Beauty salon makeup brands. Beauty Brands That Are Finally Available In Scandinavia

Though we love living in Scandinavia, the market here can be isolated. That means that it takes a bit longer for brands to both import and export (if they do at all). While that’s lent Scandinavia a certain mystery over the years, it also means that sometimes we don’t get our favorite beauty products unless we travel. Beauty brands makeup.

Luckily, the market does seem to be opening up, with a large influx recently. Finally, some of the brands and products we’ve been craving after are here!

The cult classic Eve Lom Cleanser is the skincare item that everyone lusts after. Having grown from that single cleanser into a multi-category beauty brand, Eve Lom has continued to cement their status as the luxury beauty brand worldwide. And of course: gorgeous packaging.

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I’ve loved NYX ever since my first (startlingly misguided) forays into makeup as a teenager, mostly because they have lots of bright/glittery colors and they’re super-cheap. But it turns out that NYX makes great quality items at a fraction of the price of most cosmetic companies, so even as an adult I’ve kept buying (who needs to spend 300 DKK on a lipstick?). I use everything from their retractable lipliners –, I have five colors and use every single one regularly –, to their matte liquid lipsticks, which stay put all day. Try the color “Copenhagen!”

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GHD stands for “,good hair day,”, and you’,ll definitely have one when you use their coveted products. Based out of Leeds, UK, the brand has quickly become one of the most sought-after haircare brands around the world. Their instruments in particular –, hair dryers, straighteners and curlers –, have taken on near-legendary status. Definitely not cheap, but their heating products will last for years and won’,t damage your hair –, worth the investment if you style your hair regularly.

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Previous to Anastasia Beverly Hills coming to Scandinavia, my eyebrows were unacceptable. I’ve been a fan of their brand for several years, mostly using their fabulous brow gel, which very much coincided with my being awoken to the power of the brow. I haven’t tried their liquid lipsticks yet but I’ve heard they are fantastic as well.

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It’s true that beloved Australian brand Aesop has been available in Scandinavia previously, but because they are so selective about retailers, finding their products can feel like a treasure hunt. Take heart, super-users! They’ve now opened shops in Stockholm and Copenhagen, making it easier than ever to fall in love with their highly-curated, aesthetically pleasing collections.

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Do you have a favorite beauty brand that’s just come to Scandinavia, or that’s not here yet (but you desperately wish it was)? Let us know in the comments!

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