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Quick question: How awesome would it be to have your very own glam squad in the comfort of your own home? Thanks to YouTube and their massive makeup how-to library of makeup tutorials, now you actually do. But there’,s no need to watch them all—,we’,ve sifted through thousands of tutorials to find the most informative and useful. For everything from how to cover acne to how to get the perfect red lip, check out the best YouTube has to offer. Makeup and beauty india.

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How To Cover Acne With Foundation ,

Perfect for those tasked with concealing cystic pimples and unsightly acne-related blemishes on a daily basis, this video is full of useful techniques for creating a flawless finish on a difficult canvas. { Jessica Harlow }

How to Cosmetically Create Eyebrows ,

Fed up with your thin, sparse eyebrows? Watch this makeup maven—,whose natural pair is virtually nonexistent—,construct a gorgeous, near flawless symmetrical set armed with a few brushes, brow gel, concealer, and astounding primping prowess. Watch here. { Julia of MissChievous }

How to Mimic Kim Kardashian’,s Smoky Eye Makeup ,

 ,Love her or hate her, you can’,t deny how utterly fabulous Kim Kardashian’,s makeup always looks—,her sexy, sooty smoky eyes specifically. This thorough tutorial teaches you how to nail her signature sultry look in less than 12 minutes. { Eman of Makeup by Eman }

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How to Apply False Eyelashes ,

If false eyelashes happen to be the biggest beauty bane of your existence, watch this in-depth six minute tutorial to learn easy-to-follow tips on how to quickly apply a band of falsies so that they look more natural and super flattering. { Leesha of Xsparkage }

How to Rock A Rich Red Lip ,

While it may be intimidating for some, red lipstick dials up the glam on any outfit—,therefore every girl needs to know how to make the look work for her. This video provides a visual step-by-step on painting the perfect punchy candy apple red pout. { Rachel of RachhLoves }

Master Winged Eyeliner ,

Feline eyeliner only looks fierce when it’,s done just right—,this amazing tutorial details two different ways to master the cat eye look as well as how to ensure your wings are perfectly symmetrical.{ Siobhá,n McDonnell of Letz Makeup }

Four Fast Fixes ,

 ,Think of this as the five-minute face in reverse. After you’,ve gotten all dolled up in the morning, this informative video teaches you how to touch everything up in four simple steps. Freshening up your face for cocktail hour has never been easier. { Emily Eddington of Beauty Broadcast }

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How to Contour ,

If the mere thought of purposefully creating a sunken-in look on your face is daunting, this comprehensive tutorial shares tricks for contouring your nose, forehead, and chin and intensifying the hollows of your cheeks for natural looking dimension. { Annie Jaffrey of Annie’,s Beauty Life }

Master The Easy Everyday Face ,

If you’,re still struggling to perfect your no-fail everyday face, go for ‘,girl next door gorgeous’,. This instructional visual swiftly takes you through all of the necessary steps for looking fresh-faced and beautiful in a flash. { MissGlamorazzi }

How to Conceal Baggage and Blemishes ,

If the brown, green, pink, and yellow concealer wheel feels a lot like a cosmetic conundrum, this 12-minute visual breaks down its usefulness for you while sharing tricks on masking dark circles and minimizing the appearance of puffiness. { Tiffany D of Makeup By Tiffany D }

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