Briar beauty makeup tutorial. Makeup Tips for Older Women: Step-by-Step Video Tutorials

Finally… a makeup tips video series, designed just for older women. It’s not about anti-aging. It’s about positive aging. It’s about looking and feeling great at any age.

Join celebrity makeup artist, Ariane Poole and Margaret Manning, founder of Sixty and Me, as they explore the fabulous world of makeup for older women.

If you want to learn about the latest makeup products and techniques, this video series is for you! Introducing…

Dear friend…

My name is Margaret Manning and I am the leader of Sixty and Me, a community of 350,000 baby boomer women. I started Sixty and Me because I wanted to help other women to live happy, healthy and financially secure lives. Beauty makeup tutorials.

You know, one of the biggest myths about aging is that older women don’t care about how they look. Nothing could be further from the truth! We understand that much of the anti-aging nonsense that we hear is… well… nonsense. But, we still want to look and feel our best.

Unfortunately, in our youth-obsessed culture, getting accurate, non-biased information about makeup and beauty for older women is a challenge. That’s why I decided to team up with Ariane Poole to put together a series of “step-by-step,” interactive and humorous makeup tips videos.

Baby Boomer Women Are Unique. So Are These Videos…

Women in their fifties and sixties are special. We have lived wonderful lives. We have raised families, pursued careers and explored our passions. Now, it often feels like we are invisible. Most beauty products ask us to look younger. What a bunch of rubbish! We know what it is like to live in our body. We do it every day. I wanted to create a video series with makeup tips for women like me, who want to bring out their inner beauty without trying to look younger. Here’s why I believe these videos are so special. They are:

Created for mature women , just like you and me

Designed specifically for women who are living vibrant lives in their 50s and beyond

Created from the perspective of positive-aging , not anti-aging

Full of ideas for applying makeup that are different from what we learned in our 20s

Produced to show you the simplest techniques for enhancing your look

Focused on the specific issues that older women face – dry skin, dark circles, age spots, etc

Delivered in a step-by-step way, by a top expert in makeup for older women

You’re in the Right Place If…

You are still using the makeup techniques that you learned in your youth

You feel like your face has lost its natural glow and makeup doesn’t seem to help

The makeup products that you use feel heavy, cakey and like wearing a mask

You see that the makeup colors and tones that used to look good, don’t any more

When you visit a makeup counter, you’re confused by the variety (and cost!) of items

20 beautiful makeup tutorials for brown eyes

You have lost interest in makeup and cosmetics because you can’t get the right look

You’re sick of anti-aging products, but, you still want to look and feel your best

You like your makeup, but, just want to learn a few additional tricks to take your look to the next level

That’s Just the Beginning! You Will Also Receive these Bonuses…

BONUS #1: Video – Learn how to transform your day makeup into a fab evening look

BONUS #2: Product Lists – Make your shopping easier with these printable lists

BONUS #3: Top Tips – Get Ariane Poole’s best makeup tips in printable format

You’re in Great Hands with Ariane Poole!

Ariane has worked for over 30 years on television and with celebrities, top models, and even royalty! She was one of the first make-up artists in the UK and has been at forefront of the beauty industry ever since. Ariane has:

Worked with celebrities like Jane Seymour, Catherine Zeta Jones, Yasmin Le Bon, Penelope Cruz, Sharon Osbourne and many more!

Partnered with many of the world’s top fashion and beauty photographers

Starred as beauty presenter on TV, working with programs like Style Challenge, Big Breakfast Show, Good Morning TV, This Morning and the Makeover Hit Squad Show

Been a regular contributor to many magazines, newspapers and websites

Demonstrated her passion for helping women of all ages to look and feel great

Always focused on positive aging – not anti-aging!

What Women Like You Are Saying About these Videos…

“I bought the videos because I had been looking for something like the old Glamour Beauty books that gave techniques based on what your face looked like. I think the videos were worth every penny just for telling me where to put liner on the lower lid. It really made a difference. I agree that women like to look attractive. When you look bad, you feel bad. When you look nice, you feel nice. And with the tips here you really do look nice again.” – Kathleen (United States)

“I’m loving [the videos]. They’,re straightforward, not pushy with any one product and down to earth (realistic) –, all of which is quite unusual these days it seems. I’,m definitely going to get myself some primer and try it out!!” – Cecelia (Canada)

Beautylish - beauty tips makeup tutorials and hairstyles

“Arian Poole is informative, experienced and clear in her advice. She is also very charming, which makes for an engaging and enjoyable series of lessons. Indeed we all have one issue or another and we all can benefit from an update in our makeup selection and application. You looked wonderful! A testament to both you and Ariane.” – Margaret (United States)

“Makeup videos…, I LOVED. I love your enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of the process. And I love Ariane Poole too… she is wonderful. Very valuable information for older women for makeup…, hard to find this elsewhere.” – Gayle (Canada)

“I just finished watching all the videos. They are fantastic. You look wonderful. I enjoyed all the explanations and the fun repartees. I liked how Ariane showed how well-applied make up will give the illusion of looking younger, of having less wrinkles. I actually loved all the tips. I learned a lot and am changing quite a lot of my daily routine. I still need to buy all the beauty products. I look forward to more videos.” – Emilie (Switzerland)

“I just finished the 7 video set. Even though I feel I use makeup well, I did learn a lot. There were so many new products that I want to try (the warming lash curler for one). Margaret –, you are to be commended for being so ready to bare all for this learning experience. You looked absolutely great following all the wonderful advice from Ariane Poole. Thanks to the both of you for making the makeup experience so much fun and interesting.” – Rebecca (United States)

“A big thank you to you and Ariane for making these videos. I found them very useful and enjoyed you (both) enjoying yourselves!! Ariane is right, it is a minefield out there – so many products to choose from, where to begin?! Anyway, as I badly need a ‘makeover’, I am going to have to brave it and go! Wish me luck! You, by the way, looked stunning when Ariane had finished your makeup – everything she used suited you so well and looked really natural. Keep up the good work!” – Barbara (United Kingdom)

Are You Ready to Join Me?

Are you ready… to learn about new makeup products and techniques for older women?

Are you ready… to become comfortable with makeup and celebrate positive aging?

Are you ready… to feel confident and happy about making the best of your beautiful features?

I am too! And that’s why I created this program.

There’s One More Thing…

If you have been following the Sixty and Me community for a while, you know that I don’t do things because I want to make money. I spend over 100 hours a month working on Sixty and Me and I do it because I want to help as many older women as possible to live better lives.

The videos really are amazing! I’m sure that you will learn many new things. I know I did!

Wait! I Still Have Questions!

Based on my experience with the other videos that we have released, I’m sure that you have questions. That’s totally ok! I want you to have all of the information to decide if this makeup video series is right for you.

Question: What if I don’t like the videos? Do you have a guarantee?

Answer: Of course! With this exact makeup video series, we didn’t have a single person request a refund. But, if you really don’t like the videos, just send an email to info (at) within 7 days and we will give you a full refund.

Question: Why are the videos so cheap? Are they still high quality?

Beautiful makeup tutorial for brown eyes

Answer: Great question! We actually struggled with this quite a bit. On the one hand, we probably could charge quite a bit more for these videos, based on their high-quality level and the depth of the content. The truth is that we want as many women to benefit from them as possible. That’s why we’re keeping the price low. For the price of a book, you can have a 7-video series (over 2 hours of video!), full of practical information.

Answer: Within a minute of purchasing the videos, you will receive an email that has your login details to our secure customer website. Once you login, you will have access to all of the videos (and a few surprises!)

Question: What happens if I can’t get access to the videos online?

Answer: Don’t worry! We won’t leave you hanging. If you have any trouble accessing the videos, just send us an email at info (at) and we’ll help you out.

Question: How do I know that it’s safe to purchase these videos online?

Answer: It’s certainly a fair question. There are plenty of horror stories out there and we certainly respect your desire to be careful. We use a secure payment system that is supported by and Sixty and Me LLC is a registered company, based in Switzerland and we value our reputation. You can rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make sure that you have a positive and safe experience when buying our videos from our website

Question: I tried to purchase, but, the transaction didn’t go through. What should I do?

Answer: The most common reason that a transaction doesn’t go through is if some of your information is missing or incorrect. So, before you do anything else, make sure that you have filled in all of the fields and that your billing address and credit card security code are correct. Any errors will be displayed in red in the top of the screen.

If your transaction has been declined, please follow up with your bank. Some U.S. banks don’t automatically allow transactions from abroad, so they need to manually mark the transaction as safe (it’s coming from SIXTY AND ME GMBH, Switzerland). Or they might unblock your card if it was blocked for some reason. Alternatively, you can use another card if available.

If you are pressing the PayPal button and nothing is happening – please scroll up to see a pop-up window with instructions.

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