Huda beauty makeup looks. 5 trending eye makeup looks you need to try, THE EDIT

With the rise and fall of many fashion trends over the years, it's safe to say that beauty has only risen! Makeup, beauty bloggers and tutorials have become huge. From flawless contouring to winged eyeliner so sharp it could kill, makeup has taken the world by storm. In particular, the mastering of eye makeup has been a top priority for makeup lovers. Here's a rundown of my five favorite eye makeup designs around. From the simplest to the most incredible art designs. Enjoy beauty buffs! Beauty makeup looks.

1. Blended beautifully

The simplest design around is the basic blended eyeshadow look. A perfect mixture of light and dark tones combined to frame your eyes. This look can go several ways. You can go for a shadowy dark look or give yourself a bright-toned summer feel. If this is something you're new at don’t worry! Sinead Cady gives a super easy to follow tutorial for beginners.

2. Glitter me pretty

One of the most popular designs around is the glitter lid. This combines effortlessly the magic of glitter with the perfect blend of eyeshadow and that awesome winged eyeliner. It’s perfect for any party look! Bella Fiori offers a wonderful step by step tutorial to master the flawless glitter look.

Beautiful makeup looks for brunettes

3. Cut crease chaos

Add a little definition to any look with a cut crease. This allows you to really bring attention to your eyes and a whole lot of drama. This is a simple and easy way of looking your best on a night out. Manny Mua shows us how to do it like a pro in his “bold and easy cut crease” tutorial!

4. Summer is here!

With summer right around the corner, your eye makeup must look the part and neon colors are in! Create a wonderful Coachella-themed look with some brilliant bright eyeshadow colors to get the festival vibe. Brittney Foley has us covered with her “colorful festival makeup” tutorial to show us how it’s done.

Beautiful makeup looks

5. Paint me picture-perfect

Last but not least – have a look at these incredible works of art. From Disney princesses to superheroes and emojis! The new trend is to create stunning cartoon images on the lid. Probably not your go-to everyday look and definitely would require a lot of skill but nonetheless amazing. Follow Tal Peleg on Instagram for your daily dose of the most picture-perfect designs.

So there you have it, my five favorite eye makeup designs. With summer fast approaching now is a perfect time to find a new look. Whatever your fancy or level of skill how about trying something new from the list above!

Huda beauty makeup looks

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