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Belgian makeup artist Peter Phillips is the creative and image director of Christian Dior makeup. Philips took up the appointment in March 2014, telling press at the time &ldquo,I am honoured by the responsibilities that are entrusted to me by Christian Dior makeup, whose values, savoir-faire and innovation I respect.&rdquo, Beauty makeup images.

Claude Martinez, president and chief executive officer of Parfums Christian Dior said in a statement, &ldquo,His talent and his unique and modern vision of beauty are recognised around the world.&rdquo,

In 2013, Philips stepped down from his role as creative director of Chanel&rsquo,s makeup and beauty lines, where he was responsible for both product development and the makeup looks for Chanel&rsquo,s numerous campaigns and runway shows.

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Phillips graduated from the Royal Academy Antwerp, where he matriculated with long-term collaborators Raf Simons and Willy Vanderperre. Phillips initially studied fashion design, however, whilst working as a dresser, backstage at a show he told The Independent that he &ldquo,saw the make-up teams and realised you could make a living out of doing that. So when I realised that in fashion you could also do make-up, I was intrigued.&rdquo,

Phillips quickly began to work as a makeup artist, although by his own admission he was &ldquo,very selective&rdquo, with who he chose to do so with. Whilst working on a shoot with Vanderperre, Phillips chose to sketch Mickey Mouse on to a model&rsquo,s face, and in the process created one of his most iconic images.

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