Level 2 beauty makeup kit. Girls' Night Out Smokey Eye Stencil Makeup Set, Beth Bender Beauty

Create smoldering, smokey eyes and perfect cat eye makeup looks in seconds with our Girls' Night Out Eye Makeup Stencil Set. Easy to use with everything you need, including our one of a kind smokey eye and cat eye makeup stencils for achieving the latest and hottest trends in eye makeup with professional results every time. Beauty makeup set.

Each Girls Night Out Set includes:

-1 Duo Eyeshadow in Onyx &, Platinum

-1 Cat Eyeliner Stencil &, Top Eyeliner Stencil

-1 Smokey Eye Stencil &, Bottom Eyeliner Stencil

-1 Step by step Instruction card

-1 Beth Bender Beauty signature neoprene zippered pouch to pop in your bag and take with you!

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A duet of highly pigmented, long lasting, wearable eyeshadows for creating smoldering, sultry eye makeup looks with a modern style. Achieving a sultry, glamorous eye makeup look doesn&rsquo,t have to be something you dream of any longer and with the Girls Night Out Eye Makeup Stencil Set it&rsquo,s even easier than ever. Featuring all of the right tools like our award winning eyeliner and eye makeup stencils to help you get the perfect smokey eye shape and liner, a super blendable duo shadow in Onyx and Platinum, a pro medium shadow brush for a flawless finish, and a foolproof, step-by-step guide for creating all of your favorite eye makeup looks effortlessly.

Sweep on alluring eye looks for day or night with this doubly gorgeous color essential. Beth Bender designed this eyeshadow duo with exactly the right color-coordinated shades for easily replicating the smokey eye or cat eyeliner look of the season. Velvety smooth, easy to blend, and buildable color that can be worn as a wash across the eyelids or layered for a more dramatic nighttime eye look. Whether you commit to an all-out smokey eye look or go for a more trendy cat eye or winged liner style for day, with your sexy, starry eyes you'll be sure to captivate your audience.

What else you need to know:

Our cat eye makeup and smokey eye makeup stencils were designed to fit any eye shape and eye size. They&rsquo,re made from a soft, thin material that&rsquo,s flexible and conforms to the eye with ease. Each stencil comes with black guidelines you can follow for achieving the perfect look every time. They clean up quickly with a soft cloth, wipe, or warm water and soap and can be stored in your black neoprene pouch. Our duo shadow is formulated to be worn either wet or dry, is hypoallergenic, and without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

When creating a smokey eye look, we suggest starting off by doing your eyes first as your eye makeup may create fallout onto your face and result in added time and clean up. Use your smokey eye stencil to create the perfect smokey eye shape by placing comfortably over the eye with the curve resting in the natural crease of your eye shape. Hold in place and fill in with color. Which color you choose for the eyelid depends on how dramatic you would like your eye to look.

For a less bold eye fill in eyelid with the Platinum shadow. For the best results make sure to press your color along the inside curve of stencil. You can repeat this step if you would like to deepen the color on your lids. Next, remove your smokey eye stencil and soften any hard lines using your pro medium shadow brush. Using the same brush, or a blender brush if you have one available apply the Onyx shadow in the outer crease about ¾, of the way out from the inner crease. Lastly, using an eyeliner brush add definition by lining the top and bottom lashline using the Onyx. Smudge gently for a sexy, smokey look.

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For a bolder smokey eye for nighttime reverse the color and fill in the lids with Onyx. Layer shadow until you have the desired intensity. You can also mix both colors together and then apply to the lids. Finish by adding your contour color of choice to the crease and sweeping underneath along the lower lashes to complete your look. To compliment your smokey eye look, use lighter, more natural tones on the cheeks and lips to let your eyes stand out without looking overdone.

Another great look for your smokey eye is to do a cat eyeliner in place of regular liner along the lashline. To create your sexy cat eyeliner place your cat eye makeup stencil comfortably over the eye with your lashes poking through the opening. How thick you would like your line to be depends on where you place the black guideline. Closer to the lashline will result in a thin, more petite line and slightly above a thicker, more dramatic. Holding your cat eye makeup stencil in place, fill in with color pressing your brush all the way up into the cat eye point.

For a classic cat eyeliner look follow the same steps as above. For a winged liner look place the end of cat eye point further out and up at a slight angle before filling in with shadow. Apply your color with a slightly dampened brush for a stronger, more striking finish.

Which eyeshadow palette is best for an everyday eye makeup look?

Most customers choose the Kiss This Guy palette as the colors are a bit more neutral, but it also depends on how you apply the colors. Wearing them wet, or applying layers of color will render a more dramatic eye makeup look, while applying just a wash of color to the eyelid with either your fingers or a brush is perfect for an everyday, more neutral eye look.

Absolutely! To wear the eye color wet, we usually suggest dampening your brush first and then dipping it into the outter area of your shadow. This is more typical when using the shadow to create eyeliner.

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We like to do both but it really depends on preference. Sometimes using your fingers to apply a shimmer, irridescent, or metallic color to the eyelids will actually give you more of a pay off in terms of color. From there you can grab a blender brush and add a little contour to your crease which is great for a smokey eye look.

My eyelids are shiny. Do you recommend applying a primer to the lids before adding color?

If your eyelids are extremely shiny, then applying a primer to the lids will definitely help to keep the color from creasing and also extend the length of time your eye color stays on.

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