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Whether you're a beauty junkie or just appreciate a good lipstick, here's another reason to celebrate your favorite makeup brand! Beauty brands makeup.

Here are six beauty brands that encourage and will even reward you for recycling old packaging.

Raise your hand if you like free lipstick!

If you have six or more packaging containers cluttering your bathroom, drop whatever you're doing right now and take them to the MAC counter for a free lipstick.

Love Lush and want a free face mask? Now we're talking!

Beauty brands makeup brands

If you're a big fan and have at least five plastic pots from a face mask or other liquid Lush product, bring them into the store for a free face mask. Yes, you read that right.

This beauty brand will donate two cents (to the charity of your choosing) for every empty bottle you send back. Bonus: It's free to ship!

Garnier skin care, hair care and cosmetic packaging with a TerraCycle logo are all eligible for this offer.

If Kiehl's products are irresistible to you (to us, too), then make it a habit of bringing empty, full-size bottles into the store to rack up stamps on a rewards card.

Beauty brands makeup

For every 10 stamps, you'll receive one travel-sized product.

Though they don't offer a reward, Aveda accepts used containers and will recycle them for you. Bring old bottles to any location and they will send it off to be recycled as new Aveda packaging or accessories. An easy way to do your part!

Have old lipstick covers, caps, plastic jars, bottles or tubes that you're ready to dump? Origins graciously accepts packaging from any brand. Materials are then recycled or processed for energy recovery.

One thing to keep in mind: They don't accept paper boxes, plastic wrapping, sample-size packaging or makeup applicators.

Beauty brands hair and makeup

And although they don't offer a reward for recycling, Bare Minerals and Stila both provide refillable packaging. In short, your beauty routine is an easy way to create less waste.

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