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Makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift ditched the cosmetics chemicals and launched her own cosmetic line RMS Beauty. The brand is now a big success and has a big celebrity following (and we at STYLEBY are devoted fans). Here, the organic guru shares all her best skincare and makeup tips. I beauty makeup.

What inspired you to take it one step further and start your own brand?

“I am very fortunate to have worked with some of the biggest names in the beauty and fashion industry and have travelled all over the world. Then, in my late thirties, I landed in NYC and got very sick. I suffered from a multitude of things that were mysterious in many ways and of course, the traditionally educated doctor didn’,t know what was happening with me, and so I took it into my own hands and did some major advanced blood, urine and hair analyses. My true wakeup call was when the lab handed me back my results and the technician said, ”,Do you work in the cosmetic industry?”, I started putting two and two together and found that many of these chemicals were also in the beauty industry.

In 2004, I created a website called Beauty Truth that exposed some of the myths and ingredients in cosmetics. I was overwhelmed by the response from my readers and I launched RMS in 2008 and it is still owned by me. I am a control freak in quality and ingredients. Rather than focusing on margins and returns, I focus on safety and quality.”

What was crucial to you when formulating the line?

I beauty makeup

“I wanted to create a line with only organic ingredients in their raw and natural (living) state that feed the skin with the vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients that other products lack. Organic ingredients like raw coconut, cocoa and shea butters as well as the highest quality cold-pressed organic jojoba oil, the most similar to the natural characteristics of human skin, contain some of the most powerful, nourishing and healing properties that the skin thirsts for. By keeping the ingredients raw, not heating them up to high temperatures, all their nutrients and skin beneficial properties remain intact.”

Your products contain lots of amazingly good ingredients for skin, what comes first the colour or the skin benefits?

“The skin benefits are essential to me, no color will look good on the skin if the ingredients in the makeup products don’t work synergystically with it. When the ingredients are good for your skin the products will perform better. The skin interacts with everything it gets in contact with, the ingredients I’ve chosen for my makeup line brings out the best of your skin. For gorgeous, modern color, I chose tints from pure, raw, uncorrupted, and uncoated minerals.”

“The girls I worked with (Gisele, Karolina Kurkova, Miranda Kerr, Lily Aldridge etc.) I was always ahead of others regarding the health aspect because of my raw food background and knowledge on detoxing the body of metals and chemicals. I was like a mentor to many of the girls, sharing my knowledge about drinking organic raw juices and eating healthily. I’d always make my own organic salad for jobs, and the girls would call the night before to make sure I made a big enough salad for them also! They started relying and trusting me on what to eat and even what vitamins to take. So when I created my line it embodied everything I had been preaching to the girls since the beginning so they had faith in me and knew it would be good. I couldn’t have done it without the girls help and enthusiasm so I am forever grateful to all of them. At this point I don’t think there is any model who hasn’t used or isn’t using a RMS product. Even celebrities like Scarlett Johanson, Olivia Wilde, Cary Underwood and even Kristen Stewart is using it, to name a few.”

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What are your personal favourite products in your line?

“The “un” cover-up, it works as a concealer and foundation, because it evens out the skintone, softens the lines and diminishes the size of the pores at the same time that it lets your skin shine through. It really looks like a second skin and gives a beautiful glow.”

“My recently launched multi-tasker named the Master Mixer. I have wanted to create a product like this for a long time, the one product I have been missing in my kit. The Master Mixer™ transforms any of my products with the perfect warm rose gold that is so flattering on anyone.“

Living Luminizer blends effortlessly over the cheek bones, brow bones, down the bridge of the nose, bow of the lips and even the eye lid for a subtle, sexy shimmer. Magic truly happens when this product is combined to any RMS product (lip2cheek, eye polish, lipshine) resulting in the most gorgeous, refined iridescence imaginable to your lips. It blends perfectly with both powders and creams.”

I beauty makeup

Finally, what is your best professional make-up tip?

“My favorite beauty trick: “Less is more.” Too much makeup does not look good in real life.”

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