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When I started blogging in 2014, the cruelty-free community was quite small. I remember being so happy when I discovered the #cfbloggers Twitter Chat, founded by Morag of mo’,adore. Meeting like-minded bloggers was awesome! Makeup beauty blog.

Today, the community expanded so much and there are great cruelty-free bloggers all over the world. We each have our own voice, but share a similar vision of kindness and compassion.

All the ladies featured in this post are making the world a better place in their own way, and I think they deserve some credit for that! I split the list into beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, and YouTubers. You’,ll find so many wonderful blogs in this list, so go give them a follow!

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Beauty Bloggers

If you’,re new to cruelty-free beauty, I especially recommend you check out Logical Harmony. Tashina has been a vegan since 2011, and her research is thorough. If you’,re a makeup junkie, absolutely go check out Phyrra. She posts everything from product reviews to makeup looks, and updates frequently.

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My Beauty Bunny, another favorite, is the first cruelty-free beauty blog ever created, and Jen still maintains it daily. For reviews of vegan beauty products, I also recommend Sunny’,s blog, Vegan Beauty Review!

Lifestyle Bloggers


I hope everyone found some new blogs and channels to follow! It’,s been amazing to witness all the new cruelty-free blogs throughout the months, and the community is still growing daily. If you’,re a cruelty-free blogger and you’,re not on this list, just contact me and I’,ll be glad to add you. Same goes if your favorite bloggers or YouTubers aren’,t on this list!

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If you have any suggestions for me, please send me an e-mail at s,u,z,i,@,c,r,u,e,l,tyfreek,i,t,t,y,.,c,o,m, and I’,ll include them to this list.

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