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Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette, $64 at Sephora ( Beauty style makeup.

Empower your sense of colourful expression with six new eyeshadow palettes boasting seven shades in four fashion-inspired finishes, including a matte velvet, shimmering satin, sparkling silk and metallic lamé.

Each palette features a curated mix of shades that range from neutrals to pops of colour for a customizable, long-lasting finish.

Apply each colour with a shadow, crease or smudge brush. Experiment with colours to find the desired effect. Prep eyelids with an eye primer before applying, if desired, to prevent creasing and extend wear.

Beauty awards eye makeup remover

Over the years, I’ve settled into a comfortable wardrobe mix of black and white pieces, a habit I likely picked up while working under an editor-in-chief who described herself as a “fashion nun.”

In the spirit of sartorial growth, I’ve recently begun pushing my fashion boundaries, picking up a yellow poodle-printed swimsuit by Hayley Elsaesser and a vintage kimono in a regal purple hue. It’s a fun experiment that I’ve extended to my eye makeup routine, where my lids were once shadowed tastefully in beiges, greys and browns, I’ve turned to rosy pinks, bold blues and a standout gold called “pleather python” that I fell in love with in Marc Jacobs’s Edgitorial palette.

Make no mistake – applying colourful shadow is an intimidating process, and requires more thought and care than a quick dusting of barely-there neutrals. These palettes combine softer and more adventurous shades, so the timid among us can dip a toe into the rainbow before diving right in.

Boudoir beauty eye makeup kit

To get started, I tried tracing a line of colour above my go-to black liner for a little pick-me-up with a lifting effect. Each time I’ve used this palette, the result has been lasting, crease-free and with an intense colour payoff. I may not be giving up my subtle uniform just yet, but a pop of colour – no matter how small – goes a long way.

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