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Hello! So I just found out about (and literally just ordered –, impulse buyer over here!) the Beauty and the Beast collection by L’Oréal. As soon as I saw the video shared on Facebook I could not say no as I absolutely love every single thing about Disney and makeup and together, it’,s just a big fricken WIN. The video that’,s currently reaching the viral mark says the makeup is only available in Italy, however you can easily get it shipped here to the UK without even spending too much extra, so I thought I’,d share what I did in case anyone is struggling! How to do beauty makeup.

There are seven colour riche lipsticks and seven nail varnishes in the collection –, a lot of the colours are in very similar shade families however they truly represent their characters and look absolutely stunning! My personal favourites are the Lumiere lipstick and nail varnish –, I absolutely love the packaging and the nude shades, I think these are perfect! They’,re selling out quickly online but I managed to get my hands on the Belle and Beast lipsticks, and the Lumiere, Mrs Potts and Belle nail varnishes.

So, how to do it! It’,s actually really really simple, seeing as they’,re only available in Italy you just have to log on to the Italian Amazon –, click here. If you use Amazon a lot you’,ll know what all the buttons mean and won’,t need to translate the page –, which is what I did. I’,m sure there is a way to translate it without changing the settings to UK but I didn’,t bother doing this. You can then either type in Beauty and the Beast makeup or Bella e la Bestia –, the nail varnish and lipstick links will come up separately. Just click them, choose your shades and checkout as normal! When you log in it won’,t change the settings so you’,ll be able to checkout to your UK address, just with a slightly elevated postage fee. (I paid about a fiver for mine.) Voila, Beauty and the Beast makeup for all.

How to do makeup on face

What are your favourite shades?

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