen of the drugstore, Zoella. During her makeup collection video of dreams, she revealed her never ending love for Rimmel with this cheap and cheerful option sitting happily in her stash.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation will leave your skin feeling hydrated all day and, according to Zoe, &ldquo,blends really nicely with great coverage. It doesn&rsquo,t feel too heavy and lasts really well, but makes me look kinda healthy.&rdquo,

2. NikkieTutorials - Lancome Teinte Idole Ultra Wear Foundation

If you&rsquo,re a foundation fiend who likes their coverage as full on as it gets, then Nikkie should be your first port of call when it comes to finding the perfect base. She doesn&rsquo,t hold back when it comes to her makeup looks, and recently this comfortable but heavy duty formula has been her go-to option.

&ldquo,It&rsquo,s quickly becoming my holy grail because it&rsquo,s so long wearing, yet still makes me look like a more natural pancake as opposed to a caked up pancake,&rdquo, Nikkie explained in a recent video. Ideal for all us pancake faces.

3. Manny MUA - L'Oreal Infalliable Matte Foundation

When it comes to trying foundations, Manny's tried 'em all. In fact, his high coverage foundation routine involves using THREE foundations one on top of the other. But there's truly only room in his heart for this waterproof, shine eliminating, holy grail product and yep, it's super affordable too.

In his foundation collection video, Manny explains: &ldquo,It gives me a demi-matte finish and I don&rsquo,t need to touch up much. It feels so nice on the skin and is seriously so nice. It&rsquo,s not expensive&hellip, half my foundations are over $50 and I like this more than them. WTF?&rdquo,

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4. Velvetgh0st - Laura Mercier Silk Creme Oil Free Foundation

If you're after a formula that's gonna leave your selfie game on point, you need a high pigment, high performance foundation like this bad boy. It's designed to look natural and radiant while still managing to hide even the most tricky of imperfections. Don't believe us? Gabbie aka Velvetgh0st is a big fan of this one, so it speaks for itself.

"This is what I use basically every single day... It's super high coverage and it makes your face look really flawless," she says.

5. Tanya Burr - Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

For something a little more affordable and a little more natural, Tanya Burr is your gal. She keeps it drugstore with the classic Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation, for invisible coverage but visibly perfected, healthy looking skin.

&ldquo,This foundation is so lovely," Tanya said in a recent tutorial. "It&rsquo,s very light but has pretty good coverage. I&rsquo,m just not into really heavy coverage foundations, but right now I&rsquo,m loving looking quite natural. This just completely evens out my skin tone and gives me a glow without being too much.&rdquo,

6. Patricia Bright - Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Nars is a great brand to go for if you're feeling a little fancy, and for the slightly higher price point you'll walk away with a foundation that's totally effortless to apply with flawless blending and weightless full coverage.

It's a great option for darker skin tones too, as Patricia Bright reckons "the finish is always flawless on me... The colour is really saturated and brown which I really like. Woah, I am luminous."

7. Samantha Maria - Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

For guys and gals who don&rsquo,t have too much time on their hands, this super simple, effortless foundation is a great option. The water-light formula means you can avoid hours of blending and building, and it provides a subtle luminosity to blur imperfections and get your skin glowing.

Popping it in her fave products of last year, Sammi Maria said: &ldquo,I love this because it&rsquo,s so illuminating, it makes you look really fresh and almost younger. I love this on holiday just to perfect my skin.&rdquo,

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8. Jeffree Star - La Prarie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation

Say what you want about Jeffree, but you can't deny that he knows how to beat his face to a flawless base although, unsuprisingly, his luxury lifestyle means that his holy grail does not come cheap. With a price tag of over £,100, La Prarie Concealer Foundation is a serious splurge, but you'll be forking out for a unique blend of makeup and skincare including an exclusive cellular complex. Gulp.

Jeffree says: "This gives such a full coverage, but it doesn't look like it. The foundation is beautiful... I know the price tag is a little obsurd but for someone like me who's always going to be in HD, I'm loving this. It's almost like a second skin while looking medium to full coverage."

9. Jaclyn Hill - MUFE Ultra HD Stick Foundation

The big names in American beauty blogging need some serious coverage so this product, designed with unforgiving HD film and TV cameras in mind, is a popular choice amongst 'em. Jaclyn Hill loves this one SO much that it made it into her Ride Or Die Makeup Tag video, reserved only for the ultimate faves.

"This to me is the best foundation ever," she says. "If I was on a desert island and I could only bring one foundation, it would be this guy right here. It's just so beautiful, a natural finish, a little bit of a satin/dewy finish to it, it last's for so long, it doesn't break up, it's so easy to blend out... It's just my perfect foundation."

10. Shirley B. Eniang - MUFE HD Foundation

Don't let the name of this hugely popular foundation fool you. It might sound like it'd feel heavy on your skin, but in reality this genius formula manages to be barely there while providing medium coverage, with a flawless finish and moisturised feel. It's also got a pretty extensive shade range, which is always an awesome bonus.

If you wanna hear it from a beauty blogger, Shirley summed it up pretty nicely when she said: "It's literally so lightweight on my skin, it feels like I'm just wearing a moisturiser."

11. Kate La Vie - Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint

For anyone who wants an untraceable finish (maybe with a little bit of dewy radiance for good measure), Kate's springtime beauty aesthetic is the one to follow. Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint will deliver on that effortless, just woke up looking completely flawless kinda vibe thanks to its soft focus, skin-blurring ingredients.

"It's the perfect balance - very skin like, not completely matte but very velvety. A little bit of glow where you need it, it kind of catches the light, but where you don't want it to shine, it'll stay very matte. The first few times I tried this, I was like 'Wow, this is a game changer'," she said in a fave foundations video.

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12. Huda Beauty - DiorSkin Star Foundation

As favourite foundations go, Huda's is probably set to change in the not so distant future as she's set to release her very own range of foundations very soon. However, she's forever listing the brightening, illuminating DiorSkin Star Foundation as one of her holy grail options. And seeing as she's pretty much the queen of Instagram makeup looks, we're gonna trust her verdict on these things.

Writing about the product on her website, Huda said: "This foundation really gives you that natural skin finish. I wouldn&rsquo,t say it&rsquo,s light, but it does have a beautiful glow to it that looks like skin. What&rsquo,s more impressive is that after hours of wearing it, your skin still looks flawless."

Now that you've got a whole lot of makeup shopping inspo written down, it's probably time to have a watch of the world's weirdest period myths.

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